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Sky in the Studded Panties of the Day

I don’t know anything about this model / influencer / entrepreneur named SKY, I scrolled her instagram for about 10 seconds because I fucking hate social media and was just seeing if I had any insight on her. That instagram is HAUS OF SKY if you’re into her…so follow if you are…because I doubt I’ll ever do another post on her again so you can’t rely on me to deliver all your werirdo fetishes.

What I like about her is that she created her own leather lingerie brand called HOS_LEATHER which I don’t think is Ho’s Leather, but it could be…and that would make it a bit hotter…but as far as my experience with Hoes goes, they usually just wear crust ass soiled underwear they got at the mission, but then again I’m a frugal ho shopper and go for price not value….

I don’t know much about leather lingerie because I am not a Pit boy at a circuit party in a holster..but I do think it looks good in these pics and sometimes / all the time / that’s all that matters…

Shout out to girls who get half naked on the internet with more to offer the world than being half naked on the internet while still being half naked on the internet so we get the goods but the goods have more value….

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Bernie Girls for the Fourth of July of the day

Here are some terrifying hipsters who probably don’t vote, actually they probably aren’t even American, but they felt compelled to show their support for the future of America by producing some low level smut in bikinis with their BERNIE panties on, you know because BERNIE was the answer America needed in this time of Anti-Americans who hate America and are revolting against America over some real fucking dumb shit that they ultimately blame Trump for….and that doesn’t actually affect their actual lives…and if anything just propels their entitlement onto other causes….in a “Hi Black people, you need my white help”….bascically compartmentalizing other races, labeling them, which is racism in and of itself, and taking their plight on as if it was their own.

There are real idiots out there….which is why I don’t do political commentary here, I think it’s pretty obvious that I think the government or any authority is the fucking devil and as a Canadian I actually don’t care…even though ALL Canadians are so obsessed with your politics…like little groupie bitches trying to get backstage…

I do think that Trump makes sense to me when you listen to his speeches. He’s hilarious, a disrupter the “powers that be” can’t control and that’s good….they say he’s unhinged or evil…because they can’t stand having no control over him…..

I watched him on the fourth of July and listened to the speech only to see the media misquote everything he said, then I saw those misquoted things get passed around social media as fact….you know that FAKE NEWS he always accuses the media of….he’s right…they fucking lie….

I guess when you’re so emotional about some shit, and are passionate against some shit, you can’t open your ears or your brains to hear….but as an outsider….I do think that BLM is some political strategy funded by evil to cause unrest in the country…I don’t trust any of it.

I do think it is armchair activism by people who are angry for whatever reason and like to be destructive or disruptive in their annoying fucking way….this is just a convenient way to get their anger or what they think is intellect out there…..

They are the same people behind every annoying movement the last few years, with the whole #metoo….take down everyone, have a tranny model for brands that are trying to be woke…fuck the patriarchy and misogyny buy here’s my nude shoot, buy my panties and I’ll send you squirt videos for 20 dollars….nonsense that REALLY shouldn’t matter to any of us as we live our self involved lives….the internet is just the fucking internet….leave it that way….and 98 percent of the bandwagon riders are bullshit who will jump to the next trending cause…

You know all this…so that said, I liked Bernie, I was rooting for him to at least get his shot for President, I didn’t think he’d win, but Vermont’s a great place full of maple syrup and broken dreams….it’s our neighbor state….

So I don’t think these are legit Bernie girls creating this clickbait, but I can assure you they aren’t trumpers, which may be more reason to swing that way….because from the neck up they are dudes, from the neck down they have big tits, and that just confuses me more than your current state of the nation….

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Naked Hipsters Break Into an Amusement Park of the Day

There’s a horrible trend that I am seeing in these nude “woke’ hipster shoots, you know the kind that the instagrammers do to get clout, oftentimes with girls who have no business being naked models, but since they are all “woke” it’s ok, we are all god’s people deserving to be models, even if we are terribly average, fat, or with handicap or skin disorder…

That’s not the horrible trend, because I am a pervert and will look at any girl naked, no matter how mutated she is, because if there’s a pussy, I’m down…it’s been a constant theme since losing my viriginty to an albino with no toes, unless that was just a scene in a Harmony Korine movie, I must have early dementia because I don’t remember pretty much anything…..

That said….the HORRIBLE trend is that dudes are now hopping in on the getting naked, so like this shoot, two girls naked in an amusement park, maybe even three girls…and some awkward fucking dude right in there with them…

Is it to prove it’s not “Sexualizing” and just “nudity” which is the “human form” that should not be sexualized? Or is dude like “I want in this”…or does dude identify as a woman, and is therefore to be seen as a woman. Who fucking knows, It is all too confusing.

The models are “Feminsit Mathilde and MARISA both perfectly fucking average.

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Scarlett Lillia Busting Out of a White Swimsuit

Scarlett Lillia is in a white bathing suit….with her tit hanging out to remind you that tits hanging out of bathing suits is a wonderful and amazing thing….that you may only get to see in photos, since we are all going to die and all that COVID shit….unless you have a pool that you can convince your wife that probably doesn’t look anything like this to recreate a moment like this…you know since tits are crashed economy, pandemic and apocalypse proof…

I don’t know who she is, but she doesn’t need to be famous to have a tit, to show that tits, and that’s the tits.

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This is Appropriate for Instagram of the Day

So like how the politicians all say “we will not name the killer” in mass shootings, I will not name the instagram babe who produces wild content, because I do not want to drive attention her way, that she will in-turn get her account deleted and force her to stop producing the amazing content….so if you want to know who this is, you’re on your own.

Not that Instagram would delete her, Instagram owned by Facebook and Google are two of the biggest porno websites on the internet, they just pretend they aren’t.

So while sites like this that are not porn are being labeled porn because of the name, or because I link to porn that I find LOLZ, which is just unfair.

DrunkenStepfather has had at least 7 instagram accounts deleted and they weren’t even pornographic so I will not risk this girl as a sacrificial lamb to make my point that IG is porno.

I mean this girl is legit posting pics of her basically masturbating with a shower head like a middle aged mom before sex toys were socially accepted, or some girl discovering how to make herself orgasm, while telling the family she’s had a long day and needs a soak….the shower head is almost a cliche sex toy like the pool jet, or the hairbrush…so I know what this girl is doing, you know what this girl is doing, and Facebook Instagram and all their shareholders are cool with it…but then they delete all kinds of other shit.

Just don’t trust the evil corporations you give all your data to, that’s all I am saying, they are corrupt, twisted fucks….but at least we get to discover content like this on there. Thanks Zuckerberg for the good times…

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Polina Skinny Ass in Bed Wearing Socks of the Day

I don’t know who this POLINA girl is, but I fucking love whatever is going on here.

I have a thing for skinny girls, which is probably why I find models hot, and hate fat chicks, like my wife….

So seeing a naked skinny girl in weird poses showing off her ass while wearing socks in bed, which in and of itself is wrong, people who sleep in socks are fucking freaks, but clearly our girls POLINA isn’t sleeping.

If this was a bro site and not a creepy pervert site I’d say “FIND HER”…

Since it’s a creepy pervert site, I wouldn’t suggest you find her, because that will likely end badly, you know, you and girls just don’t mix….you’re too passionate…too involved…too excitable…luckily you can subscribe to most of their subscription sites….

Polina is the future even if there is no actual future….

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Nurses on the Front Line Being Naughty of the Day

I know that the world keeps telling healthcare workers that they are heroes, to mind fuck them into working on the front lines during this crisis, when really they should be reevaluating career choices. I mean isn’t there an easier way to make an honest living with benefits than working as a fucking nurse when there’s a virus out there designed to kill us all off….if not now, than eventually, I mean it is just going to keep morphing into vaccine resistant versions and this will be going on for a long fucking time….being in hospital is the last place I’d want to be.

I get that they train for this, that this is their “calling” or whatever, but even doctors who were really only doctors because they are good at science and good at knowing doctors make 1,000,000 dollars a year…are forced to actually work, or actually risk their lives, whether the virus is as bad as they say it is….so FEED them and their egos, tell them they are the new celebrity and validate what they do for the same pay they got before the crisis. Seems like a shitty deal….

There used to be some risk at your job, now there is huge risk, we’ll pay you the same, but say you’re a hero…because the system knows without them they are fucked, and it is still a free country, kind of, they don’t technically need to be working like this, there are not gun to their heads, but their may be.

So in a FUCK EM ALL, who gives a fuck, FUCK THE WORLD, release, these nurses are like “Look at my pussy hole while I’m in scrubs to really worship me and give me something to cum to, cuz I cum to posting nudes, as soon as I get a 5 minute break to release”….

We are all animals, basic retards, who are designed to want to cum under stress and under good times, it is the constant…

SO this is what some nurses were up to this Easter Weekend away from family, tending to dying old people….crazy times.

Some Videos:

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Some Thick Nude Model of the Day

This model’s name is LadyBel apparently, you’ve never heard of her, I’ve never heard of her, I expect to get an email from her crying for me to take it down, because these nude models do these nude shoots for Instagram or their Only fans to build their profiles up, and when sites like this find their bullshit on reddit or tumblr or random forums…or even their own websites…they consistently email me freaking out…saying they didn’t give me permission to use their pics…in a “why did you pose naked on the internet and post it to social media bro”….it kinda makes the rounds…that’s how the internet works…

The fact these idiots do these nude shoots and assume that it’s just going to live on their profiles, even though they want it to go viral, just non on a site called DrunkenStepfather…is insane to me.

That’s not to say this model cares, I mean she seems to be bigger in size, and out here in a YOLO who gives a fuck approach….empowered and bold because dudes thickness, even though I don’t understand why or how dudes like thickness….I guess we’re all just fucking perverts who take anything willing to get naked.

Anyway, nude shoot of the day…WOAHHHHH…

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“Influencer’s” Medical Mask Bikini of the Day

I am all for random sluts of the internet using the COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity to produce clickbait, viral content around viruses, for the people out here living this COVID-19 scam.

If a bitch bored at home is going out there and producing smut with MASKS, or Hand Santizer, or Toilet Paper. I am all for it.

If a bitch is willing to lick toilet seats in protest of the virus to get more hype, clout and views, i am all for it.

I think this is a creative time, an opportunity for people to see that they can stand out from the rest with some jokes, while these mainstream and boring influencers give workout advice and other life tips in quarantine, no one cares about, you’re not a fucking expert….the quality creators are making jokes.

Apparently, people are offended by the above face mask bikini post, because people are fucking losers who are offended by everything, hopefully this time of survival wipes out that attitude while people start fearing and hating each other.

KEEP the COVID-19 smut alive as long as COVID-19 terrorizes us.

Her name is: YULIA and she’s the kind of Russian spam bot we all need.

Some videos:

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Spaghetti Girl Surviving the Apocalypse for Now of the Day

You need to be committeed to attention seeking, your sex work as you sell subscriptions to your nudes, to lay on a floor and fuck a bowl of Spaghetti while some dude who we assume pretends he is an artist, when really is just into seeing how far he can take dumb girls who think his ideas are so edgy and cool, when people like me have been dumping random substances on women for over a decade. It’s not that high concept but it is a nice level of trashy which is what I think we need as a species right now…trashy sex workers fucking spaghetti in their artistic nudes they charge 30 dollars a month for you to see.

I guess when everyone’s a whore, it’s hard to break from the pack, but here’s to trying.

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