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Victoria’s Secret Models Naked and Wet of the day

Victorias Secret Angels Book Stella Maxwell and Sara Sampaio Lesbian Naked Nipples Pussy on Pussy

Victoria’s Secret’s secret is one of the largest smut producers, like PORNO companies before them, they consistently put out content on a daily basis of women in various states of undress, cockteasing, in efforts to get perverts like you to buy your fat wive’s the lingerie in hopes that you can close your eyes and re-live the fantasy of fucking one of their promo models.

It’s their marketing strategy, and it probably wouldn’t fly with a company today, since everyone is so fucking uptight about the sexualizing of women to sell product, but that have been strong enough to not fold to the demands of the lesbians protesting hot chicks.

They also produce glamour Boudoir nude shoots with their models, and put it in a book they put out, to pull the lie that they are “art”…when clearly it’s just shameless tits for hits..and we like it.

I don’t know which model is which…but they are in various states of naked…..

Victorias Secret Angels Book Candice Swanpole Naked Wet


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