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Lady Gaga is Nude for Her Movie of the Day

Lady Gaga Nude for A Star is Born

I find Lady Gaga in A Star is Born fucking terrible.

It is a movie that has been made 3-4 times, but that they decided to make it again, because I guess Brad Cooper had a hard on for a scene where he gets to commit suicide in a movie where he also sings..which is great OSCAR fodder, something I can assume he’s going for, and will get…whether for directing or acting….

But unfortunately, with that, means Lady Gaga will be celebrated and nominated and possibly win…because she’s in this great position other pop stars have been in before, where that the public think they know you, even though it’s a fucking act, and because they think they know you, they feel personally involved when you take on a new role they get caught up into, and they mistake that for acting talent….

What people don’t realize is that it doesn’t take talent to act, you just have to be an ego, narcissist who doesn’t get embarrassed being an asshole….

While someone like Lady Gaga has been an asshole for years, got rich off it, this movie making is a joke for her…

The only talent a actor can have is the ability to sing, that’s it…and Gaga already has that one down…so it means way more of her….and that is a tragedy…even her nude movie screenshot from that movie is disappointing as hell…not to mention we’ve all seen her naked…so encouraging her…just means more Gaga and that’s a real fucking tragedy.


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Lady Gaga Possible Pussy Flash of the Day

Lady Gaga is unfortunately working as an actress now, and with that comes her promo tour, we just can’t get rid of this bitch….her music here to stain our fucking brains as it does….

I would say that the highlight of my career as a titty blogger happened in 2010, when I went to a music award show in Toronto Canada that I managed to sneak into with some gold bracelet….there was an open bar, I got drunk, lost my camera, went to the after party, saw Perez Hilton fight with Will I Am, while Lady Gaga was by his side, trying to launch her career off Perez Hilton’s back….blogs were important back then, just not this blog…she was wearing fishnets and a panties in public, something you only saw at the clubs on the party gogo dancing whores…and it was in a weird way the begining of a pantsless era of girls being pantsless…

But the highlight of my titty blogging career was actually being in Lindsay Lohan’s hotel room with her, drinking her alcohol, she was a more premium talent…

Lady Gaga, has for a decade or close to a decade offended me, as she manipulates losers to buy into her…and she’s been consistently ugly, no matter how naked she gets, and the whole thing has been terrible on all of our spirits but no one even realize that they are being manipulated by her.

She’s out flashing her crotch, it’s how she markets herself, but don’t try to grab her by the pussy, even if it is he american way, this is just an invite to have you notice her, not have you touch her…you sexual assaulters and your vague memories of assaulting since no one wants to be seen as a sexual assaulter…even if every dude out there wants to be grabbing all the pussy they can…it’s a gender issue really..

Either way, an ugly girl trying to be hot, continues…

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Lady Gaga Slutty for Magazines of the Day

Lady Gaga Nude for Fashion wearing a hat in Vogue

The fact that Lady Gaga is still running her scam amazes me. It’s like every time a Nigerian scammer calls me a tells me that my ancestor has left me money I need to pay to get out of the country…I’m like “really, you’re still doing this Jamal”….

It’s fucking crazy that people, fans, stay so loyal to such dog shit ,you’d think they’d be as flimsy as her music, or her performances….uneventful trying so fucking hard…yet people are loyal…they stick to what they like, support what they know, don’t like change…and keep coming back to the abusiveness of Lady Gaga’s everything.

She’s in Vogue because she’s an actress now, something I guess she’s always been and that requires no talent…something that is an easy transition and that will keep her working and in our faces for years to come….and the whole thing is unfortunate.

Maybe more people need to do the Mac Miller…as sad as it may be to lose people when you still like them, at least we don’t have to keep seeing them when we hate the fuck out of them.

Lady Gaga Big Tits Black Dress Slutty for Vogue


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Lady Gaga Erotica of the Day

Lady Gaga slutty black bra and panties

I would say that I have no idea why Lady Gaga is exposing her ass in some photoshoot, but the truth is I know exactly why Lady Gaga is doing this, and it is the same reason we’ve all seen her naked numerous times before, and it is the same reason we’ve all see so many women naked before, it’s for self promotion through their sexualization…

Sure it’s easy, it’s basic, it’s simplistic, it’s nothing special and even obvious, I mean strippers have been using these tactics forever and most strippers I know are fucking retards….

But Gaga has been ugly her whole life, like dramatically ugly, which is why she learned how to play the piano and write songs, to be behind the scenes – so when she was given a chance to be a star, her dream, she fucking took it, and in taking it…came her going too far with it.

It was attention she craved, and got, along with so much money and she kept getting weirder and weirder to try to make us think she was authentic, an artist, not a hack….make more noise, more stunts, and with that came nudity…so it’s only logical that would continue…ass out…

The funny thing in all this is that I grabbed her ass before she was famous, unsolicited, she didn’t notice, she was in fishnets, I squeezed hard….but it’d be nice if she did and put some #metoo movement lawsuit on my like Taylor Swift did to the radio guy, because that’s what I want a WIKIPEDIA page for.



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Lady Gaga See Through on the Day

Thanks Lady Gaga for remaining disgusting….this time wet in underwear….in public during a photoshoot for who cares….it’s Lady Gaga…

Little known fact, I have physically grabbed her ass….while drunk….and she was unaware of it…and it wasn’t bad…but everything else about her is….the scam that is Gaga and her whole bullshit persona….

But half naked and on all fours…when it is any person…can only be so bad.


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Lady Gaga Bikini of the Day

Lady Gaga Ass and Tits in Black Bikini

Lady Gaga is being a faggot somewhere…

There is no way that she’s 100 percent woman…and there’s a reason she targeted the gay community as one of their own…and that’s likely because gay guys like “fabulous” things and because gay guys like mainstream pop bullshit and are easily won over…and this loser was able to fucking win..thanks to an ability to sing and play piano and mask that talent with over the top costumes and the weirdest madonna impersonation ever.

She is not hot, so she had to go after people who don’t want your pussy…even if she’s sexualized herself, and we’ve all seen her naked, it hasn’t always been amazing…mainly cuz of that troll face…it looks lik she’s the IRS coming to collect taxes owed..and I don’t really get the appeal…but she’s rich and I don’t need to get it..and I can still look at her in a bikini…which I guess is my innate talent…the ability to look at pussy in bikini and enjoy it even when it’s vile…like this scam…another one using soundwave engineering to manipulate our brains into hearing and memorizing her songs…she’s got us by the brains….and here are her sloppy tits.


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Lady Gaga’s Saggy Tits of the Day

Lady Gaga in Black Sunglasses and no Bra

Lady Gaga is disgusting, and not just because of her face, but because of everything she represents, embodies…her insecurities from High School for being the loser rich girl who looked like shit…carried into her overcompensation as an adult…trying to be all unique and different, when really just being a hack, stealing ideas from other people, a puppet…who would try so hard to make as much noise as possible…and it worked because the population is crazy and stupid…her songs brainwashing and addictive…penetrating our brains and even when showing her tits…she’s dull…but at least she’s showing her tits…I guess…

I mean there are countless things we could be looking at….

Instead of anything Lady Gaga oriented.


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