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Gina Gershon’s Shitty See Thru of the Day

Gina Gershon is some 50 year old pile of Botox who was in my favorite movie of all time Cocktail…..and my second favorite movies Showgirls….and she doesn’t look a day over “She’s a fucking robot sent here to eat our fucking babies”….you see cuz there’s something hilarious about Botox and that is that when a bitch is 50 and has less wrinkles than a 20 year old, you know her skin taught like a condom, not that you have that problem and either do I, but I assume her face is what it is like….not that any of that matters, what matters is that she’s in a shitty see through dress and you can see her menopausal tits in their menopausal bra….and I guess that’s erotic to some of you so Imma bring it.

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Gina Gershon’s Rockin’ Bush in Killer Joe of the Day

I’ve never heard of Killer Joe…but people seem to care about it because some 23 year old actor named Juno Temple , who I’ve never really heard of cuz I don’t pay attention, is in it and has a sex scene in it, but for some reason, I’m more into the MILFs pushing 50 with awesome hard nipples and a massive fucking bush…cuz I’m weird like that….it happens…you know some days you want the veterans and other days you want the virgins…life is all about balance…

If you want to download the Juno Temple clip, cuz old lady bush that has no white hair in it, isn’t your thing click her


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Gina Gershon Bikini of the Day

Gina Gershon is 50 and in her bikini. I don’t know shit about her, but apparently she went to High School with Lenny Kravitz at Beverly Hills High along with the cast of 90210 …which is something I wish my WIKIPEDIA page read, but unfortunately, I don’t have a wikipededia page, because I don’t matter, it is like I don’t even fucking exist according to the internet….and supported by my soul….you see cuz I’m dead on the inside…I blame my wife’s disgusting vagina for ruining me…


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Gina Gershon’s Has a Boring Bra On of the Day

I don’t know who Gina Gershon is, but I do know what her bra looks like, and that’s pretty much like every other fucking bra in the history of bras, leading me to wonder why the fuck I bothered posting this shit like it’s fuckin’ hot or worth looking at, when really a bra shouldn’t get anyone over 12 years old turned on and should hardly be noticed except when it’s coming off to get to nipple when your virgin hands struggle to get it off when you finally get that close to a girl, or when you steal one from your mom and put it on yourself to practice taking it off in the event you ever get a girl, realizing how good it feels and leading to your life as a cross-dresser because at least you’re accepted amongst other cross-dressers….I think I’ve gone on a tangeant but the point of everything was to say less bra more nipple.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Gina Gershon and Her Mom Jeans of the Day

Gina Gershon is 44 now I am not sure if she’s a mom but her body is telling me that she’s not damaged like that. She may be old enough to be a mom, but that’s not saying much these days because this chick I know is a fifth grade teacher and she had to end classes early last month because one of the girls’ in the class went into labor. True Story.

Now you probably like that story a little too much, and that’s part of the reason why I hate updating this site for you gang of weirdos, but the background story is that the father was a kid in the sixth grade who didn’t realize what sex was, he just got his hands on his dad’s porn collection and fucked up in a huge way, even though we all probably wish we were getting sex at 12 to make up for the lack of sex we’re getting now. Anyway, the girl’s parents were some kind of Christian freaks who didn’t think an 11 year old bringing a baby to term was going to fuck her up for the rest of her life in a huge way because it was god’s way or some fucking stupidity.

So while that mom wears her pink Power Puff Girls jogging suit to birthday parties, this bitch who is old enough to be a mom but probably isn’t one because her body is hot is rocking a pair of Mom Jeans cuz she’s ironic like that and looks a hell of a lot better in them than most 20 year olds I see trying to pull off this look and that’s some kind of miracle.

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