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Pregnant Gold Digger See Thru Dress of the Day

Flavio Briatore is some billionaire and Elisabetta Gregoraci is his trophy wife who he’s kncoked up which I assume was her idea because old rich dudes dating hot young pussy always ends in pregnancy, that’s all part of the gold digger strategy, it gives them security while giving them the baby their uterus is telling them to have….making his grown up kids jealous and angry because they see their inheritance disappearing day closer they get to the delivery date, because they’ve been anxiously awaiting his death with every pound he’s gained, every shade of grey his skin has turned the last decade, before this cunt and her loose hips ruined their plans….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Elisabetta Gregoraci and Flavio Briatore on Vaction of the Day

I am tired of not giving bitches the benefit of the doubt. You see instinctively when I saw these pictures of Elisabetta Gergoraci and her much older, fatter, less attractive than her husband, I wanted to laugh about how her pussy won the lottery for her and how his hard work and money won the lottery for him. I like laughing at bitches who are so obviously involved with a motherfucker out of laziness and because it serves their needs and lifestyle they think they deserve because their dad’s called them princess as they were growing up or some shit, but then I thought that everyone gets with someone out of personal gain, and stability and security really isn’t something we should call a girl a whore about, sure she’s hotter than him and he’s got more money than she could ever dream of, and if you ask me that’s a match made in fuckin’ heaven cuz they both know where each other stand. So let this inspire you to get off your ass and start your hustle, because hot pussy comes to those with big bank accounts…True story….and really who gives a fuck about Flavio Briatore, it’s not like he’s even fucking relevant in our lives in any fucking way….but I’ll post it anyway….cuz that’s how lazy I am.

Bonus – Here’s an EXCLUSIVE picture the paparazzi caught of Tiger Woods makin’ a move on this girl cuz he’s got a thing for wallet fuckers….

Pics via INF

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Elisabetta Gregoraci in a Bikini With Her Billion Dollar Tits of the Day

When you are an old fat billionaire you not only get to fuck young tight bodied wonderbra models, but you get to marry them and cheat on them with even younger tighter models, while the original young tight wonderbra model won’t do shit about it, because she’s hooked on the lifestyle and you were smart enough to sign a prenup leaving her nothing, not that you’d want to fuck other pussy with this laying in your bed everynight, and by not wanting to fuck other pussy I mean, all pussy gets boring, even if it is attached to the hottest body, because guess what bitches, no matter who they are, get fuckin’ annoying, and new bitches keep shit fresh, especially when you have the old ball and chain at home waiting for you as a back-up in the event the new one isn’t as good as she is proving yet again that being a billionaire makes for a good fuckin’ life.

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Flavio Briatore and the Nice Things Money Can Buy of the Day

I’m sure you’ve heard that money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy everything else, well I’ll go as far to say that that everything else may be the key to happiness and that expression is just what poor losers tell themselves so that they don’t jump off the fuckin’ 10th floor window of their one room shitty apartment, because I can guarantee this Flavio Briatore motherfucker from the Grand Prix car races would not be married to a hot young pussy, if he was working for minimum wage at the local pharmacy and I am sure every day he sticks his dick in her smiles and pats himself on the back before cumming on her back, because life’s pretty fuckin’ good for him and all it takes is a couple hundred million dollars, sounds easy enough….

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Flavio Briatore’s Wife in a Bikini of the Day

The great thing about Flavio Briatore is not his hot tits, but it is that he proves to the world that no matter how fat you are, or how old you get you can always pull it hot tail if you’ve got a good personality, because girls don’t go for dudes because of the way they look, they go for dudes who make them feel good about themselves. I am sure the fact that dude’s a billionaire has nothing to do with it, because that would imply that his wife, model Elisabetta Gregoraci, his baby momma Heidi Klum and his Nubian Princess Ex Girlfriend – Naomi Campbell were all prostitutes and the truth is he probably just has a huge dick and they all probably have some kind of daddy issues that stem from being thrown into the modeling world at the age of 14 and who the fuck really cares, because he’s got more money and hotter pussy than all of us and he looks like some kind of Santa Claus motherfucker who shaved his beard for the summer and if anything should be some kind of motivation for you to get out there and buy some fucking lottery tickets, because we all know that’s the only hope you have of making it big.

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