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Karina Smirnoff is Nude for PETA of the Day

Karina Smirnoff is naked in heels in some PETA ad. I thought PETA was supposed to be shocking and cutting edge. I hardly think posting a picture of an ex-human trafficked Russian prostitute who escapted her captors and came to America with a husband who bought her who she later had to runaway from because he wasn’t living the life of luxury she expected and instead had a one bedroom apartment and a huge porn collection that he spent the last 15 years masturbating to while saving enough money to buy her. He eventually got abusive because he wasn’t comfortable with someone in his space as he was used to being alone and when he wasn’t beating her with soup cans, he would make her stare at pictures of war torn Russia, sayin he’d send her back if she didn’t do the dishes faster, cook better, and suck his dick harder. When out on the street her only skill was ballet, she was Russian and that’s what they teach the kids along with gynmastics and figure skating as it is a culture of fuckin’ dance, so she did what any down on her luck immigrant who can dance like a fuckin’ angel would do, and that was hit the strip club, eventually lap dancing for a TV Producer and landing a gig in Hollywood that lead to where she is now, naked on a PETA ad staing she’s “Rather Dance Naked Than Wear Fur”, meanwhile everyone knows she loves dancing naked, that shit gave her everything she’s got and it also got her pregnant, but that’s a whole other story I’ll save for another day….yes, I am the unofficial Karina Smirnoff biographer….

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  • jim


  • Karina is SO HOT! She is the best-looking hottest dancer on Dancing with the Stars BY FAR! I would do anything she asked me to do … lie, steal, write bad checks, bark like a dog, etc.

  • I don’t know how much Photoshop is involved here but she looks pretty great.

  • mac

    Its with all them pro dancers nice ass no tits.

  • Jo Jo Dancer

    She has an amazing body, you dude’s saying she’s ugly….lets see the broads you are messing with!

  • SeerMax

    ,…and there’s nothing wrong with my vision,….the bod’s okay, but I don’t find her particularly attractive. Good dancer, but can she conversate.

  • cowbulls

    Helping PETA makes her a dumbass in my opinion.

  • You can bet that if she fucks like she dances, she would be one hot piece of russian pussy. If i was paired with her on dancing with the stars, we wouldn’t get much dancing done and lose in the first round. But the fucking would be sizzling. I’d burn her pussy up in a bed someplace.