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Tyra Banks Pretends to Get a Bikini Wax of the Day

I remember when I first found out about bikini waxing and found the job fascinating. I’ve always had a thing for knowing how girls maintain their bushes and I think it has something to do with girls never waxing in the mid-90s when I got the bulk of my action, then seeing this revolution happen before my very eyes where every girl and her mother were tending to their pussy hair on the same level as getting their haircut and saw it slowly trickle into the mainstream. That meant a lot to me because it meant these girls were either letting people see their shit and basically admitting they were little sluts who cared about what their pussies looked like.

I remember surfing the internet for years looking for some bikini wax videos because I knew I could never land that job being a drunk pervert who can’t be close to bare pussy for too long without licking or touching it and that doesn’t really get much love at the esthetician’s but for a period of time I’d walk into every store I saw that offered bikini waxes and ask for a gig, I was usually drunk and they usually told me they weren’t hiring.

Recently, my wife had a wedding to go to and we went to the nail place who happens to do bikini waxing. The place was ghetto because we are poor, but this really hot mom came in with her kid and as I waited for my wife she sat waiting for her wax right next to me. Knowing this how girl was about to get sprawled out on a table naked and on all fours for her brazilian was hot to begin with but when the little chinese lady approached her to see how she wanted her wax to look, and the woman started explaining her landing strip to her next to me, I got a boner and listening to her bush get ripped off of her through the cheap little bikini wax booth almost made me horny enough to bang my wife.

What doesn’t get me horny is Tyra Banks excited to talk about bikini waxes while on all fours on her show simulating a bikini wax with a contestant who is a bikini waxer and who spanks Tyra in a way I’d spank a girl I bikini wax if only these places would just give me a job.

BONUS – Tyra Does Some Stupid Cabaret Song and Dance on the Show

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  • milk48

    I remember sending $1.00 off to an address I found in the back of some skin magazine, which wasn’t really a skin magazine, since this was back in 1972 and pretty much no magazines showed skin, or if they did, I didn’t come across them. The ad in the magazine said, SEE “IT” SHAVED, send $1 to … A long time went by, and “it” never showed up, or if it did, my mom confiscated it. She was pretty smart about porno; she told me around the same time that I shouldn’t get into looking at Playboy pictorials because if I did, I’d never be happy with plain-looking chicks, which, 2 divorces later, could be true, I’m not sure. One thing I am aure about is that when I finally *did* see “IT” shaved, “it” was kind of a let-down. Does this mean I’m gay? No. Does it mean I am disappointed with pussy and porn in generally? Unaquivocally, yes.

  • Candi Apples

    Tyra Banks is great on ANTM,but I don’t like her talk show.

    I find it creepy how she can cry at the drop of a hat.

    And I find it even creepier that she has a head shaped
    like an alien.