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Alexis Arquette is the Hot Tranny of the Day

No, I’m really not into trannies, despite all the propaganda a lot of “straight” guys I know try to force on me, like some kind of telemarketing scam sent from tranny headquarters to divert the reality that they are freaks of fucking nature who freak my the fuck out, and turn them into sexual objects for people who don’t want to admit they’re gay. I’ve heard shit like if a tranny fucks a girl it’s less gay and more straight than watching a man fuck a girl, because there are four sets of tits, even though one of those sets of tits is on a fucking dude. I’ve heard the whole “hormones” determine whether we are male or female and their hormones state they are female, despite their dicks telling me otherwise. The whole thing is just a sign that the world is about to end, sure there have always been weirdos who did this in the privacy of their own homes, but now they are allowed out in public without getting stoned to death or fed to the lions and it’s throwin’ off our society…..but if you’re not like me but like a lot of guys I know, here’s some tranny pussy to get off to…you fucking weirdo….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Alexis Arquette Shows Off Her Tranny Panties of the Day

I never quite understood why tranny porn was as popular amongst straight people as it is. Is the shit like the unknown to them, making it like some kind of fantasy that could never happen like the shit they read about in comic books or maybe it the double set of tits fucking.

I just know that I’ve met many dudes who have openly admitted to being intrigued if not turned on by this shit. I have even met people who get sucked off by tranny’s and claim they do it cuz they are cheaper and sleazier than normal whores. They say they know what guys want since they are guys, and they have sex drives like guys and act slutty like guys want their women to act….but I think what it really comes down to is that people into trannies are just fags afraid to take the plunge into gayness and trannies make for a good buffer zone…..

I think the shit is just disgusting, unnatural, weird and uncomfortable but funny as fuck and since I like to offer something for everyone here, here’s some pics of Alexis Arquette showing off her tranny panty…..Good times…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Alexis Arquette for the Tranny Loves of the Day

I think Alexis Arquette is giving you bedroom eyes and I have a feeling you like it cuz you are bored of standard porn and tired of girls rejecting you all the time leaving you ready for something different, something less picky or judgmental, something inhuman….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Alexis Arquette and “Her” Panty Flash of the Day

I’d like to switch things up here for a minute and throw up these pictures of Alexis “Used to be a Man” Arquette’s panty flash, even though “she” looks like a Jewish accountant at a halloween party, because I know a lot of you are closet cases and this is the only way you can accept your sexuality without fully accepting your sexuality, if you know what I mean. When I worked in the warehouse for a porn distributor, the biggest selling shit was tranny porn, I never got it and watched one once and figured that maybe guys liked seeing chicks with dicks fuck chicks without dicks and it was even more straight than straight porn,, cuz you had 2 sets of fake tits, one vagina and one dick, you know maybe tranny shit was something different after being so desensitized to regular porn, but then I saw the scene where dude was fucking a tranny and let me tell you there’s nothing straight about that, and nothing normal about mentally unstable people changing their fuckin’ gender like some kind of freaks, something that should be illegal and the whole thing creeps me the fuck out, but you probably like it, because someone’s keeping those tranny whores in business….

Pics via GO

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Alexis Arquette To Celebrate My Hemorrhoids of the Day

Hey next craigslist killer…this tranny is for you….only this bitch is too good for you..since she’s from a famous family .but I am posting her anyway to celebrate the hemorrhoid I woke up with today and freaked the fuck out because of. But for some reason I couldn’t help but question what gays do when this kind of medical condition hits them…because I can’t fucking walk…let alone think about sticking things in or out of my ass. It’s hell.

Either way, Alexis Arquette is some tranny with obvious mental issues, like all fucking trannies have because cutting off your fucking dick and living your life as a woman is fucking wierd. So here is some weird gayness goin on in video. It’s not like normal fag shit where they get together, act like teenage girls or get themselves all glammed up and fabulous before fucking each other for days while jacked on Meth/poppers or whatever the trendy gay drugs are these days.

This is some next level uncomfortable gay shit that I figured I’d post because I like feeling uncomfortable when trannies slap fags while talking about God…..and I know you do too….because most straight guys are down with tranny porn…at least that’s what I’ve been told…I just find it weird…

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A Little Alexis Arquette Weirdness of the Day

Here’s everyone’s favorite transgendered person giving props to Lindsay Lohan for her eHarmony Funny or Die shit. The good thing about this tranny is that she’s got some a pretty good sense of humor, I mean I guess you’d have to, and a solid set of legs, but shit’s still not working for me, the way it is probably working for you, but that’s just because you can’t come to terms with your homosexuality. Sure it may be obvious thing to say, but you’re really not fooling anyone, I know you sit in bed at night crying about that boy you work with, trying to make sense of the confusion, kinda like anyone who gets down Alexis Arquette’s panties.

I slept in, spent the night at a stripclub, the morning fighting with useless famous people’s kids on twitter, but I’m here now. Watch the video.

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Alexis Arquette Freaks Me Out of the Day

I know tranny porn is really fucking popular, you know guys who are desensitized from watching too much regular porn, or guys who are too scared to admit they like dick, flock to the shit, that back when I worked for a porn company, the tranny shit was always the top selling shit. I never quite got it because it’s some freak of nature shit that just leaves me feeling weird.

The idea of jacking your hormones, growing your hair out and living you life as a woman when you were born a man is strange, no matter how open minded you are, shit is some serious chemical imbalance and if I still fuck that fake pussy, despite you lookin the part, I still have to deal with the guilt and confusion of knowing that I fucked something that once had a dick.

Either way, who cares what I think, here’s Alexis Arquette talking about Nicole Richie getting drunk and fucked while pregnant, and despite the whole video scaring me, this bitch seems to have a decent sense of humor, but then again, I guess you’d have no choice if that was the life you chose for yourself….

I am tired, because the life I chose for myself is garbage.

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