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John Travolta’s Fly is Down of the Day

John Travolta went out to dinner with a male friend and left with his fly down….because he’s gay and like most gyas on the down-low they have to hide their true sexuality by getting married and becoming Scientologist, while really having secret meetings with their lovers for “Business”, when really they’re just jerking each other off in the restaurant bathroom. I saw brokeback mountain, I know how it works, cuz I know that smile doesn’t come from nowhere, especially when your handicapped son just died in his bathtub…fucking Scientologist….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Halle Berry Looks Like a Gay Black Dude of the Day

I don’t understand gay black dudes. They are for the most part more outrageous and flamboyant and fucking insanely gay than any other breed of homo. It’s like they dance, they scream, they are theatrical and pretend to be glamorous like they are Tyra Banks, and the whole thing is almost comical. Is it a cultural thing, or do they do it to not scare off white homos with their otherwise gangster dicks, or is it to prevent the other gangsters in their hood from killing them by assuming they are just little ladies or maybe it’s just because black people have more fun, but I just don’t get it. I also don’t get why Halle Berry looks exactly like a chubby gay black dude who let himself go…because she used to be hot shit and now she’s just the shit that comes out of a gay man’s ass peppered with cum.

Pics via Bauer

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Diddy Masturbating on the Balcony in Rio for Trannies of the Day

Diddy was in Brazil and these are some pictures of him masturbating on his balcony, sure he could be dancing, but whatever motherfucker is doing, I know it involves trannies, whether he is excited he just got with one, or maybe he’s watching one hustle on the street below and he just can’t contain himself, because there’s no way Diddy isn’t a faggot.

Pics via INFphoto

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X-Factor Awkward Boner of the Day

I have no idea what the fuck is going on here. People are saying dude got a boner on X-Factor and as someone with a small dick, I don’t really see how this is a boner, I have a feeling it’s more of a colostomy bag or some shit because motherfucker has some kind of fucking disease and this is his make a wish foundation dream and the whole mocking him about the shit is actually just cruel, but you can tell Simon Cowell is wishing it is actually a dick or a boner, and not some kind of swollen ball or medical equipment, cuz it turns him on more than Ryan Seacrest does….

Either way I am slow on this shit, and it’s pretty obvious he’s the next Susan Boyle….

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Christiano Ronaldo is Definitely Not Gat of the Day

I haven’t seen that many gay porns in my life, but I would say that it is safe to say that at least one of them starts off in a sports field doin’ stretches and that so does Ronaldo’s group masturbation/gay sex sessions and here he is with his boyfriend/lover/teammate because they aren’t as into the soccer ball as they are into each other’s balls, but what do I know, maybe I’m just intimidated with how secure he is in his sexuality, but I doubt that…

I always laugh at the European people I know who idolize him, for pretty much idolizing Liberace or some other queer while being the biggest homophobes who can’t see the truth beyond his soccer abilities and everytime I tease them, they just get mad at me and use Paris Hilton as an example as to why he isn’t gay, because apparently they fucked, but I don’t know anything about that, but I do know that in this stage of the game, anyone willing to fuck Paris Hilton needs to already have Aids and needs to want to be in the limelight, and needs to hate female genitals, since her’s look more like balls, so that whole bullshit just further’s my point….

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Dolce and Gabana Support Homosexuality on Vacation of the Day

Dolce and Gabana are so gay….and so is every chachi motherfucker who wears their 100 dollar t-shirts to impress the chicks when all you’re really doin’ is makin’ these ‘mo’s richer…I have no easy with homosexuality at all, I don’t care who is fucking who as long as people are fucking, but I wonder if middle America dudes who pick this shit up at TJ Maxx, or the meatheads I see walking into cheesy clubs know what they’re really getting themselves into and the whole thing is funny to me….

If you’re wondering why I am posting this, it’s not cuz I just jerked off to it, it’s cuz there was a chick in a bikini there and that shit is my job….I promise…no…seriously guys, come on….I’m not gay…ok…it’s getting old…you can stop now…fine…you wanna hear that I’m gay…you want me to admit it…will that make you shut the fuck up….fine I jerk off to cock….not fuck yourself….

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Ronaldo Doing Some Fag Shit of the Day

I used to know this group of soccer fans who would drink in the same bar as me. They were hung-up on Ronaldo, I would constantly tell them that he was into some gay shit and that having this really uncomfortable crush on the motherfucker, was kinda homo. They’d always just pull the Euro card, saying that in Europe everything seems homo and that he’s actually a pimp.

Sure, I know Europe is pretty faggy, from the micro bikini bathing suits to the kissing men when you run into them, to the whole sticking penis in your ass at a Eastern European brothel, and I know he’s bagged a fair share of hot girls, or at least has his fair share of Euro pussy being thrown at him, but that doesn’t mean he likes it and seeing these homo pics of him getting rubbed down and showing no interest to the bitch in the bikini, leads me to think, ‘Mo.

I just wanted to post these pictures of Ronaldo for those guys I knew to prove my point and for them to jerk off to, because jerking off to men you have crushes on and wish you were is just what you do in Europe, it’s not gay at all. Faggots.

Truth is maybe this isn’t gay at all and I just think it is cuz I am actually gay, oh fuck, what can of worms did I just open…

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Alexis Arquette To Celebrate My Hemorrhoids of the Day

Hey next craigslist killer…this tranny is for you….only this bitch is too good for you..since she’s from a famous family .but I am posting her anyway to celebrate the hemorrhoid I woke up with today and freaked the fuck out because of. But for some reason I couldn’t help but question what gays do when this kind of medical condition hits them…because I can’t fucking walk…let alone think about sticking things in or out of my ass. It’s hell.

Either way, Alexis Arquette is some tranny with obvious mental issues, like all fucking trannies have because cutting off your fucking dick and living your life as a woman is fucking wierd. So here is some weird gayness goin on in video. It’s not like normal fag shit where they get together, act like teenage girls or get themselves all glammed up and fabulous before fucking each other for days while jacked on Meth/poppers or whatever the trendy gay drugs are these days.

This is some next level uncomfortable gay shit that I figured I’d post because I like feeling uncomfortable when trannies slap fags while talking about God…..and I know you do too….because most straight guys are down with tranny porn…at least that’s what I’ve been told…I just find it weird…

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South Park Makes Fun of Kanye West of the Day

I haven’t seen South Park in years but I watched this clip and it’s fucking obscure as hell, the joke is so fucking out there and stupid that I laughed. It is also hating on Kanye and how ridiculous he is so you’ll probably like it. My computer is running like shit and so is my brain so I gotta get me some motherfuckin’ food. I’ll be back.

Here’s the full episode….

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Leanne Rimes and Her Gay Boyfriend of the Day

I hate Leanne Rimes and her husband. The are the obnoxious fitness couple who go to the gym, and for bike rides, jogs and weight lifting sessions before stopping for lunch at the gym to pick up a protein shake….while frowning on the rest of the world who eat fast food and enjoy sitting. You know the kind of girl who slowly morphs into a dude as her new found muscles turn her tits into a solid pec, her booty in a man’s ass and her clit into the size of a grown man’s thumb, a piece of information my little league coach used to tell me before making me jerk him off, but that’s not the point, the point is how her husband decides it’s just too hot to wear a t-shirt and just conveniently need to take it off to show the world my abs like I was a faggot in a gay bath house or some shit.

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Pete Wentz and His Furry Boots of the Day

I don’t know what’s mo’ gayer, Pete Wentz pushing the boundaries of gender by wearing a pair of furry boots he bought because they reminded him of the first time Ashlee’s fucked his black furry cunt, or the fact that I am posting pictures of it because they made me laugh.

Speaking of laughing at gays, Ronson has a big night here in Montreal that I’ve been asked to not attend directly from Lohan, so I sent her this email.

Subject: Ronson in Montreal

Aren’t you excited?! Samantha’s playing in Montreal and I’ve been training my penis to look like a vagina all week. Between you and me, it wasn’t that hard. 

With Love,

Jesus Martinez

She didn’t answer, but I expect to be arrested tonight because she’s crazy and has more pull than me on the socio-economic ladder, so cops side with her, even though she’s fucking jacked on drugs and insane, while I’m just a normal nice guy…

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Miley Cyrus’ Male Model Boyfriend is a Sister of the Day

Since I first heard about Miley dating some 20 year old underwear model, I assumed the obvious and that was that the dude was gay, lookin’ for exposure like he was Chris Crocker, only more innovative than Chris Crocker because he actally got hooked in with the biggest thing in entertainment right now, at least I hear that’s why Miley calls herself to her parents when they ground her for being in passed her curfew.

There was never a doubt in my mind that this dude actually liked penis, I knew he was a flaming based on his job as an underwear model and the ripple of his abs, that only a gay man would care enough to create, by spending a ton of time at the gym, because the gym is the best place to go see cock in the showers, and I figure that it was important to get it out there, because I’ve been slamming Miley for being a whore all this time, when in reality the only dick she’s been sucking has been in her sexual fantasies, as this motherfucker’s consistently been turning her down, and to think it was because he liked cock and not because he was scared of your really bad fucking teeth and inexperience damaging his money maker.

I don’t want to spend too much time on this, because who really cares….unless of course you’re like me and spend a good part of your day trying to figure out if Miley still has her cherry or if shit’s been popped.

To see the rest of his gay escapade and read the story….

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Hey, Kevin Spacey May be Gay, You Don’t Say of the Day

And I am apparently a horrible poet, mainly because I find poetry the gayer than Kevin Spacey in these pictures where he’s pulling down a dude’s pants before going at him with his hand then finger, then tongue, then penis until they switch turns, and Spacey bottoms out. Sure, you could assume that this pantsing is just a big joke and all in good fun and I get that because I once made the same mistake. I was about 14 and new to the country. I had very few friends except for the rejects no one liked. One of them, coincidentally named Kevin who lived down the street from me took a liking to me, he thought my accent was so funny and would always make an effort to hang out. He was the kind of kid who was into singing and dancing and was in Drama and always had girls calling him, but always ditched them for me. One night after watching a movie, I got up and Kevin grabbed my ass, I freaked out and he laughed it off like it was nothing. Another time, he tried to grab my dick, I freaked out and he laughed it off like it was nothing. He tried other things like pulling my pants down, wrestling each other where I felt his boner in my leg, suggested we measure our dicks together and try condoms on and it went on for about 6 months, before I realized what was going on. It’s just too bad that with all the warning signs, the only thing that really made me see what was actually going on was when I passed out on the couch after smoking a joint and woke up with my penis in his hand. I freaked out, ran home and it made for an awkward Monday morning. Our friendship ended there.

Kevin went on to try his chances in Hollywood and rumor has it that he got AIDS and died and I went on to live a straight life filled with empty sexual encounters with hookers while drunk and high in the gutter before finding out about the internet and doing this and despite not being the Kevin in these pictures, our stories seem pretty similar except I like to think my Kevin had better taste going after the skinny, Mexican who dressed funny and couldn’t speak the language and didn’t know better, while Kevin Spacey seems to be going for pretty retarded lookin’ motherfuckers not that I can judge a good lookin’ guy proper and I’m sure fags only judge a man by the size of his dick, but this dude seriously reminds me of cerebral palsy, or pre-mature baby syndrome and here are the pics of them smoking weed and doin’ some foreplay in public and the whole thing’s pretty awkward for a guy you probably thought was a great actor, without realizing that all actors are gay.

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Who’s Gayer, Mischa Barton’s Dog or Her Boyfriend? of the Day

I haven’t quite figured out what’s gayer, Mischa Barton’s Dog or her Boyfriend. I’d write more, but why bother, no one reads the site anyway, except for assholes that threaten to sue me for illegally using their boring pictures of useless people like Micha Barton walking her fucking dog with her ladder-climbing opportunist boyfriend who thought fake dating Barton would lead to something bigger for him, before finding out the hard reality that her career is pretty much over, that’s what you get for being ambitious buttfucker.

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Sarah Silverman at the 19th Annual GLAAD Media Awards of the Day

I wasn’t too surprised to see these pictures of Sarah Silverman at the Gay Awards, but I was expecting Kimmel to be there too, because you’d have to be gay to stick your dick into this bitch, but then again I guess what he does isn’t really considered media, it’s more of a late night informercial than a talk show. He probably pays ABC to give him that time slot because there’s no way they’re paying for his shit. He’s just another Ron Popeil, only difference is that Popeil has more talent, which isn’t saying much but it’s saying something.

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