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Harvey Weinstein and His Wife Georgina Prove Money Buys Pussy of the Day

Wanna know what multi-millionaire movie producers get? Hotter pussy than they deserve, proving that girls like money more than they like juiced abs you’d find on the Jersey Shore……here are the pics…to remind you if you’re a fat useless fuck – figure out a way to make millions – it’s easier than hitting the gym and the rewards are much greater….

Pics via Fame

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The Reason You Should Be a Successful Film Producer of the Day

If you ever had doubts about you capabilities of getting a woman. You know because you have a small dick, or because to date no girls have really given you much attention, you need to brush your loser shoulders off and figure out a way to make money. I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know, but pussy likes cash, they claim it is instinctive because of some survival about bringing a baby into the world, but I think it’s got more to do with hot bitches being lazy and used to getting everything they want and unfortunately the things they want cost money, because they feel like they are celebrities or at least deserve a celebrity lifestyle, so that’s why this big studio exec, and I mean big in his jean size, who’s made his fortune off making a ton of huge movies, has a bitch who is substantially better lookin than his fat, bald, jewish ass, I mean sure she may be with him for his great sense of humor, but I’m going with that she isn’t.

So get off the computer and figure out your hustle, while I stay on the computer, cuz I don’t need a fuckin’ hustle, I’m comfortable in my serious unhappiness and very lazy, unless it comes down to showing the kid in the wheelchair how good my quick my tap dancing feet are to make me feel better about myself…..

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