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Kristen Stewart Panty Flash of the Day

Kristen Stewart has wrapped up her flea market grade white trash trailer park lookin’ pussy in a pair of white panties. A risky color choice for anyone who has experienced a low quality trailer park looking pussy. I am surprised she even bothered with panties…her white trash mom didn’t get knocked up by her brother wearing panties…It’s like inbred code or some shit, but instead she is treating it like it was her half of the twinkie her ghetto parents gave her for her school lunch because they didn’t have enough money to give her a whole twinkie or some shit…except instead of the sweet taste of twinkie my wife’s fat ass has grown to love, her pussy is some rancid shit, at least that’s what I assume based on her face.

When bitch wears shit like this, the panty pics were bound to hit, since I’m not allowed to post the rest of them, because the paparazzi hates me, here is a link to a post I did of her in this tight outfit the other day …..when this panty shot was taken. Enjoy, if trash is your thing.

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Eva Herzigova Panty Flash of the Day

Here is the picture I was looking for yesterday when I was admiring the stalker pictures of Eva Herzigova , wishing the stalker had a little more fucking ambition to get a better upskirt shot considering she was on a balcony when he was doing his peeping, not that everyone is as good at voyeurism as me, but I figured it was fucking logical…and now I figure I have to post it, even if I have nothing interesting to say about it…other than if this can get you off I will be fucking shocked and you are a pretty easy fucking customer…and by easy customer, I mean pathetic cuz these are boring fucking panties…

Pics via Bauer

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Kate Moss Shows Off Some White Panty of the Day

I was surprised when I saw that Kate Moss is wearing a nice, fresh pair of white panties, I was expecting her to be the kind of girl who wears something with a little more flavor, a little more excitement, a little more flash, maybe even a little less panty and a little more hipster, older lady, fashionista bush, but then I looked closer and realized that it is actually a cast, cuz her pussy is broken, thanks to fucking rockstars, having babies, and being an overall fucking dirtbag.

Pics via Bauer

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Kristin Cavallari’s Shitty Panty Flash of the Day

I was sitting in a bar last night and some gutterslut, because that’s the kind of trash that frolick to the bars I hang out in, was bending over the bar and and I could see the top of her panties like it was 4 years ago when jackin’ your thong to your hips in your lowrise jeans was all the fucking rage for trashy latina chicks, and in staring at her underwear barly covering her ass crack, bunched up and lacy, I realized I saw a fuckin’ shit stain. I wish I was joking. What could have been the hottest visual of the night, because lets face it my life sucks, quickly turned into disgusting.

Here is latch-on Laguna Beach “start” and recently The Hills “bottom feeder trying to make a dollar cuz she couldn’t get work anywhere else cuz she was othe only one who actually thought she had talent” showing off her panties that seem to have a shit stain of their own, only that shit stain has a name and that name is Kristin Cavallari.

Admit that was a good one. Actually don’t. I don’t need you.

Pics via Fame

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Alexis Arquette and “Her” Panty Flash of the Day

I’d like to switch things up here for a minute and throw up these pictures of Alexis “Used to be a Man” Arquette’s panty flash, even though “she” looks like a Jewish accountant at a halloween party, because I know a lot of you are closet cases and this is the only way you can accept your sexuality without fully accepting your sexuality, if you know what I mean. When I worked in the warehouse for a porn distributor, the biggest selling shit was tranny porn, I never got it and watched one once and figured that maybe guys liked seeing chicks with dicks fuck chicks without dicks and it was even more straight than straight porn,, cuz you had 2 sets of fake tits, one vagina and one dick, you know maybe tranny shit was something different after being so desensitized to regular porn, but then I saw the scene where dude was fucking a tranny and let me tell you there’s nothing straight about that, and nothing normal about mentally unstable people changing their fuckin’ gender like some kind of freaks, something that should be illegal and the whole thing creeps me the fuck out, but you probably like it, because someone’s keeping those tranny whores in business….

Pics via GO

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Emma Watson Panty Flash of the Day

I feel kinda bad posting these pictures of Emma Watson because I know that some motherfucker who has been on World of Warcraft the last 48 hours, drinking redbull and smoking cigarettes to stay awake because he’s on a fuckin’ roll is gonna click the link somewhere and have a fuckin’ heart attack, because his body is already straining and this Harry Potter shit is just too much for his virgin organs to take. You know seeing her flash her legal panties is like the day you realize that you can finally snap off creeper pictures of the neighbor you’ve been watching grow over the years, from training bra to c-cup, tanning on her porch, instead of jerking off to the memory of it, cuz no one likes Kiddie Porn lawsuits.

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Paris Hilton Flashes Some Panty of the Day

I am the first to admit that I don’t really keep on the pulse of what’s going on in pop culture. I always feel a few steps behind because I am not a 16 year old girl and I never really cared about celebrities. I just kinda fell into this shit and have no real passion for it.

It seems like I’m still fixated on the bitches who came up with me over the last 6 years, I mean not that I’m really up, but I have probably written more than 500 posts on Paris Hilton so it feels like we kind of have a relationship, even if it is one-sided and the whore doesn’t know I exist and I wish I didn’t know she existed, but for some reason all she has to do is flash a little panty, and I go against what I know is right, and post it anyway, because there’s little else going on out there and it is almost second nature and that depresses me more than seeing Paris’ panties, which actually doesn’t depress me at all, since it is the only article of clothing she really needs to be wearing, you know covering her ratty, drippy, scabby cunt is actually a public service….but she may want to try to keep her man-hands out of the picture cuz that’s the kind shit that can turn a generation homo.

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Natalie Portman Flashes Some Ass of the Day

I never understood the appeal about this Natalie Portman slut. It seems like every geeky Jewish kid I ever meet find her to be the fuckin’ poster woman for their people or some shit. I always found her boring and these pictures claim that they are of her “dressed” like a geek for some movie she’s in, flashing her weird panty ass, but this is really how I always see this bitch when she pollutes my computer screen. Sure an awkward bitch is usually an easy lay, you know all crazy in bed from being so reserved in everyday life, until the asthma attack hits, but there’s really nothing hot in these pictures, but I have to post the pictures so I’m going to.

This one’s for Sean Penn…

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Amy Winehouse Flashes Her Panties of the Day

I am kinda surprised to see Amy Winehouse wearing panties, I figured that her rotting vagina just kinda closed up on her and dried out meaning there wouldn’t really be a point. Maybe I just think like that because she’s pretty fucking busted looking and I like to pretend she doesn’t have female genitals because it helps keep me straight, but that’d be a lie, since I’d pay to fuck this bitch and bitches that look a hell of a lot worse than her, but I wouldn’t pay much.

That said, if you’re wondering why she went with black pair and not the white pair, it’s because before she put these on, they were white….bad joke, sure, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am really curious what shoving my face in her crotch would smell like, and what would happen if someone was to insert garden hose, PVC pipe, licorice or any tube into her, and I got the opportunity to take a hit of that pussy pipe.

I guess I’ll never know….

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Monica Cruz Panty Upskirt of the Day

I just realized I am late for something – so I decided to throw up some pictures to tide you over….who cares what I have to say anyway…but I will say that Monica Cruz is the kind of girl who’s panties I want to eat….I will be back in a minute, I just told this bitch I’d meet her for lunch, and now she’s standing in the rain somewhere and I’m hungry for free lunch…..

Update: Monica Cruz is the hotter Cruz sister, I mean Tom is just totally out of control and doesn’t shut up about all that scientology shit, while Penelope’s got a nose that can sniff out drugs in luggage at the airport, the kind that hangs over her top lip and makes you think you’re dealing with a fucking muppet on Sesame Street, not to mention put your penis size to shame when it beats you out in a dick size contest or when she tries to suck you off, but can’t get passed the tip because her fuckin’ nose is slammin’ your pelvis…..

That’s all I have to say about that….

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Jennifer Aniston is Seriously Desperate for Male Attention of the Day

These pictures of Jennifer Aniston flashing her underwear reminds me of an Animal Planet special I saw about the mating rituals of the Baboon. The femal baboons would circle around the King Baboon, bend over and show him their swollen red vaginas that were dying to get fucked and impregnated. So this King Baboon is in this mess of swollen drippy Baboon pussy and he only chooses one and the others that he rejects I call the Jennifer Anistons.

So no matter how hard she tries to lasso the idea guy in, he just goes for the other available pussy, leaving her alone to fend for herself in a babyless world feeling like she has no purpose.

The truth is that they’d never bother making a special on Jennifer Aniston’s mating rituals even though it is a story of dreams, passion and desire, it always ends in rejection and our lives are miserable enough that we don’t need to watch Jennifer Aniston’s story that never has a happy ending, and here she is throwing her vagina out there, hoping that it will get caught, maybe next time she should take a little initiative and show us just how swollen, drippy and alone it actually is by taking off those fuckin’ panties. Enjoy.

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Jelena Jankovic Plays Some Pornographic Tennis of the Day

Tennis is the most pornographic sport with these Eastern European girls in little skirts and panties grunting like they are fucking and I like to watch it because I am a pervert. Here’s some bitch named Jalena Jankovic taking it to the next level by throwing in some splits and using her ass to get some more coverage because she knows that her male fans will appreciate it. I never really understood why dudes freak out when strippers throw in the splits in the middle of a routine, I am guessing it’s got something to do with visualizing that flexibility in the bedroom, but I just find it obvious. I’d be a lot happier if a stripper pushed the limits a bit and fisted herself on stage while taking a shit instead, but then again, I am a tough crowd. I blame the internet for desensitizing me.

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Pam Anderson’s Panty Upskirt of the Day

These pictures of Pamela Anderson’s Panties remind me of a time I went to the mall with my friend and his pregnant girlfriend. The girl ended up having a miscarriage in the public bathroom because I am guessing she wasn’t too happy seeing all the clothes at Old Navy that she wanted and knew she wouldn’t be able to fit in a couple months down the line and her body decided to do something about it, like reject the baby cuz nothing was going to stop her from sliding into those size 30 jeans. Kinda like when I take a big shit before I go out in hopes of being able to put on my dress pants, because people respect me more in those than they do in my sweats.

Either way, my frend, the baby daddy had been trying to convince her to get an abortion the entire pregnancy, and finally told her that he’d be supportive of her decision and would always be there for her and the baby and would not be a deadbeat like he was with his other kids, was playing all considerate and hugging her and holding her in his arms before he ran to the nearest store to by her replacement pants for the ones she just ruined. But dude wasn’t a good actor and his excitement and happiness gleamed from his eyes, and his bullshit act couldn’t fool me, but then again he was giving me high fives and begging me to go to the bar to celebrate as soon as he got his girl home.

Pam Anderson’s panty upskirt reminds me of that day, but that’s just because I assume she’s a slut who’s uterus has seen it’s fair share of fetus, whether aborted or miscarried and here are a pair of her underwear that keep all her used up lady parts in place as to not make a mess on the floor below her.

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Nicole Scherzinger’s Panty Upskirt of the Day

You know that whole theory that a girl is sexier in lingerie than naked. I never fell for that scam that I am convinced was issued by the lingerie companies to increase panty sales. I am not into leaving things to my imagination because as a drunk, I am too lazy to imagine things and kinda like my pussy straight up instead of having to visualize the many variations of what it looks like under a barrier of fabric. That’s why I always encouraged girls I was with to not wear underwear, Nicole Scherzinger wasn’t one of those girls and here she is flashing her panties, her really thick fabric panties that pretty much leave everything to the imagination because I can’t even make out what her junk looks like or whether it’s female or male junk, since everyone calls her a tranny because she’s fit and and that depresses as much as the days I used to jerk off to figure skating panty flashes because I live in Canada and it was the only thing on TV.

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Natasha Richardson’s Panty Flash of the Day

Her name is Natasha Richardson, she’s 45 and from the UK and apparantly has some kind of flim or television career here, but I don’t have any idea who she is. What I do know is that she got invited to this Gala Event at the Met the other day along with every other unimportant person, including the cast of Gossip Girl and she decided to flash us her underwear to stand out from the crowd and put her name on the map. I like to think of this as a step in the right direction, not because I find her hot but because I like naked chicks, so let’s hope next time around we don’t have to see her piss colored underwear and we can see her 45 year old pussy. That’s all I have to say about that.

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