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Ronaldo Doing Some Fag Shit of the Day

I used to know this group of soccer fans who would drink in the same bar as me. They were hung-up on Ronaldo, I would constantly tell them that he was into some gay shit and that having this really uncomfortable crush on the motherfucker, was kinda homo. They’d always just pull the Euro card, saying that in Europe everything seems homo and that he’s actually a pimp.

Sure, I know Europe is pretty faggy, from the micro bikini bathing suits to the kissing men when you run into them, to the whole sticking penis in your ass at a Eastern European brothel, and I know he’s bagged a fair share of hot girls, or at least has his fair share of Euro pussy being thrown at him, but that doesn’t mean he likes it and seeing these homo pics of him getting rubbed down and showing no interest to the bitch in the bikini, leads me to think, ‘Mo.

I just wanted to post these pictures of Ronaldo for those guys I knew to prove my point and for them to jerk off to, because jerking off to men you have crushes on and wish you were is just what you do in Europe, it’s not gay at all. Faggots.

Truth is maybe this isn’t gay at all and I just think it is cuz I am actually gay, oh fuck, what can of worms did I just open…

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