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Some Half Naked Models for Paris Fashion Week of the Day

I used to masturbate to some Fashion TV show. It was on every Sunday when I was dying hungover or still drunk on the only channel I got, so I guess I have a deep loving relationship with skinny bitches walking the runway showing off body parts because of all the good they have done for me all those years.
Sure, I had to really focus and train myself to get off to these really tall, almost scary lookin bitches, but after I got into the routine, it was all I really was into, making my wife and other chubby girls I could convince to fuck me seem like fucking pigs.
So fashion week was going down in Paris and I figured I’d throw up some pics of half naked tall skinny chicks, cuz it was porn to me when porn wasn’t readily available and it may be porn to you even when porn is available.

Pics via Fame

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