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Bree Olson’s One of the Dirtiest Pornstars Classes Up of the Day

So Bree Olson was hosting some bullshit event….and she wasn’t dressed like a gutter pig who shops at the sex shop….you know who takes her porn persona to the red carpet of shitty vegas events…where she sluts out while loser dudes take pics of her….

I guess fucking Charlie Sheen, turned her hollywood, cuz seeing her in this skirt, makes me think she’s more of a secretary that a bitch who has dirty fucking sex, head shoved in a toilet while getting fucked up the ass….

I first met Bree Olson her first year in porn, she was up for best anal scene and best new starlet…I think she won both….I wished her luck and she feared we jinxed her…the whole thing was odd….but not as odd as the following year when I met her in her HOTEL ROOM TAKING A SHIT ….a friendship that led me to watching her strip…then being ignored by her….

But I will always have her porn scenes like in Scooby Doo Fetish Videos …..or her more Hardcore Shit….

Cuz no mater how Hollywood she tries to be, she’s still a gutter hooker from middle america, who disrepects herself for you to jerk off to her, to me….

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Bree Olson Wholesome Whore at some Playboy Event of the Day

I don’t know why the paparazzi would take pictures of Bree Olson at her Playboy launch party….you know because she’s not actually a celebrity and her doing Playboy is pretty uneventful considering you can find her in some of the dirtiest porn out there….cuz she not only looks like a pig, but she is a fucking pig….one who I don’t think should get the attention she’s getting for being a fucking whore hired by Charlie Sheen…It’s pretty fucking pathetic…..but here are the pics anyway….

I’m just posting them cuz it is an excuse to post my original Bree Olson content I got being best friends with her for a couple hours…I didn’t fuck her…but probably should have even though we can watch her fuck thanks to Google, the biggest publicly traded porn peddler ….

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Bree Olson Does Playboy of the Day

I’ve been saying that Playboy has lost its appeal cuz it doesn’t post exclusive bitches you’d never expect to see naked in a classy way, they instead answered to the internet in the worst way possible, by deciding to use trashy pig women instead of A listers and girls you’d want to marry, you know by instead using girls you’d only fuck with a condom or two.

That is the reason they’ve almost gone broke and why they hardly matter, cuz I can see most of the cunts they are casting naked without Playboy….

It’s a sad state of affairs when they turn to one of the dirtiest pornstars out there and give her a Playboy spread, I mean this is a bitch who lets dudes flush her in the toilet while fucking her, that they are going to stage to look classy. It just doesn’t make any fucking sense.

Bree Olson is a fucking Pig and Playboy are idiots for shooting a spread with her….

And to celebrate their stupidity, here is the spread that I shot with her in her Vegas hotel room, even I knew at the time that no one would care to see her tits, when they can just google the shit…Oh Well….. Cuddles.

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Charlie Sheen is Fucking Bree Olson in Vegas of the Day

In 2009, my friend went to the porn awards and hung out with some white trash pig hick named Bree Olson.

She had just won the AVN for best anal the year before and was on a rise to the whore who fucks dirty top….She is white trailer park trash from Indiana, I don’t know all that much about her, but that she’s now finally relevant cuz TMZ is saying Charlie Sheen was locked in a hotel room fucking her and a few other gutter pornstars at least until he made an exit from the Hotel this morning, proving yet again, that Charlie Sheen is both hilarious and amazing….not that I like pornstars, I just like how he handles himself in these situations, it’s joke….

I figured this was a perfect opportunity to re-release this video and showcase what happened when we were in Bree Olson’s hotel room during AVN a few years ago….I am pretty sure it was not nearly as sexy as what Sheen experienced, I hate pornstars, but I can guarantee there was a lot of eating involved…..cuz Bree Olson’s a little pig on all fucking levels…Enjoy….

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Bree Olson Talks About How She Likes to Fuck of the Day

After posting some topless pictures of Bree Olson that a friend of mine took in her hotel room during the AVN awards in Vegas because he’s got the in with the pornstars and wanted me to tell the world that he’s better than you, not that we needed to tell you that anyone is better than you. I mean, I could have said I had a friend with pancreatic cancer who just filed for bankrupcy, his wife left him for his best friend and cancer doctor who was in the process of saving his life, and now he’s torn whether to continue treatments or just kill himself and you’d be envious of him because a woman actually married him, even though she’s a fat cheating cunt.

Either way, some dude sent this video in of Bree talking at some conference about how she likes dirty sex, getting her faced shoved in the toilet, you know keeping it classy and making her parents proud, because I guess she thinks the more hardcore you go, the more relevant you are in the industry, or maybe it’s because she’s so desensitized that it’s the only way to go. I just know I don’t find it hot, but you probably will, so watch it.

Go Vote in some Contest all the Pornstars are Going Nuts Over

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Vote for Bree Olson of the Day

I love Bree Olson. She doesn’t have fake tits, she doesn’t look like a washed up porn chick who hates her life, she is bubbly and looks like she’s having a good time when she fucks, like she’s living the fuckin’ life. Her body is real and looks pleasant to impregnate and she’s always been good to me, and by good to me, I mean she answers my emails and doesn’t call me a fucking creep and call the police on me when I tell her I am on my way to Indiana to feed her corn and by corn I mean my dick….

So I have no choice but to be good to her. So when I saw she was promoting this contest, I had to make sure she would win, I actually told her to trust me to make her win, so I’m hoping every one of you votes for her on the daily, because she deserves this, and because otherwise I’m going to look like a total fucking asshole.

So if she doesn’t win, there’s no fucking way I’ll ever get you exclusive Bree Olson content. But if she does win, I will film an awkward sex tape with her. That’s a promise, I mean as long as she’s willing. My limp dick and her big tits will make movie fuckin’ magic, I’m talking academy award worthy performances, because the academy awards love retards down on their luck making it with pornstars. But don’t count on her agreeing, since girls generally don’t fuck me, even when I offer money and Bree and me really are not that close, but maybe after this, all my dreams will come true.

These pictures are some behind the scenes Drunkenstepfather exclusive of her getting dressed in her hotel room. Enjoy….and Rock the Vote….


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Bree Olson Has a Freakout on the Radio of the Day

So Bree Olson was in Tampa doing some shock jock radio show called the Bubba Love Sponge Show, and it didn’t work out too well for her. She did some interview that went well, then agreed to jerk some “blind” guy off, because she has not problem playing along with jokes, or giving hand jobs.

Shit got bad when she found out that the guy she was jerking off, or about to jerk off wasn’t blind. I guess she took it personally, thinking they were making fun of her, or treating her like a fucking idiot and she ended up leaving the show, attacking the camera man. I think it’s pretty amazing.

Now a lot you don’t know this, but I talk to Bree Olson from time to time, and she’s just a fun loving girl who has fun with what she does, has a smile on her face, jokes around a lot and despite her Indianna small town accent, is really just a sweetheart.

Just yesterday I got a text from Bree, you know, since we’re in love, saying something like “i can’t wait to hang out again” or some shit, so these fuckers obviously did something pretty evil to her, and I guess since she’s family, that means they’re my enemies and as my enemies, I will have no choice but to declare war with this shitty Tampa radio show because she was just trying to be a good sport, and burning girls, so that they aren’t good sports for the rest of us, is some evil selfish behavior assholes.

Watch the video, you’ll like it.

To Hear the Audio….

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Bree Olson in PG Porn of the Day

I love Bree Olson, I am thinking about driving out to see her this weekend as she does a feature show in Canada. I figure a free lapdance for the toilet video I posted last week, would do me some good and here she is in some PG Porn for Spike, I don’t find this shit the best thing on the internet, but it’s clever enough. You know playin’ on the whole Bang Bus shit, I should be making videos, but I’d rather go drink.

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Bree Olson Takes a Shit Before the AVN Awards of the Day

Someone sent in this exlusive video of one of my favorite Pornstars, Bree Olson, sitting on the toilet before the AVN awards. I am not sure if she’s actually taking a shit, because there is no toilet bowl shot, which is really too bad, since scat is the new anal, but none of that matters, what does matter is how excited the photographer gets when she bends the fuck over and shows off her boy short underwear. A little lazy for a pornstar but refreshing because I hate the standard G-string shit they normally wear becuase shit gives me yeast infections…but then again so does wiping back to front, antibiotics and fuckin’ dirty dick….yeah – I don’t know either…I’m just an idiot…

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Bree Olson and Kayden Kross in a Marshmallow Eating Contest of the Day

I don’t know much about porn, people always laugh at me because I am a pervert but whenever they drop porn names, I am always at a loss, because I am more into amateur shit, you know like seeing some college slut sucking off her ex boyfriend before cheating on him and forcing him to share the shit with the world to jerk off to kind of shit, but I know that porn is a big deal, I know that people fall in love with these girls who are generally plastic and disgusting, like raped strippers with a meth addiction, but every once in a while, girls like Bree Olson and Kayden Kross come out of the industry, and who are hot and seem to be havin’ fun with the whole porn thing, and don’t seem like battered, victims of abuse, trying to make ends meet.

This is a video of them having a marshmallow eating competition, I’m sure it’s not the first time they fill their mouths up together, but probably the first time no vaginainvolved, because these girls always dyke out together, but it’s a weird video, weird concept, I’m gonna post the shit because seeing girls spit shit up is hot to me, especially when I have to watch my wife swallow pretty much everything in sight, because she is fat.

Here is a video of her playing something called Fluffy Bunny, I’ve never heard of…

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