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Former Miss USA Winners Naked for PETA of the Day

What the fuck is the deal with these censored pics…especially with Shanna Moakler, the crazy chick from Playboy no one remembers, but who go together with a couple other twats to do this for PETA, partially because it is a good cause, but mainly because PETA will work with anyone, especially if there are 3 of them, cuz 3 is better than 1.

They are ex-Miss USA winners, one who has gone onto Playboy, the rest, who give a fuck….and they are naked…but for some reason, like a Barbie Doll and/or Angelina Jolie, nipple-less.

Weird fucking look…but I’ll post it anyways, cuz I know there’s a niche for that…

I want the uncensored pics!

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Chantelle Houghton Impotency Campaign for PETA of the Day

I don’t really know who Chantelle Houghton is, but apparently she’s from the UK and was on some Big Brother bullshit a few years ago and has been riding that shit for the last 4 years. She was a low level UK glamor model who got in her lingerie, showed off her tits and played the UK media despite not being hot, interesting or relevant in any way at all…

But for some reason it helped getting her to this level of fame where she gets to be the face of PETA’s Go Vegetarian campaign…because meat apparently makes you impotent…despite her body shape and size being something I don’t suggest anyone taking any diet advice from…because according to her dress size, her idea of Vegetarian seems to be eating nothing but potato chips, cookies and cake…..useless fucking pig….

Pics via Fame

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PETA’s Slutty Protesters of the Day

Here are a couple of useless nobody sluts protesting the bear fur used in the UK on their guards, unless you cosider the former “Lara Croft” model Lucy Clarkson and her sidekick Victoria Eisermann, useful….which I guess they kind of are, you know trying to make a difference by getting body painted to stir up some noise and hopefully make a difference, but after staring at these pictures the last 15 minuts, I realized they are wearing some nipple covers and they aren’t flashing their asses, so they might as well be wearing fucking clothes….fucking losers aren’t protesting shit…they are just tryign to get more attention to their whore-selves….I figure if you’re going to try to make a difference, you gotta step up you fucking game and no half ass it…or in this case no ass and no nipple it….cunts….

Pics via LFI

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Olivia Munn is Boring Even When Naked for Peta of the Day

I hate Olivia Munn. She’s just some bottom feeder wanna be celebrity piece of trash who milked the geek crowd and landed a geek show cuz geek’s and based on Star Trek and Star Wars are loyal fans to have…cuz they never let go…and for geeks to get won over is pretty simple, have a vagina….and proven by Oliva Munn, if you are average looking at best, wear bikinis, and relate to them on a geek level it will get you a more legit career….She’s always on her hustle, I don’t trust her and above all she’s not even hot, but geeks like her and since you’re a loser, which is very close to being a geek you’ll probably appreciate seeing her getting naked for PETA….

Here she is walking around…to remind you that she’s not hot….

Here’s the bullshit video…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Tai Babilonia Would Rather Skate Naked Than Wear Fur of the Day

I guess Peta is running out of people to photograph who would rather go naked than wear fur…because based on these pictures of some ex-Olympic skater, who based on her face has turned into a crackwhore, because I guess figure skating isn’t that lucrative of a career with a solid pension plan, but unlike the crackwhores I know, she’s wearing a nude colored leotard and last time I checked, that’s not going nude to protest fur, you scam artist. In Peta’s defence, maybe her pussy’s turned just as rank like the rest of her and they had to cover it up due to health regulations on the working condition on photoshoots cuz she’s a risk….but then again, I know nothing….I just know I’m not feeling this campaign one bit….if anything it scares me….

Pics via Fame

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Christian Serratos is Nude for Peta of the Day

Some Twilight actor is naked for Peta, because getting naked for Peta still generates buzz, which is something this bitch needs since no one has ever heard of her but I will say that I don’t really like her hustle, sure getting naked for fame is an ok hustbe, but mainly when that nudity this socially acceptable for a good cause…this is some saving an animal from cruelty nudity and that kind of shit bores mes, when really all I want to see is bitch shoving random objects in her whore pussy for fame nudity…but I guess it’s better than nother….so here’s putting Christian Serratos on the map cuz of her bare ass…

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PETA Protest Featuring Topless Chicks Bodypainted Like Lizards of the Day

I was talking about militant lesbians last night, about a better time when dykes were actually dykes. There were barely any of these college girls “experimenting” lipstick lesbians, or girls who were just trying to fit into that whole emo-bisexual trend. If you were a lesbian, you were angry, you hated dick and anything dick was attached to, you hated pollution and the greenhouse effect, you hated cruelty to animals and you did everything you could to fight it, like tying yourself to a tree, protesting outside office buildings and KFC, and joining shit like PETA where you’d get naked and show off you fat lesbian body that made you a lesbian in the first place because dudes never wanted to fuck you, making the whole thing a real dramatic experience that people had no choice but to remember because it was so traumatic.

I guess the good news is that PETA is still recruiting bitches who get naked, cuz naked chicks are always worth lookin at, even if they are ugly, since it’s better than lookin at non-naked chicks, and I figure if you can convince any girl, no matter how ugly she is, that a cause is worth stripping down for, you’ve done something right, seriously, I’ve been trying to get girls to get naked for my dick, which is a serious charity case and I’ve never been as successful as this PETA bullshit….

Either way, here are some pics of these lesbians body painted and protesting snake/lizard skin to start the day.

Pics via Fame

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Karina Smirnoff is Nude for PETA of the Day

Karina Smirnoff is naked in heels in some PETA ad. I thought PETA was supposed to be shocking and cutting edge. I hardly think posting a picture of an ex-human trafficked Russian prostitute who escapted her captors and came to America with a husband who bought her who she later had to runaway from because he wasn’t living the life of luxury she expected and instead had a one bedroom apartment and a huge porn collection that he spent the last 15 years masturbating to while saving enough money to buy her. He eventually got abusive because he wasn’t comfortable with someone in his space as he was used to being alone and when he wasn’t beating her with soup cans, he would make her stare at pictures of war torn Russia, sayin he’d send her back if she didn’t do the dishes faster, cook better, and suck his dick harder. When out on the street her only skill was ballet, she was Russian and that’s what they teach the kids along with gynmastics and figure skating as it is a culture of fuckin’ dance, so she did what any down on her luck immigrant who can dance like a fuckin’ angel would do, and that was hit the strip club, eventually lap dancing for a TV Producer and landing a gig in Hollywood that lead to where she is now, naked on a PETA ad staing she’s “Rather Dance Naked Than Wear Fur”, meanwhile everyone knows she loves dancing naked, that shit gave her everything she’s got and it also got her pregnant, but that’s a whole other story I’ll save for another day….yes, I am the unofficial Karina Smirnoff biographer….

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Pam Anderson’s Banned Peta Ad to Start the Day of the Day

Pam Anderson is in a Peta ad that has been banned by some CNN in the Airport network or some shit, because Peta realizes that they get more buzz if they get an ad banned somewhere, than if they actually run the ad on the network, because that’s just the kind of bullshit publicity stuntin’ motherfuckers they are. They also somehow trick celebrities with nothing better to do, to get on board with their fight against cruelty to animals, that I feel have more to do with generating buzz for Peta than actually helping the animals, making me wonder how much the woman who runs this shit makes a year, or if her passion really lies in pumpin’ all she can into the cause.

Either way, Pam is dressed like a “sexy” airport cop and I use that term loosely, because she’s loose and seeing her is like going to a Halloween party at the Old Folks home that went horribly wrong, but there’s some other girl’s bare ass and that compensates.

So fuck Peta, fuck Pam Anderson and fuck yourself while watching this, cuz you are weird.

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Audrina for PETA of the Day

Audrina was asked to do a PETA ad half naked, I guess PETA takes anyone they can get, but I like to think it’s because she seems to be as receptive as a dog, with her glassed over confused eyes, tilting her head trying to understand the sounds coming out of her friend’s mouths, because sometimes words are hard to make sense of, or some shit.

Either way, she’s promoting people save a dog instead of buying from a breeder, because I guess PETA feels sorry for the secondhand, second rate dogs.

Now I am a fan of dogs, in fact, I like dogs more than I like people, and I do find buying from a breeder a obnoxious, but at least you know what you are getting. I am not down with puppy mills but I am also not down with taking on other people’s problems, or half handicap amputee dogs that smell.

I like my dogs like I like my women, virginal. I like to be the one to make them scared of men, or to be the reason they are missing limbs, I don’t need other people to do the damage for me and leave me with the fuckin’ aftermath.

Either way, the only think cute in this picture is the fear in her dog’s eyes…

Here she is at the launch of the ad, because I guess people like useless parties for useless projects useless people are involved in. What a waste of money….Good times.

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