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Jodie Sweetin Interview With a Meth Addicted Mother of the Day

People seem to give a shit about Jodie Sweetin because she had a baby and used to be a meth addict. She even got the cover of People because of this publicity stunt. The only reason I am posting this is because I know so many fucking addicts and so many people who are parents and on drugs and just because they weren’t some child star on some shitty ABC show that you used to masturbate to, no one seems to care about them.

It’s like everyone sympathizes with these kids who are thrown into the spotlight and get paid for the shit when they come out of the shit with either drug and alcohol addiction or Jesus addiction because they were on TV and no one gives a shit about the real people out there who struggle with the exact same thing daily but don’t have the star power to land a magazine cover even though they could actually use the exposure in hopes of making more money to get more drugs instead of turning tricks in back alleys to make ends meet.

Jodie Sweetin is pretty much a nobody and I think her little accomplishment in kickin’ her habit that so many 20 year olds have, shouldn’t really be taken so seriously. She did meth, who gives a fuck. She doesn’t do meth now, who gives a fuck. She had unprotected sex with her husband, who gives a fuck. These are all pretty fucking standard things and her story isn’t much of a story and that’s why I hate Jodie Sweetin.

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  • Bored With Life

    She’s aged very well for a former addict. Either she’s had a lot of dental work done or she didn’t use for very long, because her teeth like perfect and her skin seems pretty healthy.

  • Candi Apples

    Jodie Sweetin may not be a meth addict anymore,
    but I still think she dabbles with drugs on occasion.

    Before she got married and had her baby,she was dating
    Laguna Beach crackhead Jason Wahler.

    Actually,they were engaged to be married….

    And Jason Wahler is one big fuck up,who still can’t get clean and sober.