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Jodie Marsh Bikini Party Continues of the Day

This bitch is onto something….you know she kills the self shot bikini picture harder than any bitch I’ve seen…you know snapping off so many pics of so many different bikinis that must be from her own collection or that she’s getting a kickback from…cuz 5 bikinis a day is pretty fucking high maintenance….but more importantly snapping off 20 pics a minute of herself…cuz these are just the ones that made the cut…is also high maintenance…and I’ll tell you as someone who used to hang with this kind of plastic hooker bitch with a digital camera…watching her take pics of herself over and over was enough to make me want to hate fuck the bitch…

Jodie Marsh isn’t hot, her tits are a joke, but I guess then again so is she, and that’s all part of her appeal.

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