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Berlin Fashion Show Nipple of the Day

It’s been a shitty day for celebrity jerk off material, so I figured I’d do what I used to do back when I had a TV and couldn’t find a music video that got me hard, or a french movie that had a nude, or a female figure skating competition to jerk off to, so I’d tune into the fashion channel where no matter what time of day at least one nameless model would be in a dress that was see thru and one nipple would be enough to make me cum.

Now this is a whole new generation, this site isn’t the only site online, and if anything you landed here accidentally, and if this was TV, I wouldn’t have been given a digital channel like I was Ted Turner, but I like to think you came thru lookin for something hot, and you’re probably already gone and jerking off to tranny porn you are into, but consider this fashion show nipple a little throwback to a simpler time, you know back when cumming was easier and less distracting with way less options….

Pics via LFI

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