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See Through Skirt for the Paparazzi of the Day

The paparazzi mistakenly took pictures of some ethnic Celine Dion impersonator…..but luckily there was some random fat ass in a see through skirt showing off her big underwear like she was Kim Kardashian to make this shit relevant. Next time try to get some actually celebrity vagina slips like this was 5 years ago and I was the only one posting this shit back when I was relevant…..Good work paparazzi for making me sad….not that I am actually sad – cuz I was well aware of the fact that I suck at life.

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Kim Kardashian in a Shitty See Through of the Day

I don’t give a fuck about Kim Kardashian, she’s fat, sloppy and looks a lot like a dude, but luckily she has a fat ass that people go nuts over, even if the shit is strapped up to look the way it does, as I know many fat assed women and without the Spanx, shit looks like a horror movie, but whatever I’ll let you like the low grade pussy you like because really it makes no difference in my life whether you are a closet case or not….I just know that I definitely don’t give a fuck about Kim Kardashian in a see thru shirt, because thanks to the internet, I can see her getting fucked by a negro who pissed on her, not that I am really into that kind of thing, in fact I hate it cuz it is the reason she is famous now…but it’s better than her in a shitty see through shirt…

To See More Pictures – Follow This Link

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Miley Cyrus in a See Through Dress of the Day

I don’t know what is going on in this picture of Miley Cyrus or where it is fun but apparently she’s prepping for some photoshoot, and I don’t really care, because I’m impressed with her hustle…

Seriously, I like whatever it is that she is doing with her career, no matter how obvious or text book it is, cuz really a half naked Miley Cyrus at 17, is better than one taking the traditional country route for the Christians, cuz not only is Christianity an outdated theology, but it’s also boring as fuck….

I’ve never even liked Miley. I used to find her ugly, boring and I’d tease her sexual relationship with Disney Execs that made her millions, supporting her young whore attitude, without actually knowing whether she was actually a whore or if that was just fantasy cuz she was so prude and boring….but now, I know and I guess you always did, cuz you’re a fucking dirtbag who has been deprived of teen pussy cuz the USA doesn’t like that shit, while Canada and the UK does…maybe you should move.

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Anna Paquin’s Shitty Bisexual Nipple in the Ocean of the Day

I hate bitches who swim in their shorts and t-shirts…I see it at the beach, the public pool, the waterpark, pretty much everywhere and I drives me fucking crazy no matter how ugly or gross or scared of the sun the body of the bitch is….

I understand it’s some insecurity shit that bitches with horrible bodies think make them look better than wearing an actual bikini, but the ill fitting wetness of swimming in your clothes like a fucking Muslim woman who isn’t allowed to show skin, makes she worse….Not to mention it isn’t feminine and I guess I should expect that from a closet Lesbian/openly bisexual cuz that’s step one to accepting your a fucking lesbian…who is built like a dude…and now swimming like a dude who doesn’t want to get a sunburn…

I have went swimming with an uptight, sloppy bodied, lesbian once years ago….she didn’t want to wear a bathing suit, because it went against her lesbian grain….and she jumped in with shorts and a t-shirt that ended up turning see through…like Anna Paquin’s top…showing the whole group her nipples and bush…only to run off crying when I pointed out that her strategy to cover up by not wearing a bathing suit like a normal person was a backfire for her but win for all of us….

Either way, here’s her nipple, cuz ugly tit and horrible body or not, nipple is nipple…

Pics via Bauer

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Kristen Davis Shitty See Through of the Day

Most of us have seen bitch naked when her ex boyfriend leaked nude pictures of her from when she was younger and more eager, before the whole Sex and the City bullshit changed her life and defined her as someone who made it.

Some of us got sued for posting the pictures, because the bith has a team of people who wanted to make those early eager years of her life disappear as fast as they could….I was one of those people who almost got sued, but figured I’d take them down, because seriously, they weren’t that great…if anything they were disgusting, because her pussy lips were big and black like some kind of rotting corpse pussy that got abused it’s way to the top.

I don’t know who she’s kidding by wearing a bar to cover up her sloppy little tits, but I do know that I’m happy it’s not see through pants, because seriously, her vagina, even at a young age, was the kind that makes you question if you’re straight or not, because you have no interest in sticking anything in that mess….

I hate Sex and the City and everyone who buys into the bullshit they stand for. I hate all the Sex and the City career women who follow the fucking lead of this shit show….mainly becuase Sex and the City was written by a gay guy and I prefer women in traditional gender roles and not so much living the gam man lifestyle…

Either way, here she is in a bra…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Janet Jackson in a Shitty See Through Dress of the Day

Pug-faced Janet Jackson tried to distract you from her plastic face by wearing this see through outfit to show off her shelf tits in a very industrial sized bra and the whole thing is a mess that I am only posting to show girls how you can do a see through outfit wrong…and if you’re going to do it…to it topless…even if your breasts are botched from plastic surgery and have no nipples…cuz really that’s the only way to compete and be interesting/relevant….

Pics via Bauer

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Maria Menounos See Through on Twitter of the Day

I am starting to hate Twitter . I don’t care what other people have to say, so I don’t read the bullshit people I follow write and I don’t have enough followers for me to bother trying to be clever, because from past experience trying to be clever never works for me, and feeling pressure to remember insignificant thoughts I have to put online for a gang of losers who are into reading useless shit that other people write about their insignificant lives, and the whole thing is a waste of fucking time. I am convinced it will die out eventually and something else will take over like the fad it is….and the only thing that it makes sense for is tapping directly into celebs, rockstars and people you otherwise have no access to, like some giant fan club, and I figure I’ve got better shit to do with my time….

The only good thing about the shit is that bitches who are barely celebrities, are forced to admit that they aren’t as popular as other bitches, so that makes them step-up their game by posting “sexy” pics with their cellphones and sharing them with the virgin losers who watch their every move, like this Maria Menounos and her bra in a see-through cuz everyone knows that tits get hits….at least I know that tits get hits…cuz tits are the only reason I have a website….

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