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Who Won for Best The Paparazzi Shoot of the Day

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Here’s a new feature I call posting a few pictures of idiots I don’t care about, even though I did love Heather Graham’s tits and pussy hair in Boogie Nights because I love big natural tits and pussy hair, something that I am glad the younger, lazy, feminist girls are into showing me, because it makes my sexting on Tinder far more rewarding in a world where I’ve spent the last 10 years dealing with baby bald pussy – thanks to Bros and Kardashians enforce it…when I just want bigger, thicker, pillow in a panty bush…I actually got in a fight with a feminist about her bush just the other day, she ended up blocking me, because I guess she felt like I was mocking her with my excitement of her hairiness, even though I was excited by her hairiness…

I digress…this feature will be a one off, and it’s an interactive, leave a comment, but you won’t since NO ONE Is out there…

What do you like better Heather Graham Old and in a Tight Purple Outfit Jogging on set…or Karina Smirnoff, not quite as good as the low quality Vodka, but some Dancing With the Stars chick…legitimately doing the cheesiest car wash ever, even though she’s rich and probably doesn’t even take her own tampons out of her vile dancing pussy….yet all of a sudden the girl with three full time cleaning ladies is washing a fucking car in short shorts…

To see the Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE


Karina Smirnoff Washing Cars


Verdict – they are both winners….because they aren’t street hookers

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Karina Smirnoff On Set At Women’s Running Magazine Shoot of the Day

Karina Smirnoff is a man…assuming that anything that is fit and muscular is a man….because apparently things with vaginas can get ripped also…but that doesn’t mean it attractive, elegant, or lovely…but it does mean she can probably clench her pussy and ass really hard while squtting and bouncing on a dick…for a long period of time…cuz fitness is what they fucking do….so if you can see past her broad Russian gymnast bodytype…and imagine her athleticism in sex…then these pics of her showing off her body…aren’t all that bad….


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Karina Smirnoff in a Bikini in Miami of the Day

Looks like Karina Smirnoff’s got new face…not that her old one really mattered…you see cuz she’s some mom who was on Dancing with the Stars and sure maybe middle America….you know all those welfare recipients and walmart cashiers who fucking love the shit cuz the closest city to them is 18 hours a way and TV is their only savior….care about who she is, how she’s doing, how skinny she looks in her bikini for some staged bullshit for publicity pics…but I like to think…no one else does….

The funniest thing in all this is that she was hosting a club event for New Years Eve….like she’s some kind of draw or some shit…where people go “OMG KARINA SMIRNOFF IS HOSTING THIS EVEN WE NEED TO BE THERE “….I hear next week the same club booked the 1st castaway on season 4 Survivor and shit’s gonna be bananas….

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Karina Smirnoff Bikini Pics in Video of the Day

I have decided that I like my celeb bikini pics with a narrator…..but only because the paparazzi agencies hate the fuck out of me and if I was to post these on my site without paying them their 1000 dollars or more…they’d try to sue me and I don’t need that kind of drama since life has already sued me and taken me for all I’ve got…so now I have my bikini pictures in video with some asshole trying to sound like TMZ, something I hate more than most things, cuz the irritating get under my skin and makes me want to do crazy things, like find the asshole with this voice and rip his throat out, or welcome these suicidal thoughts with open arms…”hello old friend, yes, let me come with you to avoid the fact that assholes like this exist”….kinda thing…..

Yes I know these pics are from the other day, I do this thing all day asshole…I just wasn’t allowed to post them….

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Karina Smirnoff See Through of the Day

Here’s some really shitty see through pictures of Karina Smirnoff that would have been better if she wasn’t wearing a bra, but was rocking her breast implants she should have provided her life took the natural course it was supposed to take…you know being an Eastern European with a dream of dance, who went on to get professionally trained in dance…something that normally ends in a career of stripping……

The only good thing about dancers is their ability to bounce on dicks and for any of you who have dated a dancer…with strong legs and tight body….you will know what I mean…and since these are just pics of mom Smirnoff…and not video of her becoming a mom….we can’t focus on possible positives…but instead we focus on her boring attempt at sheer clothing….

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Karina Smirnoff Horrible Scary Cleavage of the Day

Here’s Mom and Dancing with the Stars dancer Karina Smirnoff, who at one time, was the reason husbands could handle sitting through Dancing with the Stars in the trailer parks they live in, because their fat wives insisted they watch the shit on their one tv, after their Walmart Cashier shift, since those are the people I assume watch the shit….

You know seeing her move, imagining her doing’ it up against your dick, reminding you that she should be a sex worker, you know with the whole being a professionally trained dancer from war torn communism, but instead is making it in America thanks to Hollywood….

But who knew she had such horrible tits…it’s like she’s Kirstie Alley and she just danced the shit off…

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Karina Smirnoff Showing Off Some Leg of the Day

I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars but I have seen the clips on the Internet and I know this Karina Smirnoff bitch dances pretty much half naked all the fucking time. If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d write a top 10 list of Karina Smirnoff slutty outfits on the show, but I don’t really care enough for that and will save that list for you to do for yourself. Think of it as a homework assignment.

What I’ve learned from pretty much every stripper I know or have seen leave work is that when a bitch is half naked in her work she is so much less interesting in her down time. It’s like you give us what we want, we’ve seen all you have to offer, but as soon as you punch out on your punch card, you get fucking boring and fade into irrelevance, and that is what these pictures are of….only instead of an off duty stripper, we have an off duty girl who shoulda been a stripper, but North America’s gone dance crazy…

Here she is avoiding the upskirt….like she’s not a slut who has flashed her panty covered pussy on national tv every week for the last few years….

Pics via Fame

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Karina Smirnoff and Some New Boyfriend Showing Off Her Body of the Day

I am not posting these pictures because I care that Karina Smirnoff has a new boyfriend, or that I think it’s one of life’s biggest tragedies that I am not that boyfriend, because I’m not one of those people who gets that involved, you know the kind of guy who punched the wall when Aguilera got married when I had a bet running with someone for 1000 dollars that I’d fuck her before either of us die, I just don’t bother with these celebrity idiots since they don’t exist to me since I can’t grab their asses in bars when drunk, but I know someone out there is upset about this and that person watches Dancing with the Stars everyday, which also makes him a little homo or a little teenage girl or even a little bored middle age housewife along with the weirdo lonely loser he is, so who she fucks doesn’t matter, especially when she rose to the top as a mail order bride or girl in the international sex trade and I guess that doesn’t matter, what does matter is that Karina Smirnoff is showing off tit cuz a dancing body is not a body worth wasting.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Karina Smirnoff is Nude for PETA of the Day

Karina Smirnoff is naked in heels in some PETA ad. I thought PETA was supposed to be shocking and cutting edge. I hardly think posting a picture of an ex-human trafficked Russian prostitute who escapted her captors and came to America with a husband who bought her who she later had to runaway from because he wasn’t living the life of luxury she expected and instead had a one bedroom apartment and a huge porn collection that he spent the last 15 years masturbating to while saving enough money to buy her. He eventually got abusive because he wasn’t comfortable with someone in his space as he was used to being alone and when he wasn’t beating her with soup cans, he would make her stare at pictures of war torn Russia, sayin he’d send her back if she didn’t do the dishes faster, cook better, and suck his dick harder. When out on the street her only skill was ballet, she was Russian and that’s what they teach the kids along with gynmastics and figure skating as it is a culture of fuckin’ dance, so she did what any down on her luck immigrant who can dance like a fuckin’ angel would do, and that was hit the strip club, eventually lap dancing for a TV Producer and landing a gig in Hollywood that lead to where she is now, naked on a PETA ad staing she’s “Rather Dance Naked Than Wear Fur”, meanwhile everyone knows she loves dancing naked, that shit gave her everything she’s got and it also got her pregnant, but that’s a whole other story I’ll save for another day….yes, I am the unofficial Karina Smirnoff biographer….

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Karina Smirnoff and Her Mom Ass of the Day

I don’t know if Karina Smirnoff is a mom, becasue despite wanting to fuck her half naked dancing body everytime I see clips from the show, because let’s face it she’s the only thing worth fucking on the show, unless you’re down with Kelly Osbourne, but it turns out she’s a mom, and this is a picture of her and her baby, only I had to crop out the baby, and focus on what we really want to see, even if it’s not quite as tight as it once was, it’s still attached to a pussy and that’s good enough for me.

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Karina Smirnoff Shitty Upskirt of the Day

Here is Karina Smirnoff the Dancing with the Stars chick showing some skin, almost flashing her ass, and if you want to see the real deal, you can turn into her dancing show, because she shows a hell of a lot more skin there than in these pictures and the only reason I even care is because she’s named after a vodka company, and even if it is lowend bullshit vodka, shit’s better than the time I got drunk drinking rubbing alcohol to see if I’d go blind, not that that has anything to do with this whore, unless she’s the heir to the company, which I doubt, I think it’s most likely just a stage name playing up her Russian mail order bride roots….

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Karina Smirnoff and Her Obnoxious Love Pictures of Love of the Day

I probably have no heart, or maybe its no soul, or maybe I just get embarrassed for other people when they act like assholes. I am also disgusted by outrageous displays of affection. I find it horse shit because I know that in my life I’m sure I’ve experienced love, but never have I suggested we go out there and document the shit in some obnoxious Sears portrait.

Over the years, I have been forced to deal with friends and their girlfriends who took on this psycho behavior, where all of a sudden the bitch gets it in her head that they are going to get married and spend the rest of their lives together, where she starts taking him out to buy bed sheets and plates for when they live together, or when she goes so far as to complain about them never having pictures of them together, forcing him to get suited up and pretend he loves her while feeling like a total asshole the entire time. Cuz no man would suggest documenting his love this way….men are more into documenting their love by filming them fucking a bitch up the ass.

Either way, I would tell them that their girls were high maintenance and needed a lot of work and attention and the fact that she wants these photoshoots is a fuckin’ warning sign that your life with her will be all about her. She’s not gonna be the kind of bitch who brings beers out to you and your boys while you’re watching your neighbor’s daughters tanning, she’s the kind of girl who is gonna want 100 percent focus on her at all times and that this is just a glimpse into that cunt behavior that is going to either make you want to kill yourself, or kill her then yourself.

They never listened, I’d be coined a bad influence and they wouldn’t be allowed to see me, I wouldn’t get invited to the weddings, but I would get to see their obnoxious marriage website where these staged loving tacky garbage pictures would be displayed next to the story of how they met and 5 years later while going thru the divorce, they all come crawlin’ back to me cuz I know all the good whores willing to suck dick for an amount someone who just gave a bitch everything he ever had could afford.

Here’s Karina Smirnoff, the hot Dancing With the Stars dancer and her boyfriend/fiance in some staged love pictures to celebrate their love to the world or some shit and they whole thing is trashier than her mail order catalog ad her chose her from…

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Steve Wozniak and Karina Smirnoff Rock Dancing With the Stars of the Day

I want to fuck Karina Smirnoff, sure she hasn’t got the hottest face of all time, but bitch looks like she fucks like a machine. She’s a trained dancer and wears sheer dresses and moves like a goddess. I have only fucked a trained dancer once and I remember it being pretty legendary because I could just sit back while she popped and locked and whatever other dance moves she had in her catalog on my cock, her body tight and her stamina better than mine.

The point is that I watched Dancing With The Stars last night at a friend’s house and saw this autistic computer engineer who founded Apple, and felt a little awkward watching his awkwardness, until realizing that he was the guy who was fucking Kathy Griffin and the idea of them licking each other’s asshole scares the fuck out of me, but not as much as Tom Bergeron’s constant Apple jokes, dude coulda gone on all fucking night.

Watch the video, shit’s pretty funny shit….and when you’re done with that watch Holly Madison bringing back her old stage dance back when she was a stripper…

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Karina Smirnoff Gets Upset When Talking About Maria(o) Lopez Cheating on Her of the Day

I don’t know what’s more embarrassing, admitting you dated Mario Lopez from Saved by the Bell on TV, or crying about the fact that he cheated on you. I guess nothing destroys self esteem like being cheated on by some second rate loser going off fucking chicks behind your back, not because you are inadequate, even though it feels that way, but because dude’s just trying to hold onto this fame thing as hard and as long as he can and will sleep with anyone who offers because he knows he’s a fuckin’ has-been loser with little time left of convincing Hooters girls that he’ll show you what he used to do to Zach from Saved by the Bell, because a time will come when the generation of Hooters girls will have no idea what the fuck Saved by the Bell is and bedding 23 year olds will be a thing of the past. Those fans are hitting 30 now, soon they’ll be 40 and the only thing fun about fucking a 40 year old is menopause.

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Mario Lopez and Karina Smirnoff in a Bikini of the Day

Here’s some Mario Lopez that no one gives a fuck getting some titty in his face from what looks like some Russian import that any of us could convince to show us their tits all for promises of a life in America…The land of opportunity.

A Russian friend of mine invited me to a Russian Restaurant for lunch but I slept in. I was looking forward to the soaked steamed leather boot and rationed bread and cardboard toilet paper, but instead I am here posting pictures of some Russian slut and I can only god is teasing me with for missing out on a free meal.

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