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Crackwhore Interview of the Day

I always laugh when I watch Intervention because I find drug addiction a fucking joke. I also love drug addicted prostitutes who fuck their sons and lick their assholes and have disgusting bodies because they are affordable and a lot of fun.

The only thing I hate about this is the dude behind the camera, dude needs to hire someone who is actually funny to make his videos for him. I’ve been interviewing whores for more than a decade and I get way more solid fucking shit, I just don’t have a video camera and really I like keeping it between me and the girls, cuz exploiting these already damaged people just isn’t as fun or even as funny and takes pretty much no fucking skill or intelligence to make happen. It’s pretty much everywhere, just bring out your camera…..

But you’ll probably get a kick out of this…and no respect goes out to the idiots who would brand their logo on this shit like it’s some kind of exclusive.

Maybe the money they make off this video should be donated to help these women get out of the gutter.

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Ashley Greene Nipple is a Dominatrix for Interview of the Day

Thank god for art fags. You know the high brow assholes who think too much and analyze too much and act all smart and condescending to people they don’t consider in their class of human, because with all their bullshit comes half naked bitches.

I guess they pitch the photoshoot with some logic that nipple is needed to complement her interview and make shit really have an impact and meaning, but by meaning they actually mean nipple will make the magazine worth lookin’ at, because otherwise they are just a pile of fucking drivel bullshit, but they just don’t tell the model that. They like her thinking it is something far deeper than that cuz it makes her get more and more naked…the whole thing is quite obtuse….or whatever the fuck bullshit word these bullshit people find trendy to use….and now here’s Ashley Greene posing….

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Cassie Speaks About Her Nude Pics of the Day

Cassie was on the radio explaining how you go from being a private whore, you know because all you girls out there have taken nude pics for your boyfriends and there’s really nothing wrong with that, if anything it is fucking hot, until the boyfriend becomes bitter that you cheated on him and decides to release the shit out of spite, or until your “GMAIL” gets hacked by your management company because they know your album is about to drop and people still have no fucking idea who you are.

I like getting in on the aftermath of showing the world your pussy in picture, so watch the interview if it’s like porn to you, like it is for me, since I’m a fucking creepy voyeuristic weirdo who wants to see every girl’s vagina.

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Paula Abdul Weirdness of the Day

Here’s a weird fucking interview with Paula Abdul on the street outside of some Hollywood hotspot, where the paparazzi ask her question like if she eats fish to get pregnant, then they talk about Zac Effron and shit ends with her saying that the 3 original idol judges are the like the Three Mouseketeers, that’s when I was about to stop listening, but Paula brought out a team of dancers to do some dance on the street and the whole thing makes me uncomfortable, but that’s just because I only really connect with tap dancing alone and this choreographed shit is just way too homo and happy for me. Either way, there are no tits in this shit, but there is a drunk or medicated bitch strugglin to get into a Range Rover and that is always fucking sexy. I just can’t quite figure out how this girl gets through life….

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Lil Wayne Gets Interviewed By Katie Couric of the Day

Lil Wayne did a serious interview with Katie Couric and I am posting it partially because I like Lil Wayne, I think he’s a talent, even if he’s a little lame and refers to himself as a gangster, which is something I don’t find all that gangster, because being gangster should be implied and I should have to be constantly reminded of it by a weird lookin’ soft spoken dude with a lot of ghetto tattoos. The other part of me is posting it because Katie Couric is a useless cunt. She’s condescending and it’s like she’s interviewing a fucking homeless dude about living in a bus shelter, she also makes a fool of herself when she says “the ‘tude” or “the weed”. The good news is she turns me, the real tragedy in all this is that I can’t get to see some pussy definition as her tight pants hug her in all the right ways while bowling.

Watch it.

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Aubrey O’Day Has Fake Tits of the Day

Some dude named Donnie Klang who I’ve never heard of is ome Making of the Band motherfucker, or has some kind of involvement in Bad Boy Entertainment or is touring with the whores of Danity Kane or something, but I do know that he got it on with Aubrey O’Day. He didn’t go all the way, but he did get enough of her to know she has fake tits, and goes onto say that her mom has even faker tits, now this may not be a surprise and you may be confused how one set of fake tits is faker than another set of fake tits, I assume it is because they are a lot bigger and rounder but fake is still fake as far as I am concerned….the real mystery in this interview is that Aubrey comes from a rich family in a rich city and still manages to look like a cheap whore.

If you are wondering why I am posting this interview…I have no fucking idea but here are some pics of Aubrey O’Day’s fake tits at various events over the last few months….

Some Fake Tit See Through….

Some Fake Tit Cleavage….

Some Fake Tit Fake Lesbianism for Attention….

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Jodie Sweetin Interview With a Meth Addicted Mother of the Day

People seem to give a shit about Jodie Sweetin because she had a baby and used to be a meth addict. She even got the cover of People because of this publicity stunt. The only reason I am posting this is because I know so many fucking addicts and so many people who are parents and on drugs and just because they weren’t some child star on some shitty ABC show that you used to masturbate to, no one seems to care about them.

It’s like everyone sympathizes with these kids who are thrown into the spotlight and get paid for the shit when they come out of the shit with either drug and alcohol addiction or Jesus addiction because they were on TV and no one gives a shit about the real people out there who struggle with the exact same thing daily but don’t have the star power to land a magazine cover even though they could actually use the exposure in hopes of making more money to get more drugs instead of turning tricks in back alleys to make ends meet.

Jodie Sweetin is pretty much a nobody and I think her little accomplishment in kickin’ her habit that so many 20 year olds have, shouldn’t really be taken so seriously. She did meth, who gives a fuck. She doesn’t do meth now, who gives a fuck. She had unprotected sex with her husband, who gives a fuck. These are all pretty fucking standard things and her story isn’t much of a story and that’s why I hate Jodie Sweetin.

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I am – Lohan is Named the Maxim 10th Anniversary Cover Girl for September Sneak Peak of the Day


So it turns out that the people at Maxim are into the same kind of women as me. You know, barely legal, addicted to drugs, with panties that are filled with money, herpes, men’s cock and a vagina that is always ready to have a good time. She is a pornstar without showing penetration on video, although after watching every single one of her movies I’ve felt totally prison raped, she’s Lohan and when I was away, she was put away. So seeing her grace the pages of a magazine in picture and in interview is a nice welcome home to me.

I have realized that I will never get to hang out with Lohan by the pool drinking cocktails. She will probably either be dead or committed and even if she had maintained her life livin’ the dream, she’d never take the time out for me. I have been trying to stalk her for about 2 years, I thought I found her on facebook, myspace, AIM, Google Talk. I had her phone number and would call her and never get an answer, so I guess I am forced to accept defeat and move on. It is going to be hard, goodbyes are never easy, especially when you’re not leaving by choice. I guess what it comes down to is that Lohan is done to me, but her tits will always have a place on this site when no one else wants to let her in off the street for a shower and a warm meal….

I was just outside and saw two girls thuggin’ it out. They were rehearsing some rap song while shopping for groceries with their mom. They were saying shit about a girl they had bagged who was five foot six and really knew how to suck some dick and I found the whole thing pretty awkward because the younger one’s dance move was simulating giving a blowjob. I blame them for my slow start to the day…and I blame the Disney Channel for giving them such shitty idols. Cuddles.

If You Want to see all the pictures and read the interview because I was too Lazy to Upload Them…

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