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Gisele in a Magazine for Trans Rights of the Day

Gisele…someone I’ve always thought was a Brazilian trans who catered to Victoria’s Secret’s needs because she never got her period – so no BLACK OUT DATES….and who catered to TOM BRADY’S needs, cuz pro athletes are queer and shower together in some gay fucking brotherhood, so having a hot chick with a dick satisfied him enough to start that family…

So this is her for tans rights for all I am concerned, but it’s probably more her for photoshop seminar or tutorial to teach motherfuckers how to photoshop an old hag into her younger glory….

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Gisele in a Lace Dress on the Beach of the Day

Gisele is in Costa Rica, the country I assume her and Brady have a house at because they go there 10 times a year to get away, while still getting the paparazzi to capture her, the mother of many kids that I am not convinced were actually her kids, because she may not have a uterus – Brazilian Trannies look good you know…

I mean why else would she be fired from Victoria’s Secret…and why else would her bikini be covered in this dress…seems suspect like maybe she’s hiding a set of balls..



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Gisele Still Models of the Day


It was said that Gisele was done modeling. They hyped up her Olympic Opening ceremony walk as being the last walk she’d ever make, leaving me convinced we would only see her in motorized scooter retired people in Vegas ride around for the rest of time…they claimed that she was done, that she would go home to be there for her husband and kids to sit on her pile of money…but a few weeks later – she’s got her ass out back on the Brazilian attack…because she’s still got that ass….an ass that I just assumed was tranny….it’s a Brazilian thing…but that is getting more and more feminine as she nears menopause….

Girls can’t resist the camera…they fucking love it



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Gisele Photoshopped for Some Brand of the Day


Gisele is in some hosiery for some campaign – where they lit her and photoshopped her aggressively enough to make her look like she’s not in her mid 30s, washed up, FOOTBALL wife who has rumored to be a tranny and not an actual mom because Tranny’s don’t have UTERUS they have prosthetic pregnancy movie magic because she has a brand and a contract to Victoria’s Secret to protect…or did have that…before moving onto better things like gold digging…even though she’s rich as fuck…

I guess what I am saying is that tranny from Brazil, who are hotter than regular girls in Brazil, because they are taller and leaner are actually good hires for Lingerie companies, as long as the girl doesn’t get an erection due to the sexy feel of the thong…because Tranny don’t get period and like strippers, periods fuck up modeling THUS tranny can work any day of the week they are needed…

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Gisele Fake Tits in a Bikini of the Day

Gisele’s bikini model body…that was already questionable as woman before she had kids and turned 35….you know the kind of bikini model you thought “Shit, she’s definitely a Brazilian tranny, because she can shoot everyday of the month thnaks to no period”..with a not so feminine, but breast implanted and ripped due to high testosterone body…faking the birth of her children….while faking the sexuality of Tom Brady…but the truth is, she probably has a vagina…I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt…even if seeing her in a bikini does zero for me…the truth is nothing does anything for me…even seeing a babe spread open and fingering herself does zero for me……I’m impotent…

She’s old, I never found her hot, but she still gets paid big money for this shit, reminding me that my opinion doesn’t matter..

Here she is doing it for free…in the BEST video I’ve ever seen..


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Gisele Ass and Legs for a Shoe Company Ad for Vogue of the Day


The shoe company that Gisele is showing off her long legs in…has been milking this one Mario Testino shoot for a sold 2 years, because it probably cost them 5 million bucks, so spread it out like she spreads out Tom Brady with her Brazilian dick, it reminds him of those good old Football initations in the shower he misses now that he’s pro…and has to behave like a professional..

These are boring, I’ve posted the same pics…at least 3 times already…sure I’m always up for a Tom Brady is a homo and Gisele is a tranny that disguises herself as a bikini model…allowing them to perpetuate their lie jokes…but overall…Gisele, even when naked showing off her fake tranny tits…bores me and the fact that this girl can get paid millions to do this…is the biggest joke of all..

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Gisele in a Lingerie Campaign of the Day


I don’t think this Lingerie campaign of 2 pictures of Gisele is for anything…

I don’t think it is a paid ad or campaign by a lingerie company…

Or even part of her own vain attempt at business that involves lingerie with her name on it because she assumes people give a fuck about her now that she’s not marketed aggressively by the brand…and is really just Tom Brady’s beard, who we all think may have a beard…thanks to being from the mean streets of Brazil…

I think this is her playing dress up, remembering the good times of when she was once a Victoria’s Secret model and everything made sense for her…but now..she’s just lost, middle aged and confused…taking to her 50 million dollar house photo studio room to let off steam and connect with all she knows…like an ex Athlete doing their sport recreationally…and I think we can all agree…that it be more meaningful if she was showing us the vagina we’re not convinced she has..


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Gisele’s Creepy Dance Video of the Day

Gisele did a weirdo dance video for Stuart Weitzman and it is was weird as fuck…

I guess drag queens, you know men who like performing as women, sometimes on Tuesday night at the local cabaret, other times in life as a Victoria’s Secret model, turned “Mom” and wife to some cheating NFL player…all while getting richer than god, despite being from the streets of Brazil…like most of the tranny sex workers of brazil…just love dancing..

It’s like I’ve never met a Drag queen that didn’t like dance…

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Gisele Ass for Shoe Company of the Day

Gisele Bundchen stars in Stuart Weitzman's fall campaign.

I think we’ve established that everything is prostitution. We are all whores, even when we aren’t actual whores.

Whether you are getting fucked up the ass in a gang bang at a frat party for a free t-shirt or social acceptance….or sucking off an old guy for an allowance…or working the street for your next hit…or going into a shitty 9-5 job where you are working for some rich asshole just exploiting you for some shitty salary you accept because you are in debt.

Some of us are just better at whoring than others. Either they make more money at it, or they do it without really getting herpes or raped by anyone…

Like Gisele, she’s just a whore for fashion brands that pay her stupid money to show up and take pics and pretend to like the products, while she’s much better than other Brazilian hookers you may have access to.

She may be a whore for Tom Brady also, but based on the rumors…that kind of whoring involves making babies, in exchange for fucking him up the ass with a strap on….but I could be wrong…

Here are some long legs…from last year’s campaign….that looks the same as this year’s campaign…maximizing Gisele…

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Gisele for Terry Richardson of the Day


I heard on the internet that Gisele was retiring from modeling, but I guess that all changed when her rich as fuck husband’s career got shit on for being a cheater, and she was forced to go back to work to pay the mortgages and for the Kid’s education…

Or maybe they are rich as fuck and never need to work again, and her quitting modelling was just a bullshit lie to get people who don’t care about some mall brand model and her too old to model and too many kids to model to talk about her…

Because now she’s in W magazine with Terry…showing her huge fucking tits…no wait she has no tits..and these pics are boring Terry..not adventurous Terry pornography that made him exist…

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