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Elisabetta Gregoraci and Flavio Briatore on Vaction of the Day

I am tired of not giving bitches the benefit of the doubt. You see instinctively when I saw these pictures of Elisabetta Gergoraci and her much older, fatter, less attractive than her husband, I wanted to laugh about how her pussy won the lottery for her and how his hard work and money won the lottery for him. I like laughing at bitches who are so obviously involved with a motherfucker out of laziness and because it serves their needs and lifestyle they think they deserve because their dad’s called them princess as they were growing up or some shit, but then I thought that everyone gets with someone out of personal gain, and stability and security really isn’t something we should call a girl a whore about, sure she’s hotter than him and he’s got more money than she could ever dream of, and if you ask me that’s a match made in fuckin’ heaven cuz they both know where each other stand. So let this inspire you to get off your ass and start your hustle, because hot pussy comes to those with big bank accounts…True story….and really who gives a fuck about Flavio Briatore, it’s not like he’s even fucking relevant in our lives in any fucking way….but I’ll post it anyway….cuz that’s how lazy I am.

Bonus – Here’s an EXCLUSIVE picture the paparazzi caught of Tiger Woods makin’ a move on this girl cuz he’s got a thing for wallet fuckers….

Pics via INF

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Dolce and Gabana Support Homosexuality on Vacation of the Day

Dolce and Gabana are so gay….and so is every chachi motherfucker who wears their 100 dollar t-shirts to impress the chicks when all you’re really doin’ is makin’ these ‘mo’s richer…I have no easy with homosexuality at all, I don’t care who is fucking who as long as people are fucking, but I wonder if middle America dudes who pick this shit up at TJ Maxx, or the meatheads I see walking into cheesy clubs know what they’re really getting themselves into and the whole thing is funny to me….

If you’re wondering why I am posting this, it’s not cuz I just jerked off to it, it’s cuz there was a chick in a bikini there and that shit is my job….I promise…no…seriously guys, come on….I’m not gay…ok…it’s getting old…you can stop now…fine…you wanna hear that I’m gay…you want me to admit it…will that make you shut the fuck up….fine I jerk off to cock….not fuck yourself….

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Eva Longoria on Vacation With Her Husband of the Day

I am like my black friend who I used to go to the stripclub with who would look at the black strippers with anger and disgrace. He’d be so ashamed that they would lower themselves to dance on stage for the likes of me that as they’d walk onto stage he’d shake his head is disapproval and turn his back to them. If they came to lure him into a lap dance, he’d throw their arms off him and ask them why the fuck they had to lower themselves to this shit, to being a common fucking whore, and he’d fuckin’ lecture them, and they’d take it until they started crying and would run backstage, only to get us kicked out.

A Mexican American woman is supposed to be making fucking babies, working as a cleaning lady on the side to help her husband barely make fucking rent in the Mexican ghetto they live in. They are not supposed to be parading around yachts, in bikinis, like a common fucking whore for their basketball playing black husbands. She’s a rebeling against her calling and I guess that’s why her ass looks like she’s already had 8 kids.

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Hayden Panettiere is Still on Vacation of the Day

Hayden Panettiere is still on vacation, or maybe this is working, considering celebrities live the laziest fucking life, unlike me, who is up all day sitting on my couch, taking beer bottles back to buy more beer, or maybe even a can of beefaroni, because like a celebrity I need a personal chef, unfortunately my chef is named Chef Boyardee and he makes his mass produced shit with the most ghetto ingredients to make it affordable, I suck at life and here’s Hayden ownin’ hers in a white bikini, which coincidentally is my favorite color bikini because I am ususally able to spot pussy and I am sure I’ve said this before, but I am a fan of pussy.

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Elle Macpherson and Some Shorts on Vacation of the Day

I uploaded a ton of Elle Macpherson pics last week, I have no idea why, but I do know that I didn’t post them. I guess I was giving a little love back to the girl who introduced the SI Swimsuit edition to my masturbation, not that I get down like that anymore, but it was the 80s and porn access was limited, espectially when you live with psycho Christians who would strip search you everytime you came home, because they thought you were up to no good, and molesters for the sake of Jesus, not that it matters, I don’t need to air out my dirty laundry with you, even though I have a lot of it, but that’s just because my wife is a lazy cunt who doesn’t know how to be a fucking wife, but she does know how to eat a hot dog and not in the good kind of way, but in the obese all you can eat buffet kind of way.



Here’s that 1989 SI Shoot – I Fell in Love With…In Hindsight, She’s Got Shoulders Only a Gay Guy Could Love….But I was an immigrant, had lower standards, was hornier and 19.

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Elle Macpherson and Her Vacation Pictures of the Day

Elle Macpherson is one of the first supermodels I can remember jerking off to in the 80s, like really diggin and jerkin’ off to because I am sure there were many before her, but they remain nameless and she’s the one that stands out in my tattered brain.

Here she is on vacation with her kids and based on the waterskiing, it looks like she’s holding onto the past, because last time I checked, no one fucking waterskis anymore, it’s a thing of the past, dated like neon sun protecting cream, an ancient art and passtime, which is appropriate, because so is Elle Macpherson’s vagina. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..good one.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Brings the Positive Moment of the Day

So I am tried of being seen as this negative energy and as I cleanse my life from negative people, I feel I should bring some positive vibes to the site…that said, here’s my positive message inspired by Jennifer Love Hewitt by the pool…

Hey Jennifer love, you don’t look offensively fat, maybe it’s gotta to do with the decency and respect you have shown by covering the fuck up, or maybe it’s because you have taken some time to work on your body to get back on track. Good Job.

I tried. Not very hard, but I tried none the less.

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Paris Hilton and her Staged Hawaii Vacation of the Day

If any relationships are real in Hollywood, and not just an extension of their PR strategies, you know where they actually have a soul, connection, love, passion, interest in each other, then the Good Charlotte sister will probably be pretty fucking heavy hearted after seeing these pictures, but not as heavy hearted as when his one true love, his soulmate, his masturbation partner, settled with Nicole Richie and made babies.

Not that it matters because we aren’t faggot’s here and we don’t care about emotions, we believe if fuckin’ whores until our dicks bleed then fuckin’ them some more, you know stringing women along, lying to them, manipulating them and only doing it because they allow us to, not because we’re bad people, but because they are just retarded and like drama, like being mistreated and lied to and love suckin’ dick when they think it’ll get them something. Unfortunately, you’re still a virgin and I’m married to a fat chick I don’t like fucking, but that’s how we should be.

I guess the real joke in all this shit, is that there is no way these pictures aren’t staged, I’ve never gone scuba diving before, but I’m pretty sure there were no paparazzi down there waiting for a celeb just incase they were, but maybe that should be their new strategy, because under water bikini pics, will be something new to jerk off to, and trust me, we’re all lookin’ for that….

The sad news of the day is that Paris was attacked by a shark, but her vagina faught it off and she survived…the shark wasn’t so lucky…and either is this Reinhardt motherfucker.

Here they are getting ice cream…

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Fergie in Her Bikini on Vacation and in Love of the Day

Here are some more pictures of Fergie on vacation in her bikini. I am going to go get drunk so you should just try to write your own post in your head while jerking off, or doing whatever you do to bikini pics of Fergie. I hear playing some of her music while opening these pictures makes the whole experience all the more pathetic, a feeling you’re probably used to every time you cum….and by you I mean…me.

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Jessica Alba’s Hot Vacation Pics of the Day

Jessica Alba is on vacation and hiding her damaged mom body from the public. I assume she’s also hiding her mom vagina from Cash Warren not for fear of getting pregnant again at a time their family planning hadn’t planned for, but because she’s so exhausted from being kept up by the baby and all of its all hours of the night demands and by being exhausted from the baby, I mean from signing checks to her nanny staff who she’s pawned her baby off on cuz her lazy ass can’t be bothered. The fucking thing was a strategy or tool to lock her boyfriend who dumped her ass in because no one dumps Jessica Alba and this whole wanting to be fed, changed, loved, played with was not part of the fucking plan….

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