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Pam Anderson’s Banned Peta Ad to Start the Day of the Day

Pam Anderson is in a Peta ad that has been banned by some CNN in the Airport network or some shit, because Peta realizes that they get more buzz if they get an ad banned somewhere, than if they actually run the ad on the network, because that’s just the kind of bullshit publicity stuntin’ motherfuckers they are. They also somehow trick celebrities with nothing better to do, to get on board with their fight against cruelty to animals, that I feel have more to do with generating buzz for Peta than actually helping the animals, making me wonder how much the woman who runs this shit makes a year, or if her passion really lies in pumpin’ all she can into the cause.

Either way, Pam is dressed like a “sexy” airport cop and I use that term loosely, because she’s loose and seeing her is like going to a Halloween party at the Old Folks home that went horribly wrong, but there’s some other girl’s bare ass and that compensates.

So fuck Peta, fuck Pam Anderson and fuck yourself while watching this, cuz you are weird.

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  • djohnso

    I’ve never done a senior citizen before but i would do her rough and hard, even if she doesn’t feel a thing. i’ll never eat roast beef again.

  • Fernando Montes

    Hahaha. Halloween party at an old folks home, it’s great when you get back in form.

  • underpassdweller

    With a cameo by Andy Dick. There’s some A-list talent for sure.

  • More Pamela Anderson pics at my site!

  • aw!

    I don’t know which has the biggest crevices: her tits, her face or her ass. she’s aging poorly & needs to go away.

  • She’s aging fantastically. I’d love to bury my face in her assets.

  • Lolley Gagger

    PETA cops that’s hilarious aren’t they (if they existed) 2 steps below a mall cop!

    Gotta hit the Pammy puss.

  • Amber_Taylor

    All PETA does is objectify women.

    That “organization” is a fucking sham.

  • Bob Smith

    So give me a new link to the video. That one is gone.