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Pole Dancing at a Wedding Gone Wrong of the Day

I call bullshit on this video, what are the chances a motherfucker would be videotaping this drunken chick trying to take all the attention away from the bride and put in on her drunkself because that’s what catty, jealous girls do at weddings because girls have something wrong with their brains that makes them HATE othergirls, even if those other girls are their friends, because they want to have all the attention on them. it’s something I’ll never understand, but seeing the way this pole dancer is dancing, she would have been the one at the wedding I would have focused my energy on, because she definitely was hungry for cock and ready to put out to feed her sadness from seeing her friend find a man who wants to spend the rest of time with her, while she only gets guys to stay the night if she’s lucky….

Either way, funny video whether it is fake or not.

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Karina Smirnoff and Her Obnoxious Love Pictures of Love of the Day

I probably have no heart, or maybe its no soul, or maybe I just get embarrassed for other people when they act like assholes. I am also disgusted by outrageous displays of affection. I find it horse shit because I know that in my life I’m sure I’ve experienced love, but never have I suggested we go out there and document the shit in some obnoxious Sears portrait.

Over the years, I have been forced to deal with friends and their girlfriends who took on this psycho behavior, where all of a sudden the bitch gets it in her head that they are going to get married and spend the rest of their lives together, where she starts taking him out to buy bed sheets and plates for when they live together, or when she goes so far as to complain about them never having pictures of them together, forcing him to get suited up and pretend he loves her while feeling like a total asshole the entire time. Cuz no man would suggest documenting his love this way….men are more into documenting their love by filming them fucking a bitch up the ass.

Either way, I would tell them that their girls were high maintenance and needed a lot of work and attention and the fact that she wants these photoshoots is a fuckin’ warning sign that your life with her will be all about her. She’s not gonna be the kind of bitch who brings beers out to you and your boys while you’re watching your neighbor’s daughters tanning, she’s the kind of girl who is gonna want 100 percent focus on her at all times and that this is just a glimpse into that cunt behavior that is going to either make you want to kill yourself, or kill her then yourself.

They never listened, I’d be coined a bad influence and they wouldn’t be allowed to see me, I wouldn’t get invited to the weddings, but I would get to see their obnoxious marriage website where these staged loving tacky garbage pictures would be displayed next to the story of how they met and 5 years later while going thru the divorce, they all come crawlin’ back to me cuz I know all the good whores willing to suck dick for an amount someone who just gave a bitch everything he ever had could afford.

Here’s Karina Smirnoff, the hot Dancing With the Stars dancer and her boyfriend/fiance in some staged love pictures to celebrate their love to the world or some shit and they whole thing is trashier than her mail order catalog ad her chose her from…

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Kayden Kross Will Marry Me of the Day

I am gonna keep this short and sweet. Kayden Kross is not only a pornstar, but also an amazing girl. Possibly my dream girl. I hit her up and said I’d make her win this contest if she would marry me. She agreed.

So all I need is 10,000 people to vote for her, yesterday’s attempt was miserable at beast and I’m starting to think you don’t like me.

I slave for you all day and it really is the least you can do for all the shitty work I do for you.

This is my future we’re talking about. I just need you to get off your lazy, apathetic kick, click the link and vote for Kayden Kross.

Notice in the pictures she took for me that she’s standing next to the Laundry machines and a vacuum cleaner. Shit’s on. She’s ready to take care of me.

All I need is to have her win. So Please Vote….

Seriously, Please, Vote for Kayden Kross It Will Take You a Minute and Make Me a Better Person and By Better Person I Mean I’ll Finally Get to Have Sex with a Pornstar With My Miserable Dick.

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Brooke Mueller is Charlie Sheen’s Wife and This is Her in a Bikini of the Day

Charlie Sheen got married to some ex-actor turned real estate agent named Brooke Mueller because I can only assume he knocked her up and is doing the noble thing or because he doesn’t want to pay the outrageous commissions real estate agents demand, especially on multi-million dollar homes.

Here they are on their honeymoon and she is wearing some boring shorts bikini bottoms that you’d expect to see all the 12 year old girls at your neighbor’s daughter’s birthday party wearing and not so much what you’d want the bitch you just committed yourself for life to, and in Charlie Sheen’s case, life is more like by the hour. I guess you can’t blame him, whores don’t annoy you with all that kissing and cuddling bullshit, it’s more of a getting right down to business like it should be and none of this spending the same amount you’d spend on a whore a day but on one slut who disguises herself as your wife and takes you to the cleaners after you divorce because she catches you running around behind her back with less demanding whores.

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