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Charlie Sheen is the HIV Positive of the Day


Sheen will sit down with Matt Lauer on Tuesday morning to make the announcement…because if you have HIV, make it a media frenzy…and get paid…

Last week, I turned to Facebook with the Sun’s story of an “A Lister” who has HIV….based on this meme from the UK Sun.


We all decided it was Charlie Sheen, but that we were disappointed because we assumed he had AIDS prior to the story being released, thanks to his insanity, going off the rails, fucking dirty hookers, while fucking other celebrities, all while drunk and high on a variety of drugs, before creating catch phrases like “winning” in his breakdown…

I was hoping for Clooney, or DiCaprio or someone who you didn’t know was gay. But I guess Charlie Sheen, the obvious choice, is the obvious choice for a reason…partially because he looked like death…

He’s been fucking hookers since before Denise Richards, who in case you didn’t know was an Heidi Fleiss hooker before locking Sheen down…

I guess there’s a lot more his him going “VIRAL” back when he quit Three and Half men…

I guess that homo Chuck Laurie really fucked him up the ass without a condom on that one..

You know since HIV is the gay disease…and it isn’t a death sentence…so whatever..

I guess the Porn is going to go into another lock down:

Here’s some Denise Richards…his ex wife….

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Charlie Sheen’s New Fiance of the Day

So Brett Rossi is an ex pornstar who is working for Charlie Sheen…the coke and hooker loving actor with a lot of money, who has a lot of fun, and who miraculously isn’t dead yet.

It is safe to say this is a union of love, because why else would some pornstar get married to a very fucking rich…and he’s just in for the jokes.

It’s his fourth marriage it stereotypically “hot” girls with tons of fucking issues…so why the fuck not make a mockery of marriage and remind everyone that he’s allowed to get married for publicity stunting gold diggers…but two fags aren’t…LOGIC…

If she’s smart, she’s be knocked up…if he’s smart, he’d have had a vastectomy….and either way, this is what her vagina looks like when it is turned into a toy…

We also compiled her top 7 porn clips…which were more the first 7 porn clips I found of her. So if you want to see the kind of body, theatrics, etc, that Charlie Sheen is using as his full time hooker, while she uses him for publicity… HERE

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Snoop and Charlie Sheen Do a Song Together of the Day

I’m bored of the Charlie Sheen bullshit too. So fucking bored of it. I mean it was played out the first week…but I’ll admit the first week, I thought the breakdown was hysterical before realizing that it was all a contrived scam, waste of time, stupidity that I wanted to see end in a horrible drug overdose….while he was flying a plane with Denise Richards, Bree Olsen and the cast of the Kardashian’s who attached themselves to him cuz they wanted some of the buzz he was getting….

Apparently Snoop, the guy from Twilight and Charlie Sheen did a song together, I haven’t figured out what verse Sheen drops, but apparently shit’s there.

It is boring, played out, expired, maybe even irritating, but it just dropped, 3 months too late, but I figured I’d post it anyway.

To Hear the Song
Follow This Link

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Charlie Sheen is Amazing of the Day

Charlie Sheen is a genius….I love watching America media try to understand or make sense of him…using their bullshit cliches and obvious questions just makes him that much more genius….If I was famous…I’d be fucking with the world too….on all levels…

Here’s somethings that he said that stood out as incredible….

Dude, can’t handle it…Unplug this bastard….
Fires in a way that maybe not from this terresteral realm….
I’m bi- Winning. I win here and I win there. Now what.
I use a blender. I use a vaccuum cleaner.
Dude, I was banging 7 gram rocks and finishing thing.
I have one speed and one gear. Go.
Not going to. Period. The End.
The Run I was on Made them all look like Droopy eyed armless children.
I may forget about them tomorrow, but they’ll live with that memory for the rest of their life. It’s a gift.

I would love to spend my days with this motherfucker….Every element of what this guy is doing, every thing he is saying is just like words from a fucking prophet or some shit….I shoulda befriended Bree Olson, she was my in.

I gotta make more t-shirts….


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Charlie Sheen is a Genius of the Day

I figured this Charlie Sheen shit is pretty much everywhere and I wouldn’t be a popculture celebrity and entertainment site that nobody reads without throwing out a little of my opinion…

So I made a T-SHIRT showing how fucking amazing Charlie Sheen is in this recent manic episode that is going to land him in an institution….

It is taken from what I thought was the best quote of his radio interview yesterday –

Losers. Winning. Bye Bye.

Him ripping into AA, the creator of Two and a Half Men, the Network. Him calling himself a Vatican Assassin, him talking about watching Jaws on a yacht to experience 4D, or getting a Tattoo with fighter pilots watching Top Gun, or Flying baseball players to his house to watch Major League, to all the other amazing things that came from the interview….I figure this summed it up nicely.

I am a huge fan. I think he is amazing. I even like the pornstar, Bree Olson, who he hired as an escort and is’s filming a sex tape with….I even like Denise Richards even though she blocked me on Twitter cuz I asked if she was an escort when she met Sheen, and she got defensive….

So I made the T-SHIRT …..

Losers. Winning. Bye Bye.

Who can’t relate to that.

I need to write his HBO show…and I’ve been reaching out to EVERYONE to get me this gig. I need to be on thie journey with this revolutionary brain, who when I listen to him, all I hear is knowledge that makes my brain fucking explode….

So I made the t-shirt….

To Buy My Charlie Sheen T-Shirt Cuz He is a Legend
Follow This T-SHIRT LInk

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Charlie Sheen’s Pornstar that Killed Him of the Day

Charlie Sheen may not be dead yet, but he will be eventually, I mean doing the amount of partying he does, with the funds he has, fucking the trash he fucks, will catch up to him. I am like a low budget version of this guy and I hardly feel alive…I seriously wake up sweating, heart racing, unable to function daily, just shocked to be alive….and I haven’t touched drugs in years….I just hard drink….

After Vegas with Bree Olson and now it is reported he was with this Kacey Jordan trash before being hospitalized, he should really consider starting a porn PR company, cuz motherfucker is putting these broken down bitches on the fucking map…

And the whole thing is fucking amazing…except maybe for her pussy…which is an outty not an inny and the color of death…which is appropriate considering Charlie Sheen’s current condition…let her cunt be the mascot of this tragic event….

What a gutter, crackhead lookin’ pig….Seriously….I know you love it.

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Charlie Sheen is Fucking Bree Olson in Vegas of the Day

In 2009, my friend went to the porn awards and hung out with some white trash pig hick named Bree Olson.

She had just won the AVN for best anal the year before and was on a rise to the whore who fucks dirty top….She is white trailer park trash from Indiana, I don’t know all that much about her, but that she’s now finally relevant cuz TMZ is saying Charlie Sheen was locked in a hotel room fucking her and a few other gutter pornstars at least until he made an exit from the Hotel this morning, proving yet again, that Charlie Sheen is both hilarious and amazing….not that I like pornstars, I just like how he handles himself in these situations, it’s joke….

I figured this was a perfect opportunity to re-release this video and showcase what happened when we were in Bree Olson’s hotel room during AVN a few years ago….I am pretty sure it was not nearly as sexy as what Sheen experienced, I hate pornstars, but I can guarantee there was a lot of eating involved…..cuz Bree Olson’s a little pig on all fucking levels…Enjoy….

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Brooke Mueller is Charlie Sheen’s Wife and This is Her in a Bikini of the Day

Charlie Sheen got married to some ex-actor turned real estate agent named Brooke Mueller because I can only assume he knocked her up and is doing the noble thing or because he doesn’t want to pay the outrageous commissions real estate agents demand, especially on multi-million dollar homes.

Here they are on their honeymoon and she is wearing some boring shorts bikini bottoms that you’d expect to see all the 12 year old girls at your neighbor’s daughter’s birthday party wearing and not so much what you’d want the bitch you just committed yourself for life to, and in Charlie Sheen’s case, life is more like by the hour. I guess you can’t blame him, whores don’t annoy you with all that kissing and cuddling bullshit, it’s more of a getting right down to business like it should be and none of this spending the same amount you’d spend on a whore a day but on one slut who disguises herself as your wife and takes you to the cleaners after you divorce because she catches you running around behind her back with less demanding whores.

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