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Dolce and Gabana Support Homosexuality on Vacation of the Day

Dolce and Gabana are so gay….and so is every chachi motherfucker who wears their 100 dollar t-shirts to impress the chicks when all you’re really doin’ is makin’ these ‘mo’s richer…I have no easy with homosexuality at all, I don’t care who is fucking who as long as people are fucking, but I wonder if middle America dudes who pick this shit up at TJ Maxx, or the meatheads I see walking into cheesy clubs know what they’re really getting themselves into and the whole thing is funny to me….

If you’re wondering why I am posting this, it’s not cuz I just jerked off to it, it’s cuz there was a chick in a bikini there and that shit is my job….I promise…no…seriously guys, come on….I’m not gay…ok…it’s getting old…you can stop now…fine…you wanna hear that I’m gay…you want me to admit it…will that make you shut the fuck up….fine I jerk off to cock….not fuck yourself….

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