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Bree Olson Has a Freakout on the Radio of the Day

So Bree Olson was in Tampa doing some shock jock radio show called the Bubba Love Sponge Show, and it didn’t work out too well for her. She did some interview that went well, then agreed to jerk some “blind” guy off, because she has not problem playing along with jokes, or giving hand jobs.

Shit got bad when she found out that the guy she was jerking off, or about to jerk off wasn’t blind. I guess she took it personally, thinking they were making fun of her, or treating her like a fucking idiot and she ended up leaving the show, attacking the camera man. I think it’s pretty amazing.

Now a lot you don’t know this, but I talk to Bree Olson from time to time, and she’s just a fun loving girl who has fun with what she does, has a smile on her face, jokes around a lot and despite her Indianna small town accent, is really just a sweetheart.

Just yesterday I got a text from Bree, you know, since we’re in love, saying something like “i can’t wait to hang out again” or some shit, so these fuckers obviously did something pretty evil to her, and I guess since she’s family, that means they’re my enemies and as my enemies, I will have no choice but to declare war with this shitty Tampa radio show because she was just trying to be a good sport, and burning girls, so that they aren’t good sports for the rest of us, is some evil selfish behavior assholes.

Watch the video, you’ll like it.

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