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Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell Boring Lesbians of the Day

I am not one of those dudes who gets off to Lesbians, or lesbian porn, I actually dislike lesbians and find them unfulfilling, anti-climatic, because I need the cum shot to know it’s over…

Maybe it’s because lebsians hate me for not taking them seriously, or believing that lesbians actually exist…or because I have a penis…

I just can get into it, so even when girls fist each other and squirt pee everywhere, I’m like “boring”…..probably because I know how lesbians work, besides doing cross fit, they are two women and that’s just too much crazy for me….

Or back in the college years when everyone wasn’t a fucking genderless lesbian weirdo with open sexuality….and girls would make out with each other when drunk…I’d think “this is so dumb”….unless my dick’s in their mouth while they do that…this does nothing for me….

So I am not really the lesbian fan you should be talking to if you’re looking for someone excited about celeb lesbians…even when one of those lesbians is a Victoria’s Secret model.

I find it boring, I find Kirsten Stewart boring, and even though this would be a fun story in the 90s, before lesbians were real….it’s not a fun story now..

Sure I’d watch their sex tape, but even that would be boring….

A model with a very famous broken actress she’s manipulated with her mouth…

It just seems so contrived to me…but here’s some lesbians in shorts no construction boots or birkenstocks for you fucking weirdos who like this ….


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Kristen Stewart Boring Hard Nipples of the Day

Kristen Stewart Hard Nipples White Shirt

Even when she’s Dyked Out…she’s boring.

It’s like there is nothing this girl can do. There is not enough scissors in the sweatshop that can make anything about her seem intriguing or exciting….

I just can’t fuck with Kirsten Stewart, or her identity crisis or her coming of age story, where she really discovers herself…

I just find it dull on all fronts, like her acting, she’s garbage….very expensive garbage…but garbage none the less…

I also don’t really believer her lesbianism, sure she’s fucking women, but who isn’t in this generation really…I just think it’s too text book and Disney contrived to be what she feels in her soul…because she probably doesn’t even know what she feels in her soul…because actors as a general rule…have no identity and get lost in their performances, not because they are some higher brow talent, but because they are bullshit..


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Kristen Stewart’s See Through Skirt Of the Day

Kristen Stewart No Panties in a See Through Skirt in Cannes

Kristen Stewart may come across as a try hard lesbian…you know method acting her way through lesbianism with her lesbian lover…some Victoria’s Secret model…who for anyone who knows anything about lesbians, it’s that they don’t go for the objectified, classic “beauty”, who plays this part defined by misogynistic and patriarchal ideals, who present themselves to the world like some sort of fetish for dudes, because we all know Victoria’s Secret models are just that, they are what the execs at the massive mall brand want to define as beauty standards, tall and skinny and half naked and hot, while the rest of the world is becoming inclusive and fat….

Meaning…I don’t buy into Stella Maxwell and her opportunistic and disgusting approach to money, success, fame and feeding her insecure ego…trying to prove she’s hot or jerk off material to dudes…and I don’t buy into Kristen Stewart being a lesbian while fucking a VS model, because any chick would eat that pussy….she can get all the lesbian haircuts she wants, but I’ll only believe it when she’s dating some fat, construction boot wearing bull dyke….until then…it’s just disney level bullshit…

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Kristen Stewart See Through of the Day

Kristen Stewart Nipples in See Through Black Dress

I don’t know if you can actually see Kristen Stewart’s nipple. Apparently you can almost see it in one picture. Which is enough reason for me to post it, knowing that I am terrible at spotting these types of things, and knowing who these people are, and really keeping track of all this nonsense…not because I have better things to do…I really have nothing to do…but because I do not give a fuck about any of this and I can’t trick myself into giving a fuck about any of this…and I can’t pretend to give a fuck about any of this…

But I can look at the identity crisis in her lesbian haircut state…we believe you lost soul…we believe your lie…and I can look at her dressed like a Hollywood girl, who her mooch lover VS model probably helped style for her…tits out people…TITS OUT…and yet she’s still totally as uninteresting as she was in the TWILIGHt movies…but she’s here, she’s now, she’s gender fluid and pansexual…which sounds like indecisive and rich enough to waste her time figuring it all out…tits out..


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Kristen Stewart’s Lesbian Tits with Lily Rose Depp of the Day

Kristen Stewart LEsbian TIts in a Low Cut Blazer 04

Kristen Stewart is some pervert lesbian weirdo who is playing the lesbian role as hard as she can, despite being some identity crisis who clearly doesn’t even know herself, she’s an “actor” and has no soul….

But seeing her being an old cougar, pounces on a young Lily Rose Depp, in some Bill Cosby or Weinstein situation, while her model wife is out there fucking whoever she can to leverage her bullshit career to the next level…

Is pretty funny….but not really…but I’ll post it anyway…cuz you’re perverts who will jack off to anything.


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Stella Maxwell and Kristen Stewart Lesbian Ass Shots of the Day

Kristen Stewart's Girlfriend Stella Maxwell Ass in short shorts

Stella Maxwell and Kristen Stewart in some shorts…because I guess lesbians can wear shorts…they aren’t banned from shorts…even though you’d expect their shorts to be more basketball shorts that go past their fat lesbian legs….assuming lesbians actually exist and are not just a myth created by the patriarchy and porno movies to give men something to jerk off to when bored of watching big porn dick…you know the fantasy of two high school besties at a sleep over discovering each other…something that likely happens all the time, and that is happening now with Kristen Stewart thanks to the aggressiveness of Stella Maxwell…reminding us how cliche of an identity crisis Stewart is as she character acts or method acts her way into lesbianism…being as stereotypically dyke as she can be…except for her lack of flannel…and dolphin shaped dildos because penis shapes are gross to them…it’s part of their muyth…

Kristen Stewart Ass in short shorts


Heres more Stella NAKED on INSTAGRAM from a shoot with some magazine called ISSUE magazine cuz they are clever…

Stella Maxwell Tits Nipples out in a Sheer Shirt for Instagram

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Stella Maxwell and Kristen Stewart Still Scissoring of the Day

Stella Maxwell and Kristen Sewart LEsiban with Their Chihuahua

The Scissor Sisters – Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell – are still scissoring – in the event you were wondering – and based on their walk I wonder if any fists are involved in their dyking out, because when there’s no dick in the room, these girls get creative with the objects they can fill their cunt’s up with….

I like to think Stella Maxwell the scammer – knows how to scam her way to relevant – and she does it on the back of women through what I assume is a masterful tongue…that can make these girls she traps squirt everywhere…

And the girls she traps who squirt everywhere, are broken down celebrities, who increase her profile, but are such identity crisis’, easy to manipulate into feeling loved and not taken advantage of…

You can tell by how serious Kristen Stewart takes her dyke persona…she’s like a cartoon caricature of a dyke…which is how you know she’s not authetic…it’s acting that Maxwell clearly doesn’t care about because it get her in the paparazzi…something she’s done before to become the Victoria’s Secret model she doesn’t necessarily deserve to be on hotness alone..

Celebrity / Model / Homosexuality isn’t exciting to me…but maybe it is to you…and I’m here to deliver..and not just because this site is so broke ass I take on a night job as a pizza delivery man….but in my posts also….

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