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Boring Victoria’s Secret Girls of the Day

VS Crew Bra and Panties

The nice thing about Victoria’s Secret is that with all the social pressure from the media and the social media….

They still haven’t caved into that pressure…and cast fat chicks..

And I think that today, and every day, that needs to be celebrated.

Keep the hot girls half naked…and the fat girls in their fucking snow suits, wheel chairs, tarps, tents, whatever just not half naked.

Stick to what you know, stick to what you do…because we live in an era where you can’t even have a wet t-shirt content, we can’t can’t even have JELLO wrestling, despite women being bigger whores than they’ve ever been….but we can have fat chicks considered models…

So Victoria’s Secret – as evil as they are…at least they don’t use fat chicks…

That’s all I have to say about that.

Some Romee Strijid and her Ass…

Some Catalog Pics:

More Josephine Skriver HERE

More Lais Ribeiro HERE

More of Victoria’s Secret token black girl to prove they are inclusive HERE

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Slutty Behind The Scenes at Victoria’s Secret of the Day

BTS Victoria's Secret

I hate participating in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show hype, because I find it fucking boring…I find it ridiculous…and ultimately, in a world filled with these very girls getting naked in photoshoots all the fucking time, it’s obsolete, out dated…

I hate knowing it’s an infomercial, for a mall brand, that tries to be over the top and exciting, in a televised fiasco of clickbait on paid timeslot from NBC or whoever they buy it from, because it makes serious fucking money for the brand…and we are all just fucking suckers..

These impractical and uninteresting underwear creations on promo models who are all hot, no doubt, but so many people are hot…are not worth our time…

I guess other people are catching onto that as they make their way to China to sell bootleg shit produced in their sweatshops back to them…


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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is Going On or Happened of the Day

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

It amazes me that people get excited about a brand, a commercial fucking brand, paying a bunch of girls to walk a bullshit runway they created in an overhyped marketing event…that they have strategically taken to China, so Monday Morning social media feed is all Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, perfect for Black Friday, you know a week of hype until Friday…then they air the bullshit in a few weeks for the Christmas shoppers…it’s so calculated…so contrived…but the simple minded people who just see model tit in underwear can’t ignore…

It is an infomercial, trolling social media, using as many well followed girls they can to get the most views, and at the end of this all the execs in their circle jerk of marketing strategy will have champagne because it works…

Humans are that bored, that basic, that a brand selling us panties can lure us in and seduce us into buying their garbage..

If you’re not on social media, here’s a bunch of the girls posting pics of themselves from the show…

Bella Hadid is so fucking overrated it’s ridiculous…

Josephine Skriver,

Alessandra Ambrosio,

Candice Swanepoel,

Adriana Lima..Den Mother Granny….

Elsa Hosk

Lais Ribeiro…Single Mom..

Sara Sampaio…the average…at best Portuguese queen.

Just a bunch of promo girls being slutty….selling product for evil corporations…

There are others….and here are ome Social Media Videos…I don’t know who is who…


MORE after the jump…


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Victoria’s Secret Bralette Commercial of the Day

Victoria’s Secret is so fucking cheesy.

The girls in Victoria’s Secret are so fucking cheesy.

They are just some mall brand bullshit quality nonsense that the mainstream buy into – and really that everyone buys into – because it’s functional, affordable, and stylish, despite raping China cheap later – to save money they can put into this shit like their team of models…the cheesiest fucking models.

Yes, they are hot, but fuck they are lame…they marry people like Adam Levine and shit…they go to all the parties and are famous and know they are hot…and people want to associate with them because they are famous and hot…and it’s this weird cycle of garbage..supporting garbage…

I like my models edgier and more interesting, but I guess when you’re offered a million dollars to stand around – you take it…But at least they are half naked when they do it…and naked in other work they do to remain edgy, but they are still just promo models to me…really hot promo models.

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Victoria’s Secret Girls Doing Photoshoots of the DAy


These models look like hookers..

Because they are…

That’s all I have to say about that…

No wait….I’ll add…that they aren’t even that hot, stop buying into the hype, they are the Donald Trump version of models….the ones marketed hard to us – but are they actually the best ones to jerk off to…NO…

The answer is no…

Now that’s all I have to say about that…

Oh and they are all titty models, with titty pics on other sites, for other magazines, because tits mean they are legit…only they aren’t showing their tits…they are just frolicking around in panties…when you know the brand could say stick this stick of butter in your asshole…ok now stick this large candle in your asshole…ok now try this fire extinguisher….it’s for the sake of the brand…a brand that pays you a lot of money and makes you relevant and matter….but they probably do that, not in public, they have a brand to protect….a garbage made in China anti-AMerican but at least they don’t use fat models, brand to protect…

Now that’s all I have to say about that…


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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Behind the Scenes Polaroids of the Day


Instagram, Victoria’s Secret, the Internet, Social Media…killed the concept of models, it killed the concept of “art”…and now it’s killed the hipster move to ANALOG to prove that they can create images using film and polaroid….like real photographers of the 60s and 70s they are channeling or that they’ve convinced themselves they are channeling…

I actually had an instagram photographer write “My world is the 60s/70s counter culture. Nudity in my pictures is a byproduct of mood/trust/chance”….

What the fuck is that bullshit? I guess the commercial bullshit at Victoria’s Secret is on the same fucking train…

Here are the polaroids…so much artistry…mainstream mall brand bullshit trying to have substance but remaining fast food which I guess is good for them since AMERICA Loves fast food….featuring a bunch of assholes I’d definitely lick.

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Evil Mall Brand Promotes New Panty of the Day

I am not getting paid by the evil mall brand to promote their bullshit…I am just falling for their pandering to the basic male pervert – by posting videos of their bullshit cheesy mainstream spokesmodels stripping down to topless, wearing nothing ny the panties they are paid to promote – thanks to selling their soul to company for fame, fortune, Leonardo DiCaprio cock, the illusion of success in world where they are nothing more than hot, cheesy, mainstream spokesmodels paid to show off cheap made in China overpriced garbage…the equivalent of girls at a trade show handing out samples…but instead of being free – they are insanely inflated price…garbage video, garbage people, but asses in panties nevertheless..

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Victoria’s Secret Shitty New “easy collection” of the Day

Victoria’s Secret isn’t paying me to promote their bullshit new collection, but I am sure a lot of people are getting paid to help promote their bullshit new collection, that is actually their most appropriately named collection “EASY”…because all the girls who are employed by Victoria’s Secret are EASY…that’s how they got to this level of making a lot of fucking money per year being half naked – it’s subtle hooker behavior on the surface, but behind the scenes they are fully obvious, attention seeking, money grubbing, controversial if possible, in media and in bedrooms and yachts of rich people hookers…so EASY if you’re the right person who helps them hit targets…in the Easy collection…

Here are the boring catalog pics of Taylor Hill, Elsa Hosk, Stella Maxwell…catalog pics interchangeable with EVERY single VS shoot ever…that I like to post to remind me that very little changes – we are a lazy people and corporations like familiar things that work – because fighting to progress would require risk and work – but instead they can bank on making their billions…

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Victoria’s Secret Pregnant Chick Erotica of the Day


I probably used to mid-90s, pre-internet jerk off to Victoria’s Secret catalog, because the models were half naked, airbrushed and hot, and I guess I was doing exactly what they wanted their catalog to do for men, since the brand was started by a man and Victoria’s Secret is that she’s a creepy dude with a passion for lingerie and girls in lingerie, so passionate he made it a billion dollar a year brand and has seen more than just money, but rather every hot model’s pussy along the way….#Goals…

Internet made jerking off to Victoria’s Secret useless, but that’s where they saw most of their success, because it turns out girls buying the underwear is more the goal of the brand, rather than dudes high fiving each other showing them pics of girls they paid to get naked..

But that doesn’t mean they didn’t produce decent stuff, it just got boring, and now they’ve stepped up their edginess…

Mainly in the form of casting pregnant girls to be half naked….before launching their Maternity line….a weird fetish but still a fetish…


Here’s the video…

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Victoria’s Secret Shoot of the Day


Victoria’s Secret released some really exclusive, next level, innovative, different, unique, creative, amazing, pictures promoting product that are exactly the fucking same as they’ve always fucking been…because that’s how you build a brand…just keep repeating and repeating…for some reason, it doesn’t work for me, since every post I do is the goddamn same…but I guess I’m not some immigrant half naked pussy…right

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Victoria’s Secret Takes on Sports Illustrated of the Day


Victoria’s Secret are well aware that Sports Illustrated swimsuit is happening, they are actually going up against Sports Illustrated..

As an evil corporation who use real models instead of instagram models for their photoshoots, you know an army of immigrant babes who beg to be part of the brand as it is the American model dream, even though Sports Illustrated has the exact same fucking opportunity, yet for some reason cast bootleg, garbage girls….for the most part…

They’ve figured out that if they do an informercial in the spring based on SWIM, since bathing suits are a big market for them, along with the informercial they do for LINGERIE in winter…both the biggest times for those markets…they’ll really own all things SWIM….

All while Sports Illustrated execs are thinking “why the fuck didn’t we do that live SWIM fashion show on Network Television, we wouldn’t even have conflict of interest because we’re not peddling our own products like Slapchop Vince..”…but they didn’t fucking idiots…and here’s SI girl doing SWIM better than Cheesy SI girls…during the SI Swim week, that VS is doing a “shut the fuck up”…on…

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Victoria’s Secret for Superbowl Promo of the Day

Victoria’s Secret is like a thirsty instagram model, only instead it is a billion dollar brand, with million dollar models, but everything they do is so low hanging fruit, but the world buys into the shit..

So it only makes sense that they’d jump on any trending topic like they were Buzzfeed, or whatever the fuck else is out there that jumps on anything “relevant” and produces ontent around that, so sites like this piece of shit I call home, post it…

I guess it’s a good strategy…but I prefer their models half naked…seeing girls dressed in football gear and liking it is pretty fucking homo, like my friend who would only fuck girls in men’s underwear…which I also found weird….homos with sexual fetishes everywhere….

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Victoria’s Secret has a New Infomercial of the DAy

I guess Victorias Secret realizes that they have a good thing with the CBS fashion show around Christmas time, which is perfect to use as QVC style late night interview, marketed as a legitimate TV show, reminding us of the 60s and 70s when TV content was blatantly corporate run and controlled…and the TV networks probably appreciate the hype they generate from releasing the Victoria’s Secret fashion show…keeping their TV channel on the map in an era where TV is dead and doesn’t fucking matter…

So they’ve decided to do one for their SWIM line, in March, because that’s pre-summer, to get people ready to shop for their bikinis or at least to plant the brand name on the public that they only have a few months before buying their bikinis…and the whole thing is pretty hilarious when you factor in that the models are hookers they are packaging as models who are more than just models but also CELEBRITY….and the product is made in sweatshops in China, often times not even designed by the brand, just labeled VS…and the show that is meant to be original content event…is just an advertorial…because native content works with retards who don’t have brains….making all these people rich…while giving bikini content to people who don’t realize the bikini picture is played out and dead thanks to instagram…

It’s all so weird. A mall brand has an hour long TV event. What? It’s just crazy.

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Victoria’s Secret Swim Catalog of the Day


Victoria’s Secret does bikinis…and I’ve heard they are planning a summer season infomercial / fashion show…like their december lingerie one…to increase bikini sales…for the morons that are all of us…who pay attention to their brand like it is anything more than a sweatshop running, taking jobs away from Americans, ripping off Americans, with product they don’t even design but just repackage from asia, while overpaying these sluts, giving them egos as they make other girls feel inadequate about themselves because they aren’t VS models, forcing them to try harder all for nonsense…

Well, this is their catalog…featuring old lady Elsa Hosk, Lais Ribeiro, Taylor Hill, Sara Sampaio and Josephine Skriver and at least the styling, or creative direction is more interesting that it used to be…

Finally looking at the instagram models and saying “oh, we can do this fake artist shit too, people love it”…

And here it is…

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Victoria’s Secret Models Sing 12 Days of Christmas of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 12.39.45 PM

I hate this mall brand and their simple and effective marketing campaign….use hot half naked girls and you don’t need to do much else….why throw in concept or design, when they already sell a ton of fucking money worth of panties that they are just buying in bulk in China and swapping tags on….they are like “don’t these people know they can go onto Alibabb and buy our bras and panties under another name for 10 cents on the dollar or less”….but people are retards, so make a stupid christmas song because they aren’t retards and no most of America, despite popular belief still fucking love Christmas and account for probably 40 percent of their yearly sales… and here it is..

Featuring a bunch of terrible singing models including Elsa Hosk, Jasmine Tookes, ALessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Stella Maxwell, Martha Hunt, Behati Prinsloo, Lily Aldridge, Taylor Hill and Romee Strijid….

They’re hot…and I guess manipulative because I just promoted Victoria’s Secret to the 3 of you this Holiday season and you’ll probably end up buying a gift there for a chick you fuck or want to fuck or want to creep out…like the neighbor’s 18 year old daughter…and I’m not even getting paid to promote them…because I am an idiot…

Tis’ the Season for promoting horrible brands all because they have hot promo models…

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