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Weird Viral Hump Video of the Day

After watching the exclusive Kendra Exposed clip at least 10 times to see if I could trick myself into thinking she was hot, I figured I’d lighten up the mood with this weird fucking video of some dude humping his bed while his mom packs for a trip abroad…If only I knew such simplicity would lead to such internet fame, I would have made career humping random things like I used to do in High School cuz I thought it was funny…but I was just a poor immigrant who lived with conservative Christian white people and I didn’t know better, you motherfuckers have no excuse….

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  • Carlos Spicy Wiener

    actually that is pretty damn funny.

  • FawkHead

    If you watched that clip 10 times you saw a lot of cock you mexicali fag.

  • Merc

    That was purely disgusting.