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Fifteen Years Old is the Age of the Day

What it’s like to be young again….or to be in a country where 14 is legal….

First up is a video of an upset mother who signed a legal consent form for her daughter to get an abortion without knowing it was a legal consent form for her fifteen year old daughter to get an abortion. I am guessing she thought it was a school trip to an abortion clinic…so she’s doing like all Americans do and is sueing the school for helping her kid get an abortion, instead of bringing it to term to cash in on government money, like the mother wanted, otherwise she wouldn’t have raised her kid to get pregnant at 15…in another example of bad parents trying to cash in on their bad parenting…and the whoel thing is not so hot.

Next up, a 38 year old woman seduced her neighbor’s 15 year old son which is not legal in the USA. This is the kind of thing my dreams were made of as a 15 year old kid, but I didn’t have any horny 40 year old pussy willing to teach me the fucking ropes. I don’t think it’s a big deal at all, but that’s just because I wanted this to happen to me….but everything got fucked up because she let herself get knocked up by the 15 year old and pretended it was her husbands, who bailed her out of jail, something I doubt i’d be doing, unless the 15 year old my wife was fucking was a chick and getting her out of prison was going to involve me joining in on the fun….I mean….provided I’m in a country where 14 is legal…cuz fucking 15 year olds is not worth getting arrested for…they don’t have the practice you probably need…but the thought of being a molested 15 year old boy getting sex twice a week for 7 months is just fucking awesome…

That’s why Fifteen is the age of the day….

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Autumn Reeser Sex Scene of the Day

She was on “The O.C.” and now she’s fucking Antonio Banderas in some upcoming movie. I don’t really remember who she was, but I did watch “The O.C.” because unlike The Hills, it wasn’t pretending to be real life, so I could deal with it. Not to mention that at the time it was on, I was spending a lot of time as the creep in the college bars who needed an opener to talk to these young hot girls without coming across as creepy as I looked, and figured it was ideal to talk about something they were passionate about, and “The O.C.” was all I came up with…but I am thinking she didn’t get naked and she didn’t have big stupid tits, but it’s nice to see how things change as a bitch tries to take her acting career to the next level…especially when she does it with a nude scene and not playing a retard rape vitim or something equally “Challenging” in hollywood terms….

Either way, this sure isn’t the OC anymore…now check out these titties…

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WOW Woman Seriously Desperate for Cock of the Day

I need to play more videogames with virgin, socially awkward weird people. Sure they aren’t very good lookin, but they are desperate enough to travel to Canada for teenage cock, they might as well just pay for me to fly to Texas to give them my preschool lookin’ cock. Life is unfair, you know calling this bitch a Sex Offender by the real world, they just don’t understand the World of Warcraft World they spend most of their lives in, they’ve got their own fuckin’ laws and their own moral system and for them to impose their laws on these poor socially awkward losers is just unfair.

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Ashley Tisdale and her Tall Boyfriend of the Day

Ashley Tisdale is a size queen, maybe it is because the only thing that makes her feel better about her ugly self is a huge cock in her ass, that’s really the only explanation of why she’s getting with this really tall wonky lookin’ dude, I mean other than the fact that he’s the only guy willing to fuck with her, but I doubt that’s true, I mean with her level of fame there are tons of groupies and opportunists willing to lower their standards and only fuck her from behind so they can maintain an erection and don’t have to see her face at that moment of pleasure or really at any point during the sex….

The whole thing is kinda weird for me, as most tall guy and short girl relationships, because it reminds me of father and daughter pedophile shit only in this case the dad’s not fucking his daughter, he’s taking her to the orphanage because he just can’t stomach lookin at her weird lookin’ face as it is a constant reminder of how inadequate his sperm is and is slowly chipping away at his self esteem.

Either way, Tisdale and I have a pretty one-sided Twitter relationship, but a Twitter relationship nonetheless….

She wrote:

Mtv movie awards today!!!!! Ate breakfast, now getting ready!

So I wrote

@ashleytisdale what is the next plastic surgery you got lined up? A face transplant would do you good-wait til technology gets better tho

She won an award, god knows what went wrong on MTV’s side of things, she was up against Slumdog Millionaire chick, meaning MTV is a fucking joke, but it made her happy and she wrote:

Just had the most amazing experience of my life!! I won breakthrough performance!! Thanks so much!!!! I love my fans, I love you so much

So I wrote

@ashleytisdale you needed borat’s ass in your face to make you look worth fucking, no homo.

She hasn’t answerwed yet, I guess she’s been too buy testing her gag reflex on this dudes’ Tall Man Cock while avoiding coming in contact with mirrors because it’ll take away her high of finally being a winner, even if her dad paid off MTV to make it happen….

Here is the wonky motherfucker in action

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Bree Olson Talks About How She Likes to Fuck of the Day

After posting some topless pictures of Bree Olson that a friend of mine took in her hotel room during the AVN awards in Vegas because he’s got the in with the pornstars and wanted me to tell the world that he’s better than you, not that we needed to tell you that anyone is better than you. I mean, I could have said I had a friend with pancreatic cancer who just filed for bankrupcy, his wife left him for his best friend and cancer doctor who was in the process of saving his life, and now he’s torn whether to continue treatments or just kill himself and you’d be envious of him because a woman actually married him, even though she’s a fat cheating cunt.

Either way, some dude sent this video in of Bree talking at some conference about how she likes dirty sex, getting her faced shoved in the toilet, you know keeping it classy and making her parents proud, because I guess she thinks the more hardcore you go, the more relevant you are in the industry, or maybe it’s because she’s so desensitized that it’s the only way to go. I just know I don’t find it hot, but you probably will, so watch it.

Go Vote in some Contest all the Pornstars are Going Nuts Over

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Are any of these dudes you….of the Day

I guess Craigslist really does come in handy. I’ve used to it to look for concert tickets and new apartments whenever I plan on leaving my wife, but I guess I wasn’t tapping into it’s full potential, not that I’d want to get with a 14 year old boy, but I figured where’s there’s 14 year old male prostitutes hustlin, 18 year old female prostitutes aren’t too far behind…but the problem with 18 year old prostitutes is that you don’t get your name and picture on TV and the Internet makin’ you famous and everyone wants to be famous…watch this sick story.

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Padma from Top Chef Erotic Burger Ad of the Day

I don’t watch TV, so I don’t know what this Top Chef shit is, but I wish I did, because the girl who hosts it is pretty fucking hot. Her name is Padma Lakshmi, nice and ethnic, the kind of ethnic who is happy to bang people like me all because of dreams of citizenship.

Unfortunately, we’re a little too late on this one, but there are millions more out there, because Padma’s no longer the little girl in the small village that has no running water but she has made it. But I guess that romantic relationship she had with the Hamburger because it represented freedom and the American Dream to her hasn’t died out, it is still part of her core, and here she is in a pretty erotic ad for Hardee’s Western Bacon Thickburger, giving it back to what inspired her to get here and I’ll tell you that it’s much hotter than when my wife downs a burger or three….

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Olivia Munn Gets Sexy to Promote Her Website of the Day

I have a new found respect for this Olivia Munn girl. At first I was against her because of the audience she caters to, you know…you. But then I realized she probably wanted to be on TV, this network or show was coming up, she had an agent who got her the audition, she read up on video games or whatever they talk about, aced the shit, knowing that geeks are a loyal crownd once they fall for a girl on TV, and now she’s giving that huge audience little teasers of how she’s not only down and accepting of their geek ways and interests, but she’s also got sex appeal and they can jerk off to her, unless they are those really weird geeks who aren’t into jerking off, in which case then can draw up the plans to their Star Trek themed marriage or whatever it is that geeks do.

Here are some promo pics to her new site. She knows how to market herself even if it is to a lame crowd….

You may also like her site because I am sure it’s more relevant a stop than my site.
So Check it out….

Here is some other shoot where she looks dead….but some people may like that especially since it’s probably the only way she’d ever sleep with them.

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Weird Diesel Sex on a Horse Ad of the Day

I was told this is an ad for Diesel, the constantly cutting edge company and by cutting edge I mean rip off artists. A while back they ripped off that SFW porn shit and made it live action and this is their follow-up video of a weird lookin’ dude and a girl simulating sex on a horse. I don’t know about you, but when I think about sex and horses, there are no girls around to get in the way and judge how good I am at sticking a massive horse penis in my various orifices, by telling me I am disgusting or cruel, but I guess Diesel’s got a whole different obscure art-fag approach to beastiality. Watch the clip.

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Scarface’s Uncut Music Video for a Song Called High Note of the Day

I don’t know anything about hip hop, I just found this hip hop site a while ago and like posting their videos, I couldn’t tell you why, but maybe this video has something to do with it. It’s some rapper named Scarface’s song called High Note, where some video slut with a fatty ass gets naked and lets him fuck her on camera, I figurehe’s just taking advantage of his situation, you know has a record deal and budget to make a video and figures he might as well use it to hire sluts that he can pretend to fuck or actually fuck because his wife doesn’t like it when his sex without her is not work related. There’s masturbating, tits, ass, possible pussy and it puts jerking off to the SPice Girls first single because Scary Spice had hard nipples pretty much to shame, I mean if you’re not a racist, you know the kind of guy who doesn’t feel like this is like a trip to the zoo, and you can actually stomach black people having sex, or simulating sex, like I can…..

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