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Naked French iPhone App of the Day

I don’t know how recent this video is, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it, so I can only assume it’s been online forever. I know this app is obviosuly just a smart viral video, but I still envy the motherfucker for having that many people willing to get totally naked for the sake of his videos, I try my best to get girls to get naked on camera and they always refuse, so whoever is behind this is either a God, or gay, cuz girls trust gay dudes cuz they think they don’t have ulterior motives, even though they still put you on the internet, but it’s seen as art and not smut or some shit, and based on motherfuckers language I’m going with French, which is a lot like being gay, cuz it tricks bitches into thinking they are sensitive and romantic, despite being just as sleazy as me….

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