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Diddy Masturbating on the Balcony in Rio for Trannies of the Day

Diddy was in Brazil and these are some pictures of him masturbating on his balcony, sure he could be dancing, but whatever motherfucker is doing, I know it involves trannies, whether he is excited he just got with one, or maybe he’s watching one hustle on the street below and he just can’t contain himself, because there’s no way Diddy isn’t a faggot.

Pics via INFphoto

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P. Diddy is a Copyright Infringer of the Day

So Puff is a ratty motherfucker who makes far too much money and tries to be down with the people by running his video blog where he preaches his shit and since this is the internet, I’ve got no real issue with that. I never watch the videos because I don’t think dude’s interesting enough to listen to, I also don’t think he’s funny but I do think there is some serious hypocrisy, when dude is allowed to post clips from Good Morning America within his video, while people like me get hit up with lawyers letters almost on a daily basis for posting shit we see on TV, or on the internet. Not to mention Diddy is probably right there with the RIAA on taking down piracy and arresting innocent people or illegal music downloads, because it’s out of his fucking pocket, but probably illegally downloading movies and music all the fuckin’ time when making shitty videos with copyrighted material from other people like Good Morning America. It is annoying and that’s all I have to say about that.

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