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Aubrey O’Day Has Fake Tits of the Day

Some dude named Donnie Klang who I’ve never heard of is ome Making of the Band motherfucker, or has some kind of involvement in Bad Boy Entertainment or is touring with the whores of Danity Kane or something, but I do know that he got it on with Aubrey O’Day. He didn’t go all the way, but he did get enough of her to know she has fake tits, and goes onto say that her mom has even faker tits, now this may not be a surprise and you may be confused how one set of fake tits is faker than another set of fake tits, I assume it is because they are a lot bigger and rounder but fake is still fake as far as I am concerned….the real mystery in this interview is that Aubrey comes from a rich family in a rich city and still manages to look like a cheap whore.

If you are wondering why I am posting this interview…I have no fucking idea but here are some pics of Aubrey O’Day’s fake tits at various events over the last few months….

Some Fake Tit See Through….

Some Fake Tit Cleavage….

Some Fake Tit Fake Lesbianism for Attention….

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