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Karina Smirnoff Showing Off Some Leg of the Day

I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars but I have seen the clips on the Internet and I know this Karina Smirnoff bitch dances pretty much half naked all the fucking time. If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d write a top 10 list of Karina Smirnoff slutty outfits on the show, but I don’t really care enough for that and will save that list for you to do for yourself. Think of it as a homework assignment.

What I’ve learned from pretty much every stripper I know or have seen leave work is that when a bitch is half naked in her work she is so much less interesting in her down time. It’s like you give us what we want, we’ve seen all you have to offer, but as soon as you punch out on your punch card, you get fucking boring and fade into irrelevance, and that is what these pictures are of….only instead of an off duty stripper, we have an off duty girl who shoulda been a stripper, but North America’s gone dance crazy…

Here she is avoiding the upskirt….like she’s not a slut who has flashed her panty covered pussy on national tv every week for the last few years….

Pics via Fame

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