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South Park Makes Fun of Kanye West of the Day

I haven’t seen South Park in years but I watched this clip and it’s fucking obscure as hell, the joke is so fucking out there and stupid that I laughed. It is also hating on Kanye and how ridiculous he is so you’ll probably like it. My computer is running like shit and so is my brain so I gotta get me some motherfuckin’ food. I’ll be back.

Here’s the full episode….

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South Park Makes Fun of Youtube Internet Celebrities of the Day

This is a bit of a mess of a clip from South Park because it’s all over the fucking place and confuses the fuck out of me and ends in pretty fucking weak way, but I am posting it anyway because Internet celebrities are the biggest fucking joke out there.

People make retarded videos in hopes of being the number 1 YouTube video just for the sake of being the number 1 YouTube video and don’t get paid for the loss of their dignity but just increasing traffic to YouTube making other assholes a whole lot richer while they go back to their lonely one room apartments.

Sure Tron guy got a TV commercial and used the money to move up from a studio apartment to a 2 bedroom, Chris Crocker moved to Hollywood and was let into trendy clubs, Laughing baby went on to a life of hardcore porn, Afro Ninja got dragged behind a pickup truck in some kind of hate crime and Star Wars Kid died of a heartattack while eating a Poutine in his French Canadian home town at the age of 17, but for the most part these people are just ripped off by the mainstream media and never see a penny…while making other people rich. The genius of user generated content because everyone wants to be famous.

Most of the people in this clip are pre-youtube internet famous and were just videos emailed around as an attachment, but it’s safe to say they are probably the reason youtube was created, they just aren’t recognized for that.

I guess I shouldn’t talk, since I do internet bullshit for no money but I guess since no one reads the site and my top viewed stepTV was by 10 people, it’s safe to say that I’ve never inspired many people to get rich so I feel like a less successful Tron Guy but that’s probably just because he’s got a better body than me and you people are so fucking superficial….

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