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Lady Gaga Bikini of the Day

Lady Gaga Ass and Tits in Black Bikini

Lady Gaga is being a faggot somewhere…

There is no way that she’s 100 percent woman…and there’s a reason she targeted the gay community as one of their own…and that’s likely because gay guys like “fabulous” things and because gay guys like mainstream pop bullshit and are easily won over…and this loser was able to fucking win..thanks to an ability to sing and play piano and mask that talent with over the top costumes and the weirdest madonna impersonation ever.

She is not hot, so she had to go after people who don’t want your pussy…even if she’s sexualized herself, and we’ve all seen her naked, it hasn’t always been amazing…mainly cuz of that troll face…it looks lik she’s the IRS coming to collect taxes owed..and I don’t really get the appeal…but she’s rich and I don’t need to get it..and I can still look at her in a bikini…which I guess is my innate talent…the ability to look at pussy in bikini and enjoy it even when it’s vile…like this scam…another one using soundwave engineering to manipulate our brains into hearing and memorizing her songs…she’s got us by the brains….and here are her sloppy tits.


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Lady Gaga’s Saggy Tits of the Day

Lady Gaga in Black Sunglasses and no Bra

Lady Gaga is disgusting, and not just because of her face, but because of everything she represents, embodies…her insecurities from High School for being the loser rich girl who looked like shit…carried into her overcompensation as an adult…trying to be all unique and different, when really just being a hack, stealing ideas from other people, a puppet…who would try so hard to make as much noise as possible…and it worked because the population is crazy and stupid…her songs brainwashing and addictive…penetrating our brains and even when showing her tits…she’s dull…but at least she’s showing her tits…I guess…

I mean there are countless things we could be looking at….

Instead of anything Lady Gaga oriented.


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Lady Gaga Butt Shot of the Day

Lady Gaga's ass in a white thong in Costa Rica

I find the Lady Gaga Butt Shots to be Extremely fucking disturbing…and I am saying that as someone who grabbed her ass unsolicited because she didn’t notice and either did her security back in an era where that wasn’t seen as being a predator but rather just a guy having a drunken good time at a club with a girl wearing fishnets hiding behind a group of people…but not well enough for me to find it….

At the time, her ass was firm and I was actually sold on it, I was like Damn this girl’s got a future if she only focuses on her ass..which I guess she’d doing a decade too late – but still doing it – and for that we can celebrate her the way we are supposed to celebrate her and her brainwashing – I like to think her million of dollars she probably doesn’t deserve because she’s terrifying looking, is enough celebration for her – especially the money she stole from her charity..hilarious.

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Lady Gaga Got that Thong On of the Day

Lady Gaga topless in a thong

I wonder who told Lady Gaga that because she’s able to sing, and manipulate the human race with her song, like some kind of computer program that knows exactly what rhythms or sequences of sounds the brain responds to, because I have never actively listened to a lady gaga song but could probably sing ever single one of her songs – which in and of itself is terrifying…I was watching some bullshit gameshow the other day and the question was to name Taylor Swift songs, I couldn’t do it, but if that was Lady Gaga – I’d be the fucking winner….which is clearly some kind of sorcery, that makes sense, because when you look at her mangled face, it’s obvious she’s a fucking witch but that said….I have no idea why she thinks she should be sexual object, in her sexually liberated, sexual exhibitionist, bullshit…busting out her thong bikini and showing her ass, which I would say is her best feature, an ass I’ve personally grabbed in an era before the Weinsteins and the grabbing a girl’s ass when uninvited was ok…she didn’t even feel my aggressive grabs and the security didn’t notice…because it was minutes before Perez Hilton and Will.I.Am had a fist fight…weird times…but her ass was good then…10 fucking years ago…and she’s still promoting it now…but in no way is Lady Gaga something to ever jerk off to unless you’re weird…she’s an ugly woman, with shameless and stupid tactics that got her seen, noticed, rich…when bitch should just focus on her damn brainwashing songs…

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Lady Gaga Dressed Like a Christmas Troll of the Day

Lady Gaga Green Christmas Elf Dress long Blonde Hair

Lady Gaga is a fucking troll, and now she’s dressing like one for her social media, you know to celebrate the Christmas season like a good little Catholic School Girl…the rich kid, who positioned herself as quirky, artistic, different to go viral, and she went viral, I mean she’s a massive “star” because of her lie…a lie that always amazed me…only because I always found her disgusting to look at and all her cries for attention unappealing to look at…her exposed tits for click…not hot to look at…but she figured out how to brainwash the world into getting addicted to her song…on some Josie and the Pussycats stragegy to brain wash people using brain wave music wave sound wave….unfortunately not waves lapping up against her drowned beached body after being thrown overboard…

Not to wish death on a terrible human who scammed charities and who offers little to no inspiration in her self involved, greedy, consumption filled life….but I mean…who’d really care if she did happen to die..the world would be more peaceful.

Unfortunately, there’s a fetish in this.

Speaking of Xmas Sluts – Be Sure to Check My Holiday Gift Guide

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Lady Gaga Posted Bikini Weirdness on Instagram of the Day

Lady Gaga Posted Bikini Weirdness on Instagram

It’s not secret that Lady Gaga is the fucking worst. Her music, her overall branding of herself, the fact that she was this ugly rich kid from New York, who finally got accepted by the masses and really took that seriously…she found her angle, of being this weirdo, and the weirder she is, the more she sold and rode it hard, so hard it became boring, typical, try hard, because she was trying hard…acting like she didn’t care, while being try hard…all while being ugly the entire fucking time…

Well, now she’s on a beach in a thong in heels, because of course she is, she’s Lady Gaga and wants you to remember her, even though I actively try to forgot or avoid all things Gaga..but thanks to brainwashing…I know all her songs….terrible…

I don’t know what this Kim Kardashian thong weirdness is, but it’s probably gotta do with her Fibryomyalgia

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Lady Gaga Attention Seeing in Flashing Bra of the Day

Lady Gaga Attention Seeing in Flashing Bra

Lady Gaga’s entire existence, at least as a celebrity, has her been doing anything she can to get attention, to be talked about, to seem interesting, hot, edgy, an artist, in the biggest coverup since Weinstein made girls famous after jerking off to them..

She’s garbage, a hack, not hot to look at, nothing redeeming or interesting..

Just an ugly person who knows she’s ugly on the inside and out, at her core and when you look at her, doing anything to distract from you seeing how ugly she is.

The fact she’s famous is due to talent and I guess these stunts because no one wants to see this monster…she was destined to be kept hidden in the studio…but she tries, oh god does she try to confuse you into thinking she’s hot…like right here…right now..

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