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Vaginal Weight Lifter of the Day

Her name is Kim Anami…she’s a Vaginal Weightlifter on instagram…and that blows my fucking mind….and not in a good way…in a wtf kind of why would you put this on instagram and how is this appropriate behavior on instagram, when my pics get flagged everyday…oh right…feminism…or maybe just maybe she’s selling a book on doing kegels and other vagina exercises to have a power vag….feminism…

Apparently she’s a surfer…which makes the whole thing even weirder…but her real star talent is her PC muscle ability…that I am sure allows her pussy to grab other even the smallest dick before jerking it off inside her…

Here’s what she had to say:

I Lift with My Vagina New year, new vagina. It’s that time you’ve all been waiting for: Vaginal Kung Fu 2015

Follow her on INSTAGRAM ….or don’t…weird…

Here are her pics…

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Weird Viral Hump Video of the Day

After watching the exclusive Kendra Exposed clip at least 10 times to see if I could trick myself into thinking she was hot, I figured I’d lighten up the mood with this weird fucking video of some dude humping his bed while his mom packs for a trip abroad…If only I knew such simplicity would lead to such internet fame, I would have made career humping random things like I used to do in High School cuz I thought it was funny…but I was just a poor immigrant who lived with conservative Christian white people and I didn’t know better, you motherfuckers have no excuse….

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Anne Hathaway’s Tits are Doing Some Weirdness of the Day

I remember Anne Hathaway being known for her fat tits on her skinny frame, I even thought that they were the only reason she was famous or why people noticed her. I figured if she never had tits like that, she’d be working at KFC or some shit, but thanks to her tits, despite what small titted women will tell you, took her to the top of her game, which isn’t necessarily the top of the game, but in a game that’s got so many players, she’s still doin’ ok and really all I’m trying to say is that she’s clearly trying to break free from her tits and all they have given her like a hot teenage busty girl who hates having huge tits cuz of all the attention she gets from it when she just wants to fit in…and it makes no sense to me…but I know I don’t like this much.

Here she is Topless in Havoc

Pics via Bauer

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Kim Kardashian’s Face Looks Fuckign Weird of the Day

If you’re anything like me, you like sitting on benches outside of various stores in the mall until the staff kindly ask you to leave, or sometimes call security on you because you are creeping out the customers as you try to get them to invite you into the changing room, or chime in with suggestions of what panties you think they would look good in. Sometimes we hit up the bikini store, other times the underwear stores and every once in a while the shoe store. Sure, I’m not a foot fetishist or anything like that, but I do know that skirts and shoe testing means a lot of upskirt pussy flashes, so seeing Kardashian doing what I’ve seen so many girls do before reminds me that even the ugly ones are still worth lookin’ at because they’re better than lookin’ at nothing…. and here are the pics.

Pics via Bauer

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Lady Gaga’s Weird Outfit and Ugly Face of the Day

You know what the world needs more of? Lady Gaga covering her fucking face like she is in these pictures. This bitch is a fucking monster who needs to spend some of that Gaga money on Gaga surgery that ideally goes awry and leaves her in a Gaga coma.

On a sidenote people don’t believe that I grabbed her ass last month, every calls me out saying I am lying, I guess they don’t get that grabbing Gaga ass is not something I’d be bragging about, if anything, it was a lowpoint that I blame drunken desperation and the fact that it was so easy to pull off, so from now on, when I grab famous ass, I will take pictures.

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Tori Spelling’s Weird Tits in Her Bikini of the Day

I am still in vacation mode, even though I didn’t really have a long weekend yesterday since I am in Canada. I think it’s gotta do with the fact that I am seeing all these pictures of bitches in their bikinis while I’m sitting her in my dirty underwear smelling my own ass from days of not washing, but I think the real vacation I need is one away from strippers, I’ve been spending too much money that I don’t have and I think this is phase one of gettin to that, because lookin at Tori Spelling and her shitty fucking tit job, makes me really want to put on a pair of white pants and dance to house music while drinking cosmos like some kind of faggot.

This is some mutant shit and the fact that it has the capacity to breed is ruining vagina for me, but at least it will only be temporary, cuz the power of pussy is just too strong and always manages to suck me back in. Sure all you haters can hate on me by saying she looks fit for a mom of two and all I gotta say to that is that she would because she’s the fucking devil and that’s the kind of power that motherfucker has.

Here are the pics

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I Don’t Understand Lindsay Lohan of the Day

I got into a debate about Lohan the otherday with a girl who was at the Lohan event in Montreal about how relevant she still is. Now, I don’t really care to talk about celebrities in my everyday life and prefer talking and livin’ out dirty little fantasies and situations, and luckily for me, this Lohan debate was only an excuse for me to talk to this tight bodied 18 year old I wanted to lick from ass to pussy and back again.

The girl was going off about how Lohan is done. How no one is willing to work with her. How everyone has turned their back on her and how she’s caught up in the drugs and party and will not be able to bush off all the baggage she’s got off and is desited to just keep fading away into obscurity, or dying.

I was arguing that she’s fucking Lindsay Lohan and anyone who gets involved with her makes a ton of money, like Samantha Ronson, because the media is still obsessed with her and that it’s just a matter of time before she pulls it all together.

Then I grabbed the girl’s tits and pulled it out of her shirt and she slapped me across the face and fucked off, so in a lot of ways, I won the debate.

I saw this video of Lohan hummin’ happy birthday like she’s a fuckin’ Kazoo, something she should prbably do behind closed doors, because as normal as it may seem to her, shit is uncomfortably weird for all the people watching her every move and despite believing she’ll make a comeback, I had no choice but to post this because Lohan is my favorite and the humming happy birthday hummer is always a party favorite.

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Paula Abdul Weirdness of the Day

Here’s a weird fucking interview with Paula Abdul on the street outside of some Hollywood hotspot, where the paparazzi ask her question like if she eats fish to get pregnant, then they talk about Zac Effron and shit ends with her saying that the 3 original idol judges are the like the Three Mouseketeers, that’s when I was about to stop listening, but Paula brought out a team of dancers to do some dance on the street and the whole thing makes me uncomfortable, but that’s just because I only really connect with tap dancing alone and this choreographed shit is just way too homo and happy for me. Either way, there are no tits in this shit, but there is a drunk or medicated bitch strugglin to get into a Range Rover and that is always fucking sexy. I just can’t quite figure out how this girl gets through life….

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Alexis Arquette To Celebrate My Hemorrhoids of the Day

Hey next craigslist killer…this tranny is for you….only this bitch is too good for you..since she’s from a famous family .but I am posting her anyway to celebrate the hemorrhoid I woke up with today and freaked the fuck out because of. But for some reason I couldn’t help but question what gays do when this kind of medical condition hits them…because I can’t fucking walk…let alone think about sticking things in or out of my ass. It’s hell.

Either way, Alexis Arquette is some tranny with obvious mental issues, like all fucking trannies have because cutting off your fucking dick and living your life as a woman is fucking wierd. So here is some weird gayness goin on in video. It’s not like normal fag shit where they get together, act like teenage girls or get themselves all glammed up and fabulous before fucking each other for days while jacked on Meth/poppers or whatever the trendy gay drugs are these days.

This is some next level uncomfortable gay shit that I figured I’d post because I like feeling uncomfortable when trannies slap fags while talking about God…..and I know you do too….because most straight guys are down with tranny porn…at least that’s what I’ve been told…I just find it weird…

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Lady Gaga is Still Fucking Weird of the Day

I hate Lady Gaga. I hate her Nuclear Power Plant Meltdown face. I hate that she’s got a bigger dick than me and I hate that when I hear her sing, I feel like the sky is opening up and the gods are summoning me, until I listen to her lyrics and realize that she’s full of fucking shit. A tool used by the record label to target gays and this fake artist installation piece that is her life is getting fucking annoying. No matter what stunts she pulls she will remain totally uninteresting, uninspiring and a candy coated mockery of some culture I want nothing to do with. Let’s hope she gets Aids like the many faggots before her who paved the way for her.

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