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Pregnant Gold Digger See Thru Dress of the Day

Flavio Briatore is some billionaire and Elisabetta Gregoraci is his trophy wife who he’s kncoked up which I assume was her idea because old rich dudes dating hot young pussy always ends in pregnancy, that’s all part of the gold digger strategy, it gives them security while giving them the baby their uterus is telling them to have….making his grown up kids jealous and angry because they see their inheritance disappearing day closer they get to the delivery date, because they’ve been anxiously awaiting his death with every pound he’s gained, every shade of grey his skin has turned the last decade, before this cunt and her loose hips ruined their plans….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Harvey Weinstein and His Wife Georgina Prove Money Buys Pussy of the Day

Wanna know what multi-millionaire movie producers get? Hotter pussy than they deserve, proving that girls like money more than they like juiced abs you’d find on the Jersey Shore……here are the pics…to remind you if you’re a fat useless fuck – figure out a way to make millions – it’s easier than hitting the gym and the rewards are much greater….

Pics via Fame

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Jimmy Choo President Shows Us How To Make It of the Day

In the Tamara Mellon School of Entrepreneurship, the president and founder of Jimmy Choo, the really successful shoe company, shows us lesson one, let old fat men man-handle you because they are rich and can invest in your ideas, or introduce you to people who can help you reach the fucking top or because you married them to accomplish your dreams because there is no way that this bitch would let anyone touch her unless they were rich enough to make a difference in her enterprising life. Some call it gold digging, I just call it usin’ what you got and making the most of it, because if I had a vagina and not a penis shaped like a vagina, I totally would have fucked my way to the fucking top….

On a sidenote, at what level of male obesity does a motherfucker’s tits become too big to be considered decent, because this dude’s a fuckin’ C-cup and it’d be nice if girls with C-cups were allowed the same fuckin’ freedom as him, and it be equally amazing if motherfucker was forced to wear a bikini top…

Pics via Fame

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Rupert Murdoch and His Gold Digger of the Day

Nothing says “Let’s Make Boom Boom” like a pocket full of Vietnamese Dong (the currency not the penis). I mean I know guys who have recruited these South East Asians to do some of the craziest sexual stunts all for promises of the good life that will get them off their family junk (the boat not their genitals).

I know guys who have spent months upon months traveling Thailand and Vietnam, some would opt for the serious Girlfriend Experience that doesn’t work on an hourly rate like it does here, but most would try to exploit them to do the dirtiest things imaginable, sometimes to underage boys and girls all for under 10 US dollars.

So these dudes would get caught up in the whole thing, because they were living like fucking kings with a harem, and they never get this kind of female attention back home and forgot they were dealing with actual sex workers, and confused it for love, until they would wake up one day and their “girlfriends” had cleared out the place, stealing all their money and plane ticket home after garnering their trust, by pretending they weren’t fuckin’ whores who were out for themselves and that they were in fact there for the long haul. You have to be a fucking idiot to not be able to recognize a whore for a whore especially in the third fucking world where these girls have been doin’ this since they were 7.

Now, add about 8 billion dollars to your pocket full of dong and you’re troll ass can land some serious Asian prostitutes I doubt Rupert Murdoch cares because he’s old and he’s probably having some of the most experimental sex that makes him feel like the star his bank account makes him think he is, like piss and shit play, anal insertion, being strapped to a harness in the basement for days at a time only to be let out for a spanking, but who knows, all I know is the more powerful the John is in his everyday life, the weirder his fetishes and demands behind closed doors become…

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I am – Russell Simmons’ Babysitter in a Bikini of the Day


So there’s some confusion about who this bitch is. She’s been in South Beach with Russel Simmons’ and his kids the last couple days and some people are saying her name is Porschla Coleman, others say it’s Denise Vasi, but reality is it doesn’t matter, because girls in bikinis have no names they are just half naked bodies and because she’s just the fucking babysitter.

It’s nice to see that the older and richer you get, the younger and hotter the pussy magically becomes, and by magic I mean hot chicks are gold digging whores who don’t mind dating old cock if shit buys them designer clothes or allows them to sit on the beach all day ordering cocktails, like her life is a fucking vacation, just because she fucks. So if you’re a girl and you fuck and you’re reading this from your office where you get paid 35k a year, you’re doing something seriously wrong.

If you’re wondering what Russell Simmons did right to become rich, it’s simple, his lisp. That shit caused him heartache and shame growing up by constantly being teased for speaking like a 4 year old when he was 16, making him realize he had to do something big with his life to get the people to stop laughng at him. What he didn’t realize is that he may have the last laugh because of his bank account, but people are still getting constant entertainment from his adult lisp because shit’s funny. None of that really matters though cuz he’s using that tongue on this piece of ass, while your using your tongue to lick the cum off your hand after you jerk off, and yes, that makes you gay.

Bonus – Russell Simmons’ Lisp in Video

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