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Ashley Greene in Bodypaint for an Ad of the Day

I saw this earlier this week – I forgot to post it – because I didn’t think it was that big of a deal and actually found it boring when there’s hot naked pussy on the internet to waste my time watching…

I always forget who Ashley Greene is but apparently she’s in on the SI marketing campaign cuz they need their Swimsuit issue to be next fucking level since it’s the only issue people give a fuck about and is probably the only reason they still print the magazine and haven’t taken it to print….

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PETA Protest Featuring Topless Chicks Bodypainted Like Lizards of the Day

I was talking about militant lesbians last night, about a better time when dykes were actually dykes. There were barely any of these college girls “experimenting” lipstick lesbians, or girls who were just trying to fit into that whole emo-bisexual trend. If you were a lesbian, you were angry, you hated dick and anything dick was attached to, you hated pollution and the greenhouse effect, you hated cruelty to animals and you did everything you could to fight it, like tying yourself to a tree, protesting outside office buildings and KFC, and joining shit like PETA where you’d get naked and show off you fat lesbian body that made you a lesbian in the first place because dudes never wanted to fuck you, making the whole thing a real dramatic experience that people had no choice but to remember because it was so traumatic.

I guess the good news is that PETA is still recruiting bitches who get naked, cuz naked chicks are always worth lookin at, even if they are ugly, since it’s better than lookin at non-naked chicks, and I figure if you can convince any girl, no matter how ugly she is, that a cause is worth stripping down for, you’ve done something right, seriously, I’ve been trying to get girls to get naked for my dick, which is a serious charity case and I’ve never been as successful as this PETA bullshit….

Either way, here are some pics of these lesbians body painted and protesting snake/lizard skin to start the day.

Pics via Fame

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