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Jenna Riding the Sybian on Howard Stern

There’s nothing too shocking about Jenna riding a sybian, most of us have seen her riding a whole lot of other things. She has become the trophy spokesperson for porn. She made people think that pornstars have it all together, living a life of glamour and fame when in reality, we all know they are just insecure teenage runaways with addiction and self-hatred.

So bitch is rich…but she did it getting fucked. Anyone with a vagina can do the same thing, it takes zero talent. Her pussy’s still ravaged and she’s been stuffed by so many dudes that her vagina probably speaks its own language. These are pictures of Jenna riding a Sybian on Stern’s show. I haven’t heard his show, I did see his movie. Having bitches cum on radio is kinda useless, I’d rather hear them talk politics.

Her Audio in Second Half of this Link

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