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Some Titties at Milan Fashion Week of the Day

It is Fashion Week in Milan and with Fashion comes nipples. This is the basis of my jerking off on Hungover Sundays a few years ago because it was on the only channel I got. I’d sit there with dick in hand, waiting for the sheer shirt to come down the runway, knowing that in my own way I was a fashionista, because I really appreciated that part of the industry, if anything, I was an expert….

It’s like they get away with nipples in public, while other professions have to do it on seedy stages or in back alleys, or hotel rooms….Shit is so luxurious that it’s blined people from realizing tits are a huge deal the Christian church want to oppress because men view tit as sexual objects, when in reality, we all just need to lighten the fuck up and make vagina the new body part girls expose in their stupid outfits…cuz I’ve always been more a pussy-man than a breast or ass-man….

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Berlin Fashion Show Nipple of the Day

It’s been a shitty day for celebrity jerk off material, so I figured I’d do what I used to do back when I had a TV and couldn’t find a music video that got me hard, or a french movie that had a nude, or a female figure skating competition to jerk off to, so I’d tune into the fashion channel where no matter what time of day at least one nameless model would be in a dress that was see thru and one nipple would be enough to make me cum.

Now this is a whole new generation, this site isn’t the only site online, and if anything you landed here accidentally, and if this was TV, I wouldn’t have been given a digital channel like I was Ted Turner, but I like to think you came thru lookin for something hot, and you’re probably already gone and jerking off to tranny porn you are into, but consider this fashion show nipple a little throwback to a simpler time, you know back when cumming was easier and less distracting with way less options….

Pics via LFI

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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Guests Slut It Up of the Day

Girls make me laugh because they are so fucking competitive and in that competitiveness they step up their game, especially when going to the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, because they know that they need to compete with the sluts on the runway to get noticed. So every year, without fail, the attendees show up wearing less clothes than usual, all in spirit of the event, and to try to get some of the male attention after every dude in the place walks out of the show with a boner, you know like a bottom feeder trying to make herself feel better about the fact that she wasn’t on stage. It’s all very funny to me and here are some pics of the people who slutted up to sit in the audience at the show…I don’t know who any of these bitches are and it really doesn’t matter…and I am sure there were more bitches dressed like sluts in attendence, I just didn’t bother looking cuz I think these prove my point well enough for my level of laziness….

Pics via Fame

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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Pictures of the Day

Here’s the Victoria’s Secret fashion show pictures. Now you don’t have to watch the shit when it hits TV, the reason we should boycot the televised version is simply because they are making way too much fucking money off this shit and they are doing it by putting half nude chicks in front of us and we bite because our lives are miserable….but remember if we put these motherfuckers out of business, these models will be out of work and all they know is how to get naked for money…which means good fucking things. I’m not punk rock and I’m not a hippie but I do say FUCK THE MAN because the MAN has fucked us by not letting these girls be the accessible immigrant prostitutes they were destined to be. It is our chance to fight back.

So Ambrosio, Ebanks, Kerr, Iman, Goulart, Barros, Heatherton, Kroes…not that their names matter since they all have one collective name and that name is “SLUT” were all working their panties off and here are the pics…


Pics via Bauer

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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Hair and Make-Up Chair of the Day

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is being shot today, so that means all the models are together getting their hair and make-ip done and Victoria’s Secret has started their PR Machine to draw as much attention as possible to their, on the grand scheme of things, totally insignificant event that just wastes millions of dollars that could have gone to some good in helping the people in the Factory towns their bullshit product is made, instead of white washing it and distracting the American People with tits, glitz and glam…but I figure some of you will want to see the pre-performance pictures…..so…..

If you’re anything like my friend who parks outside hair salons in a van and masturbates looking onto woman getting their hair played with, this is for you.

If you just like seeing Doutzen Kroes bad skin because she is photoshopped to shit in all her pictures and seeing her imperfections makes her seemingly more accessible to you, then this is for you.

If you just like seeing what these “hot” bitches do for work and how much of a fucking joke it is, then this is for you.

Those are the only reasons I can assume anyone would care about this shit…and here are the pics…..

Selita Ebanks

Miranda Kerr

Behati Prinsloo

Pics via Bauer

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Some Half Naked Models for Paris Fashion Week of the Day

I used to masturbate to some Fashion TV show. It was on every Sunday when I was dying hungover or still drunk on the only channel I got, so I guess I have a deep loving relationship with skinny bitches walking the runway showing off body parts because of all the good they have done for me all those years.
Sure, I had to really focus and train myself to get off to these really tall, almost scary lookin bitches, but after I got into the routine, it was all I really was into, making my wife and other chubby girls I could convince to fuck me seem like fucking pigs.
So fashion week was going down in Paris and I figured I’d throw up some pics of half naked tall skinny chicks, cuz it was porn to me when porn wasn’t readily available and it may be porn to you even when porn is available.

Pics via Fame

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Miranda Kerr and her Fashion Show Tits of the Day

Here is Miranda Kerr on the runway in what looks like it could be a bikini because that is her fucking job….and I wish people found my job interesting enough to take pictures of and write about on the internet, cuz I want to feel fuckin’ important, but for some reason fat dudes dying on a computer don’t inspire people to masturbate, but girls who model bikinis do. I guess that’s why she makes more money than me….so if anything these pictures inspire me to go out there and find ways to get people to masturbate to me, because then maybe I’ll get paid. Not that you care about my problems, I don’t even care about my problems, but I do care about tits.

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Some Polo Bootyshort Fashion Show of the Day

I couldn’t make it out to the Polo event despite all the pestering phone calls I got from all the boys at the country club who just couldn’t handle me refusing to take the corporate jet down to Miami. I guess because Polo isn’t for me.

The truth is that I can’t even afford a fucking Polo shirt, let alone a horse to ride around on with a giant club in some kind of obnoxious sport created by rich people who were bored and had nothing else to do while sitting around all day being rich.

Apparently, they are sexing the sport up a little and had girls modeling some boy shorts making me think that maybe there’s a future in the mainstream for Polo after all, because from my experience all it takes is pussy to be that stamp of approval anything really needs.

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Some Fashion Show Tit of the Day

I don’t mind models, you know especially if they are the bikini or lingerie kind, it means they usually have decent bodies, or at least bodies you’d want to see half naked, not that I don’t mind seeing any body half naked, at least once, because I think it makes me a better person. Unfortunately, in my line of poverty and almost homelessness, meeting bikini and lingerie models is about as common as one of my friends winning the lottery, sure it probably happens, but I haven’t seen it.

Here is some model busting out of her top at some Fashion Show…

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Billabong Bikini Fashion Show of the Day

Billabong doesn’t really bring up images of sexy, big breasted, tight body bikini girls to my mind. Usually the girls who rock this shit are either chubby in a tankini with the bike short bottoms or butchy action sports chicks who chug beer, have fart contests with their homies while playing video games like one of the guys, so I wasn’t too surprised when I came across these Billabong Fashion show pictures, because despite not being too manly, these girls are pretty horse-like, I’m talking they took them straight from the Heidi Montag family, and I am posting them cuz you’d probably give anything to ride them into the sunset, cowboy.

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