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Howard Stern’s Wife’s Naughty Pic of the Day

This was sent in by my good friend I’ve never spoke to or hung out with or even met named Chris.

He sent in this picture Beth Stern sent to Howard Stern a few weeks ago, only to be put on his website, cuz that’s what you do when you have hot pussy for a wife and you look like Howard Stern, in a kind of revenge to all the people who teased him, kinda way, especially when your wife is a fame whore who likes being seen sexually by the public to compete with all the other bitches he gets on his show for his attention, you know to keep the interest alive….cuz he gives her the seriously good life…

Something I’ve been unable to do with this site, cuz traffic is dying more and more each day. Advertisers are non-existant. The end is near…But I’ll sink with the ship….

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Tila Tequila in a See Through Dress on Stern of the Day

I am surprised Howard Stern bothered bringing Tila Tequila on his show, I guess his producers figured that bitch is so fucking struggling to get noticed that she’d make a good person for Howard Stern to fucking tear apart….I just thought it was over for her and everyone would give up her….that even if she was masturbating on the street corner people wouldn’t notice….She’s a whole bunch of fucking bullshit and she wore a see through dress and I figured I might as well post the shit since my life is even more pathetic than hers and posting this shit like I care is the proof….

Here is the First Part of the Howard Stern Interview….where she talks about finger banging 11 year olds….having orgasms at 5 years old…and other lies for attention….

Here is the Second Part of the Howard Stern Interview…..where she demonstrates sex on a sex doll…..and talks about how she licks girl ass but not guy ass….and how her name is Tequila because she pretended she was Hispanic in prison or some shit…

Here is the third part of this bullshit….where she talks about being an internet whore, camwhore and pretty much just a whore…..who got kicked off of Friendster…like me….we have so much in common…

It is 8 parts…you can follow this link and listen cuz I don’t fucking care….

Pics via Bauer

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Howard Stern vs Precious of the Day

I just heard this Howard Stern vs Precious rant and found it pretty accurate. She looks like a cartoon character and when Oprah said she is going to be around for a long lasting career, I laughed because I knew she was going to die in the next 5 years if she doesn’t get her shit together. It really just proves that anyone can be an actor and sure she played a fat, black, retarded chick but how many more fat, black, retarded chicks are there out there…The pretty much had to nominate her for an Academy Award out of sympathy for her like some make a wish foundation shit…and if she won it would have been the biggest joke on Hollywood, whether she deserved it or not, there’s just no one they could embrace giving someone with no skill at acting the best acting award against all these bitches who have been doing this for decades and think it’s a legitimate art form…and now hollywood has just inflated another ego, only to take it away, for them to turn to drugs and alcohol to self-medicate before Corey Haiming themselves….RIP Precious….

Anyway, there’s nothing hot about Precious, her heart disease or body like my wife, who has spent half a century with an eating disorder and emotional distress getting to her size, but there is something hot about Oprah on a Lesbian Date with Gale….so here are some pictures of Oprah showing off her big fat ass I want to cum inside….but not because I find Oprah hot, but because Oprah is fucking God….

Pics via Bauer

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Alanis Morisette Does the Howard Stern Show of the Day

Alanis Morisette is not hot and the thought of doing anything sexual to her big scary woman in song vagina does nothing for me and it’s got nothing to do with my inadequate performing penis and everything to do with her being a fucking a dog and not a Golden Retriever kind of dog that is loyal to you and brings your a sense of responsibility and happiness in your life so that you don’t kill yourself because you feel like you aren’t alone, which you are, but a dog of a woman you wouldn’t let lick peanut butter off your dick no matter how much you drank that night.

Her horse head, obnoxious singing and her artistic integrity bullshit is boring and someone told me she talks about sex, drugs, dyking out and her ex fiance who is engaged and fucking carlet Johansson on Howard Stern, my computer is running like shit so I am putting it up while I sort this shit out.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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Jenna Riding the Sybian on Howard Stern

There’s nothing too shocking about Jenna riding a sybian, most of us have seen her riding a whole lot of other things. She has become the trophy spokesperson for porn. She made people think that pornstars have it all together, living a life of glamour and fame when in reality, we all know they are just insecure teenage runaways with addiction and self-hatred.

So bitch is rich…but she did it getting fucked. Anyone with a vagina can do the same thing, it takes zero talent. Her pussy’s still ravaged and she’s been stuffed by so many dudes that her vagina probably speaks its own language. These are pictures of Jenna riding a Sybian on Stern’s show. I haven’t heard his show, I did see his movie. Having bitches cum on radio is kinda useless, I’d rather hear them talk politics.

Her Audio in Second Half of this Link

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