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Tila Tequila in a See Through Dress on Stern of the Day

I am surprised Howard Stern bothered bringing Tila Tequila on his show, I guess his producers figured that bitch is so fucking struggling to get noticed that she’d make a good person for Howard Stern to fucking tear apart….I just thought it was over for her and everyone would give up her….that even if she was masturbating on the street corner people wouldn’t notice….She’s a whole bunch of fucking bullshit and she wore a see through dress and I figured I might as well post the shit since my life is even more pathetic than hers and posting this shit like I care is the proof….

Here is the First Part of the Howard Stern Interview….where she talks about finger banging 11 year olds….having orgasms at 5 years old…and other lies for attention….

Here is the Second Part of the Howard Stern Interview…..where she demonstrates sex on a sex doll…..and talks about how she licks girl ass but not guy ass….and how her name is Tequila because she pretended she was Hispanic in prison or some shit…

Here is the third part of this bullshit….where she talks about being an internet whore, camwhore and pretty much just a whore…..who got kicked off of Friendster…like me….we have so much in common…

It is 8 parts…you can follow this link and listen cuz I don’t fucking care….

Pics via Bauer

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  • Drunken Pig

    If anyone can listen to more than 30 seconds of that and not puke…you have serious fucking issue’s!!

  • angel

    Didnt she claimed to be pregnant and we even saw her belly

  • Jesus, thanks for posting this…Stern rules, baba boey!!!

  • Dan Carver

    WARNING: Don’t listen to this shit unless you want to torture yourself.

    I heard this interview yesterday and afterwards almost stuck an icepick into my ears.

  • idgaffupos

    While listening to the first half of the interview i had a vivid dream and it involved knives, duct tape and a shovel.

    This whore is fucking delusional, she can’t sing or act or do anything that doesn’t require her to bend over and spread ’em.

    She promoted a fucking website that isn’t even up and running…why did Howard punished us with this fucking cum stain? her interview was fucking boring even more than that time he had the Kardashians whores on.

    Fucking disappointment, i fucking lost respect for Stern.

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  • Jack the Tripper

    Opie & Anthony turned her down because she’s a useless piece of shit with ridiculous demands.