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Karina Smirnoff Bikini Pics in Video of the Day

I have decided that I like my celeb bikini pics with a narrator…..but only because the paparazzi agencies hate the fuck out of me and if I was to post these on my site without paying them their 1000 dollars or more…they’d try to sue me and I don’t need that kind of drama since life has already sued me and taken me for all I’ve got…so now I have my bikini pictures in video with some asshole trying to sound like TMZ, something I hate more than most things, cuz the irritating get under my skin and makes me want to do crazy things, like find the asshole with this voice and rip his throat out, or welcome these suicidal thoughts with open arms…”hello old friend, yes, let me come with you to avoid the fact that assholes like this exist”….kinda thing…..

Yes I know these pics are from the other day, I do this thing all day asshole…I just wasn’t allowed to post them….

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