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Karina Smirnoff See Through of the Day

Here’s some really shitty see through pictures of Karina Smirnoff that would have been better if she wasn’t wearing a bra, but was rocking her breast implants she should have provided her life took the natural course it was supposed to take…you know being an Eastern European with a dream of dance, who went on to get professionally trained in dance…something that normally ends in a career of stripping……

The only good thing about dancers is their ability to bounce on dicks and for any of you who have dated a dancer…with strong legs and tight body….you will know what I mean…and since these are just pics of mom Smirnoff…and not video of her becoming a mom….we can’t focus on possible positives…but instead we focus on her boring attempt at sheer clothing….

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  • al

    i would like to unwrap her for christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pantsonfire

    “Vodka good, Da?” Use some of that Dancing With the Stars money and get some tits, you icy Russian former mail order slut!

  • I’m getting sick and tired of bitches wearing a bra under see through shirts. I say if you’re going to wear a see through shirt, go bra less. It’s very distracting otherwise.