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South Park Makes Fun of Kanye West of the Day

I haven’t seen South Park in years but I watched this clip and it’s fucking obscure as hell, the joke is so fucking out there and stupid that I laughed. It is also hating on Kanye and how ridiculous he is so you’ll probably like it. My computer is running like shit and so is my brain so I gotta get me some motherfuckin’ food. I’ll be back.

Here’s the full episode….

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  • Satan666


    South park rulez. Kanye Sucks a fat dick.

  • WhatThe?

    This is only considered “GENIUS” if you’re a LAME JEW who still thinks South Park is relevant.

  • nunya

    i stopped watching SP long time ago, but i agree Kanye is a cock sucking salad tossing idiot