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Karina Smirnoff in a Bikini in Miami of the Day

Looks like Karina Smirnoff’s got new face…not that her old one really mattered…you see cuz she’s some mom who was on Dancing with the Stars and sure maybe middle America….you know all those welfare recipients and walmart cashiers who fucking love the shit cuz the closest city to them is 18 hours a way and TV is their only savior….care about who she is, how she’s doing, how skinny she looks in her bikini for some staged bullshit for publicity pics…but I like to think…no one else does….

The funniest thing in all this is that she was hosting a club event for New Years Eve….like she’s some kind of draw or some shit…where people go “OMG KARINA SMIRNOFF IS HOSTING THIS EVEN WE NEED TO BE THERE “….I hear next week the same club booked the 1st castaway on season 4 Survivor and shit’s gonna be bananas….

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