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Tai Babilonia Would Rather Skate Naked Than Wear Fur of the Day

I guess Peta is running out of people to photograph who would rather go naked than wear fur…because based on these pictures of some ex-Olympic skater, who based on her face has turned into a crackwhore, because I guess figure skating isn’t that lucrative of a career with a solid pension plan, but unlike the crackwhores I know, she’s wearing a nude colored leotard and last time I checked, that’s not going nude to protest fur, you scam artist. In Peta’s defence, maybe her pussy’s turned just as rank like the rest of her and they had to cover it up due to health regulations on the working condition on photoshoots cuz she’s a risk….but then again, I know nothing….I just know I’m not feeling this campaign one bit….if anything it scares me….

Pics via Fame

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