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Kristen Stewart Panty Flash of the Day

Kristen Stewart has wrapped up her flea market grade white trash trailer park lookin’ pussy in a pair of white panties. A risky color choice for anyone who has experienced a low quality trailer park looking pussy. I am surprised she even bothered with panties…her white trash mom didn’t get knocked up by her brother wearing panties…It’s like inbred code or some shit, but instead she is treating it like it was her half of the twinkie her ghetto parents gave her for her school lunch because they didn’t have enough money to give her a whole twinkie or some shit…except instead of the sweet taste of twinkie my wife’s fat ass has grown to love, her pussy is some rancid shit, at least that’s what I assume based on her face.

When bitch wears shit like this, the panty pics were bound to hit, since I’m not allowed to post the rest of them, because the paparazzi hates me, here is a link to a post I did of her in this tight outfit the other day …..when this panty shot was taken. Enjoy, if trash is your thing.

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  • shes sexy ass hell

  • my bad as*